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A Horizontal Approach to the Weyland Problem by Brian Williams

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/a-horizontal-approach-to-the-weyland-problem-by-brian-williams/

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Agenda (10)
2x Global Food Initiative ••
3x NAPD Contract
3x Project Atlas
2x The Future is Now

yo, something’s missing from this picture. 3 somethings that start with O.

I would do -2 food, -1 literally any nonagenda card (but probably the root) to fit them.


He talks about Oaktown in the article and why it’s not in the deck. Basically each agenda there including Food has very specific reasons it’s there, Food’s reason is that it increases deck slots slightly and allows NAPD to bluff as Food.

If a gun was pointed at me and I had to put Oaktown in, I might actually go -2 Food, -1 Launch Campaign, +3 Oaktown […] but right now I’m not sold.

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I like the list posted. @Saan (Brian) ran this same list for his Portland “worlds” tournament. This is my preferred style of Gagarin where it has a good split of semi-glacial and 15 assets to also go a bit horizontal.

I’m also in a masochistic relationship with tour guide. As stated, sometimes this is just completely useless. With how many people are playing anarch and especially whizz, I really haven’t found this guy to be useful lately. The only thing I like it for is parasite fodder. It helps keep them off my spiderweb/popups. I have tested dropping it. The amount of decks with parasite far outweigh the ones that don’t have it. I’m not sure what the correct call is.

Good article. I enjoyed the read and I agree with a lot of things you said. Cheers

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In space no one can hear you bluff agendas…


Asset (15)
1x Corporate Town
3x Jackson Howard •••
3x Launch Campaign
3x PAD Campaign
2x Public Support
2x Team Sponsorship ••
1x The Root[/quote]

I don’t see how these set of assets qualified as high-value assets, I could just leave launch/pad campaign alone, I could even leave public support and sponsorship alone.
There isn’t enough expensive ice in this deck, what can you do with your money? How do you defend yourself from medium?
Also it’s not like runner doesn’t have enough money eventually to trash your thing even with Gagarin ID ability. They just sometimes don’t have enough resource to trash it that turn. None of these assets request an immediately trash other than corptown. But corptown takes time and need a proper server to stay in.

Scoring naked agenda is like just not weyland’s thing. You only have 3 atlas, I can see you sneak out one. Then what’s next?


This. When I play against horizontal decks that aren’t killing I just blow up their R&D ICE and big dig for the win.


Well, the idea isn’t to sneak out every single agenda. The idea is to do it if they’re not checking shit, and then make a scoring server. I almost never sneak out more than one. Ash is a big part of the deck, and the reason that things like Pad and Launch are there is because it gives you money to use him. If people don’t kill the drip, I am more than happy. Similarly, if people want to let me score my Public Support, I’m thrilled. I get points!

If someone wants to just focus on R&D, then that’s where the ICE is going; if they kill it, I’ll put more there and use the recursion to bring it back. I’ll have money to rez, because my drip is not being ended.

It’s a thing I’ve considered, certainly. I’ve had a little time to test it since I finished the article (around 3 weeks ago), gojg -2 Food -1 Launch, and It’s nice, but I really miss the ability to score 3 points off a single agenda. I’m not usually poor enough that the tempo hit from scoring agendas is super offset by the money Oaktown gives me instead, but I’d be a liar if I said that it didn’t matter sometimes. Giving me more money for an Ash trace is pretty sexy.

I’ll keep testing it; it might be better. Haven’t had too much time with the hollidays.

I actually like your killy version of this deck (from the Gagarin thread) quite a lot - and I think there’s a good chance it may be the better deck. That said, I have been playing a lot of this deck (actually just a very similar one, but same influence spread, so w/e) since even before DnD, and I’m perpetually surprised by how well it does. with the tutoring effects and the drip (i.e., not click intensive) econ, this deck can hit 7 remarkably fast if you’re not contesting any remotes.

All that said, a well played whizzard should crush it (surprising how often they don’t, but then a lot of people are idiots…) and desperado val can be pretty bad news as well (though not at all unwinnable). Considering how commonplace both these IDs are these days I would be very hesitant to bring this deck or any like it to a tourney of any respectable size.

Any crim with despy & sec testing would love to play against this deck.

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Truth and truth.

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Total agreement. I played this earlier and as soon as a medium goes down the game is over if you can’t find and rez one of the few pieces of big ICE within a couple of turns. Making centrals taxing just isn’t easy for this deck.

This looks real familiar…


But The Root is definitely a solid include!!

I’m not entirely sure what your point is, but either way his list predates your list by over a month:

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In fairness to the deck, I don’t think what happened in our game is a very good indicator of how things would normally go (assuming you are thinking of our game).

I was just trying to say, great minds think alike! Sorry if that came across like I was saying the list was my property or anything.

That was just a crappy draw, but the fact remains that every time I see medium I quake in fear :stuck_out_tongue:

There are only 4 pieces of ICE that are decently taxing (especially if the other side has any amount of parasites) so only medium is out the game gets very hard very fast. It plays the remote game really rather well, but the centrals seem to be horribly weak.

Hah, nice to see a similar list =) I tried taking out Hedge Funds at one point as well just to see how it’d go, but the burst econ makes a big difference, especially if your drip is getting trashed.

Liking this list a lot more today! Tour Guide might actually stick around a while.

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