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All that Remains on NRDB

Basically any of the cards that become playable only when you mention like 3 or 4 other mediocre cards that they loosely combo with. Cybsoft is a great card in some replicator/trade-in deck that spends the entire game and all its resources setting up a rig then looks up to NEH on 6 points or RP with 50 credits and formidable defenses. Maybe it goes into noise instead of Saharasa? Seems so conditional.

Ekomind + Duggar’s + Origami, sure. What’s your win condition? I could see it working with Overmind in Anarch decks but it seems like that build is already past its expiration date. I will admit it’s probably the one runner card from this pack that has the most potential upside at some point.

I’m still hoping for some seriously busted stuff in this big box set, but so far this looks like the worst pack for runners in the cycle so far.

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It’s 8c (including install cost) for 4 eli breaks, that’s pretty dang good, but then you do have to recycle it. Shapers will love it for sure. Compare to 18c (including install) for Corroder, 15c for Atman, etc. Great value proposition.



Kit likes Lady H1 I think. Even after Lady is depleted of counters you can leave it out there to keep those pesky Wraparounds at str. 0.


Considering it’s Anarch and you have surplus MU, I’ll say triple Medium R&D (demo) runs. It’ll get even better when Hivemind is released along with all the other virus supporting cards. By then, the golden turn is install Hivemind with 3 mediums out, Surge/Incubator it, demo run followed by normal run. 23 (10 + 13) cards accessed assuming Mediums are empty and a basic surge on Hivemind.

And I would rather use a standard Anarch breaker suite with Ekomind than Overmind if I need to be doing repeated runs on R&D. Duggar’s will help you find your breakers, and they are way more efficient. A main plus for Overmind is that it is AI and hence ignores ice types so you only need one breaker instead of three. Not that big a concern when you’re seeing 1/5 of your deck on each trip to Duggar’s.

We haven’t discussed Zona Zul but it’s definitely worth 3 slots in any Crim deck with NACH, including those which intend to play Rachel Beckmann. It’s clickless credits which build up the longer the game goes. It’s like getting a second Kati Jones broken up into three cards.

Side question: How do you quote posts?

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I don’t think you get to access all the cards if you have more than one medium out. Even with three mediums, I’m pretty sure it’s just whichever has the highest count, not all three added together.

If that’s what you were going for, anyway, I may have read incorrectly.

Edit: Well, medium does say “access 1 additional card for each counter on Medium”. That would seem kind of crazy though.

Mediums do stack. For example a Medium with 4 tokens gives +3 cards and a Medium with 2 tokens gives +1 card for a total of +4 accesses.

Of course when Corp purges all the tokens go away.

Personally, I’m excited for Daily Business Show. At one influence, you can do janky and inconsistent fun combos in any faction with twice the reliability.


Rules question… so Daily Business Show clearly triggers off NEH’s ability and Green Level Clearance.

Does it trigger off Jackson Howard’s “Draw 2 cards”, or Anonymous Tip, since they don’t “draw a card” but instead draw multiple cards?

I am thinking it works because “Draw 2 cards” is equal to “Draw a card. Draw a card.” but Netrunner rules are weird.

It could also be that you draw 3 or 4 cards respectively, look at all the cards you just drew, and put one of them back. They definitely could have phrased this one less ambiguously.

Errr…the first card you draw a turn is the mandatory draw surely?


For some reason I was thinking the mandatory draw was treated specially, but upon looking at the way it’s phrased in the rulebook I agree with you. The question stands if the Runner triggers Eden Shard on the Runner’s turn.

More interesting then is what happens when you have two copies of it rezzed. It’s not a replacement effect so both would trigger and resolve individually without interfering with each other?

Or is anything funky possible where you draw three cards and then put one on the bottom?

Daily Business Show is like copies 4-6 of Jackson because it draws you further through your deck and can put agendas back into R&D. I think this card is the best card in the pack.

Also if you rez it after your mandatory draw, does it trigger for your next draw that turn?

bblum: No. “The first time you draw each turn” doesn’t consider whether or not the card was active at the time (much like Net Shield and the first net damage done each turn).

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I think it doesn’t, cause the first draw already happened. Kinda like Sundew doesn’t trigger if you rez it after the runner spend its first click.

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Well technically 8 clicks breaks eli 4 times with no other costs.

It’s probably the best of these average breakers but I think it’s hard to justify the deck space when you’ll likely want some backup breaker for non-eli barriers like Wraparound. Then you gotta make room for a full set of Scavenges if you want to get long term value out of it.

I think it’ll end up being like Garrote, not terrible, but too many downsides.

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Now I get it, and its going right in my Blue Sun deck. It will really help against Noise, who is, currently, the worst matchup for that deck.

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The question stands if the Runner triggers Eden Shard on the Runner’s turn.

Then the first card you would draw, you perform the 2x draw & 1 to bottom, and then you draw the second card from eden.

Not rocket science.

Other than the opportunity to make 16c by clicking my Magnum Opus, baby :). SHAPERS :trollface:

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What you say is plausible but I don’t agree that it’s the only reasonable interpretation.

I don’t see a compelling reason that I wouldn’t draw both cards from Eden, then resolve DBS and put either the first or the third on the bottom. This gives me a little more information to make my decision than your interpretation.

Alternately, analagous to some of the Foundry + ABT or Accelerated Diagnostics rulings would be that I draw, trigger DBS and put the second card on the bottom, and then Eden can’t find the second card to draw it. If “draw 2 cards” technically means “put the top 2 cards of R&D in your hand” then this would actually be consistent.