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A Netrunner Player Survey - Results Completed

I made a quick, anonymous survey just to gather some data about the different communities we have across the world. I’d appreciate it if members of the Stimhack community would give it a go.


what is the point of this


I find data interesting. I’m curious how the greater community feels about certain topics.


Will you be publishing the results somewhere?

Yeah. I’m going to give it roughly a week to permeate and collect data, and then spend some amount of time culling the obvious troll responses and creating something easy to digest - an infographic, or maybe just some graphs. The raw data will be available if anyone’s interested as well.

Speaking of obvious troll responses, did anyone know there are 6969 players in Afghanistan, many of which are under the ago of 13? Worlds better look out for the sleeper meta.


And what’s their favorite card? Sheherazade?

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I did it.

As tempted as I was to troll everything, I resisted the urge and honestly answered everything. Interesting survey, but a I might have preferred a few places to extrapolate on things, but it was a fine survey.

OK, I did the survey. Please post here when you have results

Thanks. I’ll definitely post the results in a bit, both in an easy to understand form and with raw data in case anyone is interested in it. We’re up over 800 responses so far in less than 24 hours so it’ll be interesting to see where it ends.

Interested to see the responses for ‘biggest problem facing the game’:
I know what mine is! Surely it’s the changing of the designers coming up - is anyone not worried about that?

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Completed. God speed!

Maybe not in the scope of the topic, but I’m not worried about it. Should I be?

I’ve just heard so much about Damon Stone not being of the same caliber as Lukas at design, especially from thrones aficionados @tomdidiot . I guess I thought it was a common opinion.

You mean Lucas? I guess he’ll work with the L5R LCG - but yeah, I think I will miss him after Mumbad.

Concerning ‘biggest problem facing the game’: Those solo runner decks. Is a game with minimal interaction still a game?

It’s a common opinion in Thrones.

I played Thrones, and I’ve definitely heard a lot of these concerns from that community as well. It’s a bit scary, but only time will tell.

It’s anecdotal, but I will say “Designer Change” has been a big enough concern in the survey that it’ll merit it’s own section.

No, I mean Lukas Litzsinger (@RukasuFox).

Normally when I correct someone, I check the facts first.

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It seems like minimal interaction, but I kind of feel like all those decks do it change the onus of interaction from the Runner to the Corp. Part of the interesting bit of facing this as a Corp might be doing things that force the runner to abandon their plan and deal with whatever you’re doing.

Specifically talking about the new SIphon/DLR decks (since I have some actual experience with them), If the Corp can maintain money decently well, the DLR decks loses a fair bit of teeth - you can actually spend the time and money to trash their relevant bits. You probably bankrupt yourself in the process, but if it ends the threat, you’re probably in OK shape. If it can rush out fast enough, it forces the Runner to respond in a more conventional method or risk losing before he can get set up.

I think they just offer a new way to play that’s pretty interesting and new. And this kind of solo deck existed before with John Masanori and DLR, as well as the Noise deck that uses Hivemind, Chakana, etc.

What do you think of those new Hyperdriver-Decks that just build up quick and then use their 13 clicks to make one winning power turn? A friend of mine plays one with Hyperdriver, DDos, False Echo, Hades Shard and Keyhole with great success.

Is no one else still wondering what a Survery is?