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7-point CI shutdown puzzle thread

I know this is the puzzle thread and not the thread about the deck, but how do you fit the second Biotic?

Down to 8 ice. The vipers have become WoS. I tried a viktor 1, and it was pretty good (almost as good as eli tbh), but I think the 2nd biotic lets you combo a lot sooner, mostly because of how it lets you break the barrier between scoring EC and having flex clicks in the 2nd half of the combo.

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1)Labor. 10 credits, 4 clicks
2)Mirrormorph Jacksons. 9 credits, 3 clicks
3)Shutdown for a billion. 8 credits, 2 clicks.
4)Jackson into AD: Mirrormorph both agendas, SfSS on Efcom, Reclamation ADs. 5 credits. 1 Click.
5) Jackson into AD: Interns for CVS, SfSS on Efcom, Subliminal. 5 credits, 1 Click.
6) Rez CVS and use it, Score Efcom, get Efcom clicks. 2 credits, 4 Clicks.
7) Jackson into AD: Interns for GFI, SfSS on GFI, Reclamation Order Shipment from Kaguya’s. 1 Credit, 3 Clicks.
8) Play Kaguya’s on both remaining agendas, score.
Had to get a clue on how to start (Mirmorphing the Jacksons) otherwise, was able to work it out eventually. [/spoiler]

Puzzle #3:

  1. Labor. 18 credits, 4 clicks.
    2)Install Jackson. 18 Credits, 3 clicks.
    3)Shutdown. 17 Credits, 2 Clicks.
    4)Jackson into AD: Mirrormorph two Jacksons and Efcom, SfSS EfCom, Reclamation for AD. 14 Credits, 1 Click.
  2. Jackson into AD: Biotic Labor, SfSS EfCom, Interns CVS. 9 Credits, 2 Click.
  3. Rez + use CVS, score Efcom. 6 Credits, 2 Click.
  4. Efcom Clicks. 6 Credits, 5 Clicks.
  5. Install Vitruvius. 6 Credits, 4 Clicks.
  6. Jackson into AD: Interns GFI, Biotic Labor, Reclamation Kaguya’s. 0 Credits, 5 Clicks.
    10)Play SfSS in hand, on GFI. 0 Credits, 3 Clicks.
  7. Finish With Kaguya’s.

Puzzle 4:

Easy mode:

1) Mirrormorph Agenda’s and Jackson. 18 Credits, 2 Clicks.
2)Shutdown. 17 Credits, 1 Click.
3) Jackson into AD: Biotic, 2x SfSS (both on Efcom). 13 Credits, 2 Clicks.
4) Score Efcom.
5)Take Efcom Clicks. 13 Credits, 5 Clicks.
6) Interns Jackson. 13 Credits, 3 Clicks.
7) Jackson into AD: Interns for GFI, Subliminal, SfSS on GFI. 14 Credits, 3 Clicks.
8) Finish with Kaguya’s.


  1. Mirrormorph Agendas and Jackson. 18 Credits, 2 Clicks.
  2. Shutdown. 17 Credits, 1 Click.
  3. Jackson into AD: Subliminal, Biotic Labor, SfSS Efcom. 13 Credits, 3 Clicks.
  4. Interns Jackson. 13 Credit’s, 1 Click.
  5. Jackson into AD:SfSS Efcom, Interns for CVS, Biotic Labor. 8 Credits, 2 Clicks.
  6. Rez + Use CVS, Score Efcom. 5 Credits, 2 Clicks.
    7)Take Efcom Clicks. 5 Credits, 5 Clicks.
    8)Archived Memories and install Jackson. 5 Credits, 3 Clicks.
    9)Jackson into AD: Interns GFI, SfSS on Gfi, Biotic Labor. 0 Credits, 4 Clicks.
  7. Kaguya’s to finish out, with click to spare.

This was fun, will come back later.

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Puzzle #11: Your power shutdown just got imped, you just drew your interns, and you are too poor to compensate with extra biotics. But you at least get to start the turn with a jackson on the board. No clot.

(Easy, but I messed it up myself during the game, so maybe Intermediate…)

Hint: Having 2x SFK in hand gives you a spare click, but you can’t use it until after the “EC click barrier” after pile 2.

[quote=“Solution 11”]AM PS **
PS $1, *
AD -> mirror JEV, RO AD, biotic $8, **
AD -> AM JH, SFSS SFSS $9, *
get clix ****
play jackson from hand ***
AD -> mirror GFI, SFSS, SFK $11, **

I got x^2 - 21x + 60 = 0, which wolframalpha solves as x = 17.59.

The way I set it up was P(utopia first hit safe) = (X-5)/X; P(utopia second hit safe) = (X-6)/(X-1); set P1*P2=0.5. Maybe interpreting your problem statement wrongly?

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Nope, you’re totally right, my mistake. I used the opposite probability aka (5/X) + (1-(5/X)).(5/(X-1)) = 0.5 which conducts (now) to the same polynome as yours.
Man, I got rusty.
I counted 21 cards if you need 6 combo starters btw (verified) and 14.17 for 4 combo starters (verified too).
I think ppl should learn those results by heart instead of counting ingame, which is next to impossible.
So 15, 18 and 21 are the numbers to remember for 4, 5 and 6 combo starters and 50% chance to still fire through Utopia.
That’s also mean that if the corp have less than 15 cards, then try playing Utopia before PS is a good move.


This is just solving this.
Hades is easier to solve (before PS, Runner’s score+R&D+Archives must be < 7 points, so please fload agendas to HQ to actually win) - which also means Utopia is, again, a key in this matchup.

(That would conclude what I was saying to a “almost as much stubborn @Calimsha as me”, on R4G : Utopia, best WyldMaxx card ever, for times, and times to come.).

I wonder if it is technically slightly more forgiving than that because the corp Jacksons before the shard window. Taking advantage of that is a bit tricky, because any agendas you shuffle with Jackson are going back in the heap after the first AD, but if you’ve got spare clicks/cash you might be able to do some juggling with AM as part of the AD.

Puzzle #12: Beat noise. He has double peddler with a virus on each, one of which is a clot. You have jackson already on the board. (Platinum Elite Master Difficulty)

Here I don’t have a solution for all different mill combinations, so here’s a sub-puzzle for the situation that actually happened: Puzzle #12a: You just played biotic, PS and shuffled biotic, mirror, reclamation; noise played both peddlers, bringing clot and leaving you with just reclamation. Win from there. (Intermediate)

[quote=“Solution 12a”]biotic biotic ($8, *****)
PS ($9, ****)
AD -> RO for jackson ($11, ***)
Play jackson from hand ($11, **)
AD -> Mirror (JH, CVS, EC), SFSS x2 ($13, *)
Score take clicks ($16, ****)
Play 2nd EC from hand ($16, ***)
AD -> SFSS, SFSS, RO(SFK) ($18, **)
Score take clicks ($18, *****)
Play 2 PV from hand ($18, ***)
3 SFK win

Puzzle 13: The runner has no hate for your combo, but luck sacked into all 3 of your ECs! Fortunately, you have the following HQ straight out of fantasy-land. (Easy)

[quote="Solution 13]PS ($1, **)
mirror JJV ($2, *)
AD -> SFSS(PV), SFSS(PV), biotic ($7, **)
Score 1 counter, counter for AD
AD -> mirror JVF, SFSS(PV), SFSS(PV) ($9, *)
Score 1 counter, counter for AD

Really enjoying these!
Here was my solution to Puzzle 13:

PS ($1, **)
mirror JJV ($2, *)
AD -> mirror JVF, RO(AD), biotic ($9, **)
AD ->SFK(PV1,GFI) , SFSS(PV1), SFSS(PV2) ($10, *)
AD -> SFSS(GFI), SFSS(GFI), SFK(PV1,PV2) ($11)
Also, after seeing your solution I wanted to optimize mine and found I could shave 1 cred off of it to get down to your 10:
PS ($1, **)
mirror JJV ($2, )
AD -> mirror JVF, RO(AD), biotic ($9, **)
AD ->Subliminal , SFSS(PV2), SFSS(PV2) ($9, **)
Score PV2 w/1 counter, use counter for SFK
Score, Score
I really liked how this spot leveraged the ability to get up to 6 advancement counters per pile! Also cool that there are (at least) 2 diff lines that cost same credits (though yours is a bit less convoluted to get down to 10).

Thanks again for all these puzzles, thoroughly enjoyed. Maybe eventually I’ll get confident enough to try to pilot this deck :smiley:

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Going to try Puzzle 12 with diff mill assumption. My first guess is villain should double mill our last pile since it gives us the least room to adjust to the mill, so figured this would be a cool case. Maybe call it Puzzle 12c? (12b would be double milling second pile? I actually ended up finding a general strategy that seems to score out no matter how the mills go.

