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Hey T.O.s,

I have this site which is a database for upcoming tournaments and past tournament results. It also features NetrunnerDB integration, players can link their NetrunnerDB decks to the results.

It would be great to have your tournaments.

Any ideas, suggestions are welcomed. Have fun running!


Thanks great tool and really like to support it, created my first tournament there, but the main page remains in the old forum, might change this for the future.

What was not really helpful, that you can only link facebook but no other homepage, which you need to link in the text. And registration for weekly events are not really helpful for my feeling.

I usually try to keep things simple, so any extraordinary information should go to the description field. That field supports Markdown formatting so you can do a lot of stuff there. I added a separate Facebook field, because 95% of the tournaments also have a FB event. (Also I wanted to embed the event as a FB widget, but it turns out there is no FB widget for events.)

Well, some people like to register for the weeklies as well. Then it shows up in your calendar on the Personal page.

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I think the question is, what does registration means? Does it mean the organizer has to take some actions or consider the registered user as a participant? Or is this a notes tool for the user? I was under the impression that some one would register for an event.

The original purpose of the registration was to inform the TO about who is coming to the tournament. The reality is that TOs tend to use Facebook events for that kind of information. The minor benefit of registering is that it gets into your personal list of tournaments and you will be notified visually when it becomes available for claiming the tournament spot. (Maybe I will add email notifications later on)

Yes, TO adding notes to registrations is a planned feature. Also registering with decklists (only visible for TO) will be a feature as well.

Anyways, thx for raising questions. Feel free to add ideas here. Also if you are familiar with Github, you can add feature requests, bugs here: Issues · madarasz/always-be-running · GitHub

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So we are the only ones :wink:

Thanks again for investing all the work! Really appreciated and posted our meetings in Berlin and would like to support your work.

I agree to keep things simple, but usually it’s not only about being simple, but to make it understandable for users! And I think at least it’s a little bit confusing and could be improved.

On top I think there are some misleading functions:

  • Again, registration is something different and how does a tournament organizer and the users know what it’s meant to be? I would add a tick box, that you can use it for registration (would like to in the future!) or not and in this case you can just add it to your calendar!
  • To create a weekly meeting, you have to click: “Create Tournament” but it might not be a tournament, but a weekly meeting. Perhaps “Create Event” would match better?
  • Regarding the link to Facebook, it seems only to be a link, what about just using it for both and calling it: “Event Link” or something similar?
  • Tournament Type when creating an event, it would be good to explain what to select for a meetup
  • When creating event, everything is named “tournament”

A feature suggestion:

One issue I’ve noticed is that a lot of the linked decklists end up being shared private decklists. As far as I understand, this means that they might be changed or deleted in the future, or the user might turn off decklist sharing, and then the link would no longer be accurate. Perhaps it would make sense for Always Be Running to create its own copy of such decklists, rather than just linking to NetrunnerDB.

Or only allow sharing of publich Deck lists?


  • I wish to keep the registration possibility open for all tournaments. It’s rather a player thing if you choose to register or not. I see no real need for change.
  • “Create weekly event” button is a good idea, maