All That Remains Announcement

New spoilers for another datapack from the Spin Cycle. Seems like some fun cards. :smile:


Leela’s got some interesting playing from behind stuff going on. If your opponent installs a card and double advances it, you can dig R&D to try and score - if you can, that 3 pointer goes back to hand for you to legwork it out.

Dunno if I’d play it, but it seems way better than laramy fisk.


Lycan seems to me like a way to make the Runner more cautious, rather than actually trash anything. As a Sentry it doesn’t seem any better than Grim or Archer. If the Corp advances it once to turn it into a Code Gate while unrezzed, then the Runner will probably get suspicious and just play more carefully rather than faceplant into it. 3 str is also a big downer, Mimic or Yog can get through and it’s not super expensive to break, meaning even a “prepared” Runner will likely not get struck by this anytime soon, unlike Archer which could possibly simply be too expensive for the Runner to emerge unscathed.

Leela could (unfortunately, depending on who you ask) work nicely with the standard credit denial shenanigans, forcing the Corp to continually build their scoring remote or what have you. The Central 'breakers seem like a particularly good fit for this, keeping the scoring remote vulnerable to an Inside Job, etc. But now that I think about it, all that costs the Corp is a click and a credit. Hmm.

License Acquisition seems like it could work well in the theoretical NBN Horizontal build out of the new ID. Dunno though, 3/1s need to have a very good effect to be worth it, and I wouldn’t call this one very good (yet).

Bifrost Array has the same problem. I’d say it works well in HB Glacier with Pri Req and ABT, but who wants to score a one-pointer in Glacier?

In a deck with other advanceable Ice, Lycan might be more effective. Is it a Lycan or an Ice Wall? Do I want to find out right now? It’d be at its best to deter early runs, and then swap the type to whatever the runner won’t be able to deal with, making them dig for another breaker. As you say, not as good as Grim for what Grim does, but as a quasi-gear check I think it’ll do nicely, though it’s rather pricey. Still, I like the shift toward Ice that changes its type.

Leela is… interesting, for sure. I really can’t tell how good her ability will be, especially against FA, but as/if FA becomes less prevalent, she’ll continue to get better. I’m glad her abillity triggers on scoring as well as stealing, I think that’s going to make all the difference (up the triggers, at the very least). Kind of wish there was a way to make it a rezzed card without having to Shutdown it, then steal something, but that’d be definitely going too far in the other direction, I’m just not certain how much this’ll hurt the Corp, generally speaking (easy to concoct situations where it’ll do amazingly, though, with multi-access).

Bifrost’ll be nice just to get more counters on an Efficiency Committee. Honestly, I think it’s the 3/1 that NEXT Design has been wanting – though as Arkhon said in the other thread on this, I’d want to know if Advancement Counters stay on when something is scored (for an overscored Vitruvius or Ares, say). Even without, making EC, ABT, and PriReq happen on 3/1 is potentially huge. Also, the flavour text makes me happy.

Curious just what Snatch and Grab will be – it looks like some sort of connections-related thing?

EDIT: Love Leela’s flavour-text, too, actually. Still sad Nasir seems to not have any.

Leela could be a delay one turn while I fetch my QC, but not sure if it’s better with Silo’s ID as to using QC and Noteriety. It seems nice against Jinteki if there is something that was Mushid out.

That being said. Bifrost is interesting. Could be Profiteering 4-6 or even Corp War 4-6. Haas is really catching up to Weyland for potential money threats. Of course, a second Heimdall 2.0, Janus 1.0, or Wotan being rezzed from Priority Req isn’t too be underestimated either. It’s value is greater the longer the games goes on, but turn one it’s only worth 1 point to the enemy. I like it.

OK so the first question I have is whether advancement counters remain on agendas once scored? This is important for Bifrost Array if you duplicate Project Ares or Project Vitruvius.

License acquisition looks like it could be strong for new NBN builds. I don’t know that it finds a place in classic fast advance though.

Not massively enamoured by the criminal ID. It already has some pretty stiff competition from other good IDs. It will probably need support from more de-rez tech. What will be interesting to see is when FFG finally get around to using the identity keywords (Natural, G-Mod, Cyborg, Clone etc.) - that could really shake up the power level of the IDs if certain good cards become inaccessible to certain runners, or the Corp can do evil things to runners of a certain type.

Liscense Aquisition makes SanSan even better. Scary.

Leela seems way worse than both Andy and Gabe.


Just the Anarch, HB, and Jinteki IDs to go. Looking forward to 'em. While not every ID in this set looks amazing, each one looks like something that someone could build a deck around and play happily. Blue Sun’s the closest to being broken, but they actually seem comparable, by and large. Balance (of new IDs, especially) seems to be getting better and better as time goes on.

Actually, I’m a bit surprised to see Leela. Fisk seemed like a shoe-in, strange ability, similar to Eden Shard, and so on. This means Fisk is likely to be in the next Cycle (I can’t imagine them delaying further than that, surely), which means that Selective Mind Mapping will be in Cycle 5, I guess?

I have to wonder about License Acquisition, not because it’s bad, but because NBN already has so many excellent Agendas that it’ll be hard to fit in. AstroScript is an obvious 3-of in any deck, Beale fits well in most as just a 3/2 let alone a 5/3 or 7/4. It’s a potentially excellent ability, so I think it’ll see play, but it’s going to be a tight fit.

Also, while they’ve been discussed before, I’m not sure how I feel about the Cerebus Breakers. They all seem pretty good (though only Professor’s likely to use all of them), but they’re AI breaker costs, usually. Still, breaking Archer for 6 and two counters isn’t too terrible, so I imagine I’ll be finding a way to fit Cuj.0 into Anarch decks – probably straight-up replacing Mimic.

EDIT: The problem, as it was put to me, of the new IDs being mostly balanced and reasonable… is that the best ones right now aren’t. So we’ll see if Leela can catch up to Andy and Gabe, or if Nasir stands a chance against Kate and CT.

I’m 99% positive that agendas that are overscored would get to turn those advancement tokens into ‘Power/Agenda’ counters (Pending on the agenda) Otherwise, each agenda that can be over scored would say “This agenda can be over scored” However, I feel that the only debate is does that trigger stay forever? I.E. if it had 5 counters and you scored vitrivius, it would gain the 2 tokens. Does it end there, or is bifrost now a clone. The word ‘trigger’ implies it does a one time effect and then stops the ‘cloning’ process. So we’ll see. It’ll be interesting to see what card(s) play around with moving agenda tokens.

Personally, I think it’ll only work for one time use agenda scoring, I.E. Priority Req, Profiteering etc… Not Vitrivius or Ares. It’s too bad that it doesn’t also enable being triggered from the Runner’s score area.

It doesn’t say anywhere that advancement tokens are removed once an agenda is scored (although we all do it, because it keeps the game tidier).

It seems to me like if you’ve over-scored an Ares once, Bifrost lets you pop it again later on because the counters are still there!

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Agreed, although someone on BGG said that she works nicely against decks trying to score a 5/3 in an impenetrable remote. You can run a central to steal an agenda, then bounce back the card they just IAAed/Mushin-No-Shin and attempt to steal it from HQ with Legwork. So perhaps, to extend this example, she is supposed to work by using The Source and Chakana to make it really hard for the Corp to score out anything in play - meaning she can build HQ pressure?

Seems a bit too combo-ey for my liking, but who knows what the rest of this cycle has in store? It’s clear they seem to have a plan for pegging back Andy…

Oooh, Leela is in the artwork for Satellite Uplink (same artists as well).

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Morph ICE may combo interestingly with Matrix Analyzer.

Which could be hard vs. decks that are built around scoring 5/3s. Shame her ability doesn’t fire off of Notoriety and Shi.Kyu, that would be hilarious :slight_smile:

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leela is interesting. from the corp side when you score have to consider the ice on your other servers. if RnD or HQ is single ice you are leaving it undefended in the following runner turn in most turns when you score agenda. she essentially means the corp has to double ice RnD and HQ before they start scoring or risk a big turn by leela.

if you use her previous card - satellite uplink - and discover inazuma or chum you could simply pop the ice behind them back into hand potentially ruining the server.

i doubt she will make anyone forget andy or gabe but i have a feeling her ability in practice will be highly annoying especially if combined with parasites killing the rezzed ice.

as the corp i hate when the runner messes with my ice positioning. parasite i can live with but escher makes me so furious lol…thankfully not many people play escher.

[quote=“LeoLancer, post:3, topic:1304, full:true”]Bifrost Array has the same problem. I’d say it works well in HB Glacier with Pri Req and ABT, but who wants to score a one-pointer in Glacier?
I played a Director Haas’ Pet Project in HB Glacier with good results. Will definitely test Bifrost in that slot.

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The problem with License Acquisition, of course, is that pretty much any NBN deck is going to run 3x Astro, 3x Beale and 3x NAPD. And do you really want to switch out the 2x Breaking News, which can flat out win games when you’re at 6 points? Perhaps in some decks.


Are you sure about that? The text is ‘add it to your score area as an agenda worth 1 point’ …

Notoriety also doesn’t trigger Personal Evolution’s id ability, so the interaction should be the same here. Adding to the score area is not the same thing as scoring.