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All that Remains on NRDB

Bu-but it doesn’t say where the money comes from, so I can take the 3c from the runner’s credit pool, right? Right?


Given that the card name is Shell Corporation, it makes sense for it to be a way to hide your money, not a way to make money.


You almost got me.

Going by that logic, Zona Zul Shipping would be for storing credits too, which makes it a pretty worthless card.

If they have less than 3c then they’re in debt and owe you the credits. New meta.


Argh more off template text creating silly rule debates! :frowning:

If you’re on the ‘elite level strategy site’ that we call home here at Stimhack.com, do we really need to ask the question of, “Where does the money come from? It doesn’t EXPLICITLY say it on the card!”? We’ve all played ANR, and know how this works. If you want to point out ‘ambiguity’ on cards, that’s fine. I ‘get it’. However, that will ‘force’ me to keep ‘using air quotes’.

(also, well played, @endgame)


I saw your post before the edit. You had me worried for a sec, @spags. :slight_smile:

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The edit was to assuage your fears.

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Click 1: Install Hivemind (1 counter on Hivemind)
Click 2: Play Surge on Hivemind (3 counters on Hivemind)
Click 3: Demo Run, 10 accesses (Trash/score all), 10 cards seen
Click 4: Demo Run, 13 accesses (Trash/score all), 23 cards seen
Click 5: Demo Run, 16 accesses (Trash/score all), 39 cards seen, i.e. without a scored Hades Shard or Jackson, they die next turn.

This way you save one click and the cost of 3 runs on R&D.

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Question about Ekomind. If I also have a mem chip in play giving me +1 MU, is my memory limit now X+1 MU, or does the constant effect of Ekomind overwrite any benefit the memchip and reset it to X?

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Skip the surge and have an incubator running instead. Gives the corp a reason to purge and waste time.

Also with Hivemind you want Darwin as the main breaker.

If you play out Hivemind and 2 Mediums on the kill turn you can capitalise on having Grimoire in play too.

Click 1: Mass Install 2 x Medium (1 counter each) + Hivemind (2 counters).
Click 2: Surge Hivemind (4 counters)
Click 3: Demo Run, 11 accesses (11 cards seen)
Click 4: Demo Run, 13 accesses (24 cards seen)
Click 5: Demo Run, 15 accesses (39 cards seen)

This way you get the same result in 5 clicks, but you don’t tip your hand to the Corp by showing him the pieces early, you only need two copies of Medium so it’s faster to set up and Hivemind has an extra counter so Darwin will be minimum of strength 5 on the turn you run.

As @endgame says, you can play an Incubator early too which effectively does the job of surge later on, but means the corp has to keep wasting turns purging.


@Arkhon 2 Mediums and 1 Hivemind is 4MU out of 6MU with Grimoire though. Incubator will take another MU, leaving only 1MU for Darwin and nothing else.

Plus you need 8 cards in hand at the start of that turn, which means you probably need Bagbiter, then which the added MU from Ekomind could arguably outweigh the additional counter considering they achieve the same result.

How do you double-dip, though? Grimoire means you can’t play Ekomind and vice versa…

Alternatively you can skip the jank and stick Hivemind and Incubator into existing Noise decks, use Darwin as your breaker and just set up your Hivemind turn to win the game with help from Stim Dealer.

But who am I to stop the Demo Run shenanigans?

In fairness, it’s about time they got a 2nd Sentry breaker.


The cerberus heads seem to correspond to the ice type that each faction is not-best-but-not-worst at breaking. Shaper can get by on fracters with inti or battering ram, and passport is pretty good in criminal. Yog is of course the exception here.

Even Force of Nature without Yog is better then peacock, passport and leviathan in avarage.

So let me disagree. Criminals are the worst vs code gates sinse the core.

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… shame they misprinted the install cost as “5” instead of the “2” it was clearly meant to be :stuck_out_tongue: