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All that Remains on NRDB


Reddit post:

Previously unspoiled corp cards:

& the one new runner card:


Very interesting!

Oh god. NBN gets Mr. Li. We’re all doomed.




Executive Boot Camp seems good for Blue Sun. You get discount rezzes, you can rez ICE outside of runs, and if you use Snare! you can fetch it during an HQ run :smiley:

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The Shaper Cerberus Breaker is really hot. Seriously, this card is banana. Eli for 1 cred 4 time ? I sign for it every day.


Ekomind Overmind Origami Duggars

Forget snare, I’m excited to have copies #4-6 of jackson.


The install cost is quite hefty, though, for something that is only temporary.

Also got that mad Woodcutter/Salvage/Tyrant synergy!

Yep, that card looks pretty strong. Seems solid in glacier builds, too. And at 1 influence!

Not sure I understand why they are extra Jackson copies.

Wow! I hadn’t even thought about that. Guess BWBI is getting some love before O&C hits!

Looks even better in The Foundry.

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for the people still running MN psychobeale, it feels like Sagittarius might be better than the ichi 1.0 splash


Between Kate ability, Scavenge, Sahasrara, Test run + PPvP and the new hardware installer, shaper got enough way to discount the install cost or cheat around it.


They aren’t “extra” copies, they’re cards that let you find Jackson. It’s similar to when people play 3x Hostage and 1x Kati and call that 4x Kati Jones. Which (I think) makes sense.

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More bad runner cards! Hooray!


That’s true, I suppose. I just look at everything with Anarch eyes, so yea …

What do we make of Shell Corporation, I thought it was rubbish until I realised it’s an upgrade? Now I think it might be decent. I also thought Ekomind would end up as an ID.

@jerklin Which ones in particular? Cybsoft could be useful in a hardware deck that is more workable now thanks to Trade-In. Ekomind + Duggar’s + Origami is a possible build to explore considering more MU means more Anarch program goodness.

I think the runner cards are actually quite good, the cerberus breakers anyway, They should be quick enough to pressure NEH, but they also allow you to make (limited) efficient runs on a superserver.

Either way, Lukas said in the Team Covenant interview from Gencon that this cycle would focus on broadening the corp’s options, and that the upcoming cycle would do the same for the runners.