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All that Remains on NRDB


Where does it say you get to decide whether to put additional cards beyond the first and the one this forces you to draw on the bottom of your deck? Cause, I don’t see it. It might be nice to have more info, but this card doesn’t allow you to.

It’s that whole cascading triggers thing where you resolve the bits of triggering conditions that you can first before doing anything else if their trigger is satisfied by an ability you’re trying to resolve.

See (Accelerated Beta Test + Foundry, Accelerated Diagnositics + Green Level Clearance, Doppleganger vs Security Testing, Spinal Modem + Chilo + Muckracker)

It doesn’t say draw the top two cards of your deck, it says draw 2. Draw means draw. It wouldn’t prevent you from drawing an extra card.

So, first thoughts on all the cards in the set, woooo.

Bifrost Array – I feel like HB has more useful options, but could no doubt find a place in a deck that was actively running, I dunno, ABT and PriReq in the hopes of triggering both lots. The selection is nice, but makes it a bad Agenda to score first, which is awkward.

Sagittarius – Potential replacement for Ichi 1.0, doesn’t do the tag + brain damage trace but can’t be clicked through. Cheaper to break than Ichi but if they don’t break it you can make it costly and somewhat impossible to avoid.

Hostile Infrastructure – Muuuch better than Encryption Protocols in RP, I think, though also more expensive. The effect stacks, which is nice. Shame it doesn’t work against Noise (though that’s actually a really good thing objectively), it’s still a powerful effect, and it’ll cost them more to trash than it costs you to rez (well, the same, +damage).

Gemini – The worst of these trace ice. It’s cheap for its strength, but trace2 here is a disappointment in everything except maaaybe RP, and, well… 2 Net damage isn’t the most. Kind of okay for a glacier deck, I guess, but I wish it’d broken cycle and been trace3 since most Jinteki is pretty poor (though that might’ve been too good). Does more than Mamba to remove Mimic as a cure-all for running on Jinteki, though (which I’m not a massive fan of as an Anarch player), so that’s something for it.

License Acquisition – A nice ability to recur SanSan that will never get used because why wouldn’t you be running Breaking News if you care about your SanSan so much anyway? Maybe it’ll do something in NBN Glacier if that ever really exists as a distinct archetype (currently doubtful). God, everyone else would’ve loved this so much more.

Daily Business Show – Because NEH’s card draw is presently insufficient, apparently.

Superior Cyberwalls – Being the best of this little cycle of Agendas is very different from being a good card. Might actually be playable if you like barriers and REALLY hate Bad Pub, I guess.

Executive Boot Camp – Lots of fun! Might actually be nice with NEXT Ice elsewhere, but in-faction helps deal with the crappy “must rez to advance” Ice and provides a small econ boost. I’m curious if multiple copies let you rez multiple cards or just give one card the econ edge. Still good in Blue Sun, but can’t bounce whatever you rez that turn (though, for just 1 credit’s edge, would you want to?).

Lycan – Uuuugh. Changeling is actually good, why can’t this be? Hugely expensive, and flips between being broken by Mimic and broken by Yog. Both of those are being hated out, but still. Only even close to good in advance-ice decks, and even then probably not worth it.

Snatch and Grab – Meta call, not a huge fan (although connections are certainly a thing, so better than some, I guess).

Merlin – With this, the (good) Grail Ice cycle is complete so far as we know. And wow, yeah, all together I think they’ll be pretty darn tough. The potential, however small, of a Turn 1 flatline against NEXT or Foundry is kinda fun to think about, though probably less-so to have happen. Still unlikely, but it’s an obviously useful addition all around either way.

Shell Corporation – Only useful as an upgrade. Maybe put it in a server with a Cerebral Overwriter or something, I don’t know. Doesn’t seem worth it on its own, though I guess if you’re all about ONE SCORING SERVER at least you can protect it at the same time and have some steady-ish econ in play, even if it’s a liability.

Ekomind – I really want this to be good, but I don’t think it will be. All but requires Origami. Going to try for a Noise build and see how it goes, 'cause we’ve been spitballing this as an ID for some time now, but might not do enough as a console. Mostly worried about Komainu – too taxing to break with Mimic if this is working, but letting net damage land (especially in that quantity) will screw over your board position. Makes Deus X a bloody necessity, since you can’t Clone Chip parasite in reliably to save you from the hit as it happens. Oimoi.

“Cuj.0” – Feels like the worst of the Cerberus breakers, but might see play due to the growing number of good sentries Mimic can’t deal with reliably. Might still run Crypsis first, though.

Leela – As people can no doubt tell from the thread about her, I like her a lot… in theory. Whether or not she’ll prove to be as disruptive as I’d like is unknown. Might do well against both NEH and Blue Sun, though, and those’re looking more and more to be the matchups to beat in the near future here.

“Rex” – Probably going to replace Passport in a lot of decks that only run it and Femme to handle Code Gates on account of the others all being terrible. It’s not going to last forever, but it does reasonably well against most things (though tollbooth is UGH as usual). Passport is better if you only care about centrals.

Zona Sul Shipping – Decoy might make this actually worth it. Like a reverse of Marked Accounts where you just click to take the money off. With 3 of them, that means a 3-credit click every turn. Buuut requires dodging the two tags from Breaking News, and avoiding all others, so… probably not going to be much of a thing even if it’s got the potential otherwise. Not even a connection for that deck, alas.

Cybsoft Macrodrive – If you can’t afford the MU for Sahasrara, I guess? Doesn’t seem worth it, to me, except possibly as a Trade-In target, and there are better choices for that. Maaaybe in Stealth Kate, install this for 1, replicator off of this, and then Trade this In for Lockpick? I dunno, still doesn’t really seem worth it.

“Lady” – The best of the Cerberus breakers, though that’s not really saying a whole lot. Gets through Eli cheaply and is relatively decent against Heimdall 1.0 and other big barriers like it, and Shaper can do the most with the limited uses… but they can go out-of-faction for better.

Utopia Shard – Seems more generally useful than Eden Shard but less than Hades Shard. Goes nicely with Hades Shard, of course, but… yeah.

Overall, seems to favor the corp a wee bit, but not in ways I find tremendously exciting personally. Looking forward to the next pack for IT Department, Incubator, and Code Siphon, all of which DO excite me something fierce.

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When I look at Ekomind, all I can think about is that Theo/Kati/Duggar’s deck that I keep wanting to sleeve up, but never seem to, for fear of getting laughed out of the room. Surely, adding more jankiness will help!



  • Very disappointed that Hostile Infrastructure didn’t get the hostile subtype.
  • The link between Lycan and Leprechaun is great. At least daemon-tree-7-deep-guy didn’t get flatlined!
  • Shell Corporation I thought was “meh” until someone upthread pointed out it was an upgrade.
  • Ekomind looks like it’s going to be fun to play with, but I think people should be looking at Wyldside instead of Duggar’s. Grow your hand as you grow your rig and take pressure off your handsize limit. What do you do with a giant hand and heaps of MU, though? Have a competition with CI players to see who can hold more of their deck without dropping cards?
  • Zona Sul Shipping - I don’t get this at all. It’ll take a while to charge, it’s going to be hard to find (non-connection) and it is going to be hard to play around NBN stuff.

The last time I had a problem utilizing these two things as anarch was… oh right, NEVER.



The problem is that it’ll take a large amount of clicks to draw these cards (as well as the cards that make use of the MU), generate enough credits for them, and install them. And then you’re probably gonna want to run a little in between doing those things, too, and trash assets, and so on. It’s rough.

Though it is a small detail, Executive Boot Camp is yet another effect that lets you shuffle your deck on demand on the runner’s turn, thus putting another nail into the (not quite finished yet) coffin of Indexing. If it becomes popular, I’m not sure Indexing will be a thing anymore.


Komainu’s still a massive kick in Ekomind’s teeth.

But honestly? I could see, in the future, a Stim Dealer/Stimhack setup that worked reasonably with it.

No, no, hear me out.

Build up your hand and rig over the early game, likely with Noise so that you’re milling while you do. Then, once you’re loaded up, spend a turn playing three Stim Dealers.

Now you have 2 turns of 7 clicks to burn through their defenses, multi-access like mad, rebuild your econ, all of it. 3rd turn, you lose a bit of your massive hand and then get to go again. If you’ve got the econ and breakers for it, well… 3x Medium (or Nerve Agent, I guess) plus Demo Run on even a 6 click turn. Imagine it.

From 0 counters:
1st Click Run, 1 access (Trash/score it (Imp)), 1 card seen.
2nd Click Run, 4 accesses (Trash/score one), 5 cards seen.
3rd Click Run, 7 accesses (Trash/score one), 9 cards seen.
4th Click Demo Run, 10 accesses (Trash/score all), 13 cards seen.
5th Click Demo Run, 13 accesses (Trash/score all), 26 cards seen.
6th Click Demo Run, 16 accesses (Trash/score all), 42 cards seen, i.e. without a scored Hades Shard or Jackson, they die next turn.

Would take a looooot of Opusing/Economy to set up, and might not be fast enough, but that is some mouth-watering jank right there if you ask me, and I don’t think it’d be impossible, although getting set-up quickly enough to matter might be hard (maybe Mass Install would help).


Or like, an identity that does that.

Such as what? I’m actually not being facetious here. I really want to know what out-of-faction card you’re talking about that busts Barriers cheaper than “Lady”… Because whatever that card is, I could have really used it this past weekend against that HB Glacier deck I played at my FLGS tourney.

Modded -> Dino
Test Run/Scavenge -> Morning Star?
5 credits & 3 clicks for your breaker.

Break Eli for 1 the rest of the game. Also hits Heimdal 2.0.

So, breaking 4 times puts you up to 9 credits, which is slightly less efficient, but you don’t have a cap on what you can break the rest of the game.

Bad against Wotan & Hadrian’s Wall. So, put it in a professor deck and only use it against the right factions (NBN & Jinteki), or be prepared to have a plan B against Weyland/HB if you are going to use it there.

Don’t get me wrong, I like boot camp, but I’m not seeing what people are saying here.

When your turn begins you may rez a card, lowering the cost by 1.
1cr, trash, search for an asset reveal it . Add to Hq. Shuffle r &d.

Where does this let you rez ice not during a run?

The most interesting use I see for it is the cheaper rez at the start of the turn.
Which will be great in Blu, and amazing in Foundry. And a niche case allowing you to summon snare or shi if you’re running kitsune.

You’re joking, right?

Like, right there, man.


Not bad also with IQ when your hand is low (in CI or in Blue Sun)

I like the tutor a snare in Hq just before access :slight_smile: was already sweet with Atlas


Not cheaper. Corroder does long-lasting better at slightly more cost. Shaper, in my experience, usually has plenty of money to do that. Maybe I’m wrong, I’m not a huge Shaper player and it’s the least-played runner faction locally, so I might be missing the obvious power of Lady. Breaking for cheap 2-4 times IS pretty nice, even if the initial outlay is a bit higher and it’s limited-use.

You took all my thoughts first :-).

Bifrost Array says to me “at some point this will be extremely broken, but until then I don’t think we’ll see it.”

Sagittarius is an interesting one. I don’t think it will replace Ichi - whose multi-subs are just too useful - but as a one-off to keep the runner on their toes I think it has a place in some builds. I think you are right that with only a trace 2 Gemini just feels just a bit too expensive to use regularly.

One card I disagree with you on is Snatch and Grab. I’ve long wanted to play SEA Source in HB Glacier builds to force runners to use Kati Jones inefficiently. I’ve never managed to justify the influence, but this little beastie comes influence free, with a three credit boost and no requirement on there having been a successful run.

I like the idea of sticking Shell Corporation on a trap. That’s neat.

I love Ekomind. By which I mean its sheer self-defeating nature appeals to me. It’s a card that reduces the number of programmes you can have in play as you play programmes from your hand. Oh and it makes damage into programme destruction as a bonus. It’s beautiful. Even the completely non-interactive Noise Duggar’s deck doesn’t have an obvious use for it.

On the Cerberus breakers - I really wish that Anarch had got the Code Gate one. It would have got us out of the Lotus Field = “3 Knights in your deck you really don’t want” trap they face at the moment. Otherwise, yeah the Shaper one is really good and in the faction best placed to make use of the concept. The others are a bit meh without being terrible.


That’s true, on the other hand Anarch getting the Sentry one makes Djinn and other such setup-heavy programs (like, Origami for instance) much more viable, especially in a Grim- and Archer-heavy meta.

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Shell Corporation doesn’t say “from the bank”.

So this would just be a way to hide money on an upgrade, not a Kati for corps.

But it doesn’t say “from your credit pool” like Sealed Vault does. So my guess would be, it is a corporate Kati after all.


I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be a corporate Kati. It’s just off template.

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