Also for full disclosure, I read solution 12a before doing this :smiley:

biotic biotic ($8, )
PS ($9, )
AD -> RO for jackson, Mirror JH,CVS,EC, mirror JH,PV,GFI ($13, ***)
AD ->RO(SFK), SFSS x2(EC) ($15, )
Shuffle (Biotic, SFSS,SFSS); Villain pops peddlers
AD->(1 of Biotic, SFSS(GFI),SFSS(GFI)) ($19,
If we get Biotic:
Advance GFI, Advance GFI ($21,
Score EC take clicks ($21, )
SFK(3x)(GFI,PV) ($21,
Use CVS, score V, score GFI (24,
If we get SFSS:
Score EC take clicks ($16,
Use CVS, score V, score GFI ($19,
Of course, this is assuming we know he mills exactly the third pile. I think if he mills second and we’re left with SfSS we can still use an analogous line to score out since it just changes AD 3 w/ guaranteed SfSS into AD2. If we’re left with RO(SfK) then AD 3 will be (SfSS(EC), SfSS(EC),Biotic)($20,
)->AdvAdvGFI, Score EC, 3x(SFK), CVS score ($23,). If after seeing our choice of SfMM,SfMM,RO on first pile he mills, then, if we’re left with RO we have case 12a, if we’re left with mirror then we can do this:
AM(JH) ($12,
) (after he decides to mill, before we AD–I’m assuming timing is ok on this)
AD -> Mirror CVS,JH,EC ($13, **)
AD ->Interns(JH), SfSS(EC),SfSS(EC) ($13, )
Score EC using CVS, use it for clicks ($16,
SFK(3x)(GFI,PV) ($19,)
score PV, score GFI ($19,0).
So it seems that using first reshuffle of (SfMM,SfMM,RO) is guaranteed to win. Worst case is villain waits for 3rd pile and then it could cost 24, but only 1/3 of time so we can score out here at least 2/3 of time with 19 creds (I say at least because villain may make a mistake and mill first or second pile). I’m not sure if your choice of (biotic,mirror,RO) will still let us win if we’re left with biotic after the mill as I haven’t worked through the line–good chance it works though. Good chance we could optimize some to save creds over my solution here too.

I’ve been playing around a bit more with 12.

In the example you gave of using first JH for reshuffling biotic, SfMM, RO it looks like if he mills SfMM and RO we lose. I’m pretty sure we can’t score out if our first AD is biotic since all we can do is use the two clicks to AM + play JH from hand, but we’ll be short a card as a result since we’ll have to use up an interns to get JH #3. I showed that (SfMM,SfMM,RO) is guaranteed to work–I’m curious if anyone can find any other sets or cheaper lines?

Puzzle #1 double clot:

Biotic ($4,)
PS ($5,
Interns(JH) ($5,
AD->SfMM(JH,JH,EC),Interns(CVS), Subliminal ($6,)
AD->Biotic, SfSS(EC), SfSS(EC) ($11,)
CVS to score and use EC ($14,
SfK x3(PV,GFI)($16,)
CVs to score PV,GFI ($19,)

Puzzle #1 no clot, minimize cost:

PS ($5,
SfMM (JH,JH,EC) ($6,
Score and use EC ($6,*)
) Note: second Sub is just to pay for SfMM, no click gained there.
SKx3(GFI,PV), Score,Score ($7,)
Requires only $7 starting.

  1. Mirrormorph Jackson, Jackson, EC. 21 Credits, 2 Clicks.
  2. Shutdown. 20 Credits, 1 Click.
  3. Derpy late Biotic Labor. 16 Credits, 2 Clicks.
  4. Jackson into AD: SfSS on EC, Interns CVS, Archived Memories for Jackson. 15 Credits, 1 Clicks.
  5. Jackson into AD: SfSS on EC, Mirrormorph Vitrivius, Jackson, Food, Subliminal. 14 Credits, 1 Click.
  6. Rez and use CVS. 11 Credits, 1 Click. Construct gone, Clot still in play.
  7. Jackson into AD: Interns for CVS, Biotic, Reclamation for Kaguya’s. 6 Credits, 2 Clicks.
  8. Rez and use CVS, score EC. 3 Credits, 2 Clicks.
  9. Take EfCom Clicks. 3 Credits, 5 Clicks.
  10. SfSS on the Food. 3 Credits, 3 Clicks.
  11. Finish with Kaguya’s.
    I think that’s the richest I’ve finished one of these. I forgot the SfSS in hand.

Puzzle #6:

  1. Biotic. 20 Credits, 4 Clicks.
  2. Mirrormorph 2 Jacksons and EC. 19 Credits, 3 Clicks.
  3. Shutdown. 18 Credits, 2 Clicks.
  4. Jackson into AD: Reclimation ADs, SfSS EC, Biotic. 12 Credits, 4 Clicks.
  5. Jackson into AD: SfSS EC, Interns CVS, Subliminal. 12 Credits, 4 Clicks.
  6. Rez and use CVS. 9 Credits, 4 Clicks.

Runner doesn’t use Sac Con.
7a) Score EC. 9 Credits, 4 Clicks.
8a) Take EC clicks. 9 Credits, 7 Clicks.
9a) Mirrormorph Jackson and agendas. 8 Credits, 6 Clicks.
10a) Jackson into AD: Interns CVS, Biotic, SfSS Food. 3 Credits, 7 Clicks.
11a) Kaguyas on both agendas. 3 Credits. 4 Clicks.
12a) Triple Click virus purge. Sac Con is used. 3 Credits, 1 Clicks.
13a) Rez CVS and use. Score out.

Runner uses Sac Con.
7b) Mirrormorph Jackson and Agendas. 8 Credits, 3 Clicks.
8b) Jackson into AD: SfSS Food, Interns CVS, Biotic. 3 Credits, 4 Clicks.
9b) Kaguyas on Food and Vitrivius. 3 Credits, 1 Click.
10b) Use CVS. Point at their clone chip and laugh as you score 7 points in the smallest possible scoring window.

Puzzle 14: The runner hasn’t been making runs and is about to kill you with DLR. You count the cards in archives, and figure out what 5 cards must be left in RD, of course not knowing the order.

Jackson starts in play and you don’t have to beat clot, but power shutdown is blank.

Easy mode: Find a line that wins with at least 30% odds.
Intermediate mode: Find a line that wins with at least 50% odds.
Hard mode: Find a line that wins with at least 60% odds.
Platinum elite master mode (almost certainly impossible?): Find a line that wins 100% no matter the order of RD.

Hint: If your AD pile contains another AD, the as-yet-unplayed cards in the original AD pile will still be on top of RD, and will also end up in the second, chained, AD pile.

This scenario is taken card-for-card from one of my SC games today (which I won :smile:).

[quote=“Solution 14 easy”]AD, hoping to hit reuse/AD/anything.
Reuse your 2 spare agendas, kaguya, and sublim for $8; chain into AD and mill the rest of your deck.
AM for AD
Normal combo from there (with the reuse; you’ll have just enough $$)
The odds of hitting reuse and AD together in the top 3 is 30%.

[quote=“Solution 14 intermediate”]Same play, but if you miss the AD (40% odds), you can still shuffle a combo pile into your 2-card RD, and you get a 60% chance to hit it again, which lets you chain into the rest of your combo pile.
30% + (40% * 60%) = 54%.

[quote=“Solution 14 hard”]If your first AD hits the AD, but can’t get to the bottom, it will leave 1 dead card in RD.
You have a spare combo slot thanks to GFI+PV in hand that you can mirror during 3rd pile.
So for your 2nd pile, you can just shuffle 2 SFSS and no 3rd card. You just need it to be shuffled to the bottom of your first combo pile.
30% + (40% * 60%) + (30% * 25%) = 61.5%.
More rigorous probability stuff here: http://pastebin.com/raw/BvXYnRDc


Puzzle 4: Impossible (double clot)

SfMM(JH,EC,PV) ($1,)
Interns CVS ($14,
CVS Score and use EC ($17,
CVS score,score ($25,)

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Nice! Although you need to use biotic in pile 2 to get the interns out of your hand, so $25 total.

Nice catch, forgot it was stuck in hand. Cool there’s such an easy fix though, I guess biotic can replace first interns in any pile set up we do? So worst case scenario Interns stuck in hand is simply $4 more for us.

Especially now that there’s 2 biotic in the decklist.

Have you encountered Clot + Sacrificial Construct? Is that a problem when you need to purge twice before EC score? (assuming Clot comes in play with Clone Chip so you can’t use a turn to purge it once…)

Asking because my meta seems to be riddled wit Clots, Clone Chips and even Sacrificials…

Puzzles with Sacris are welcome. :smile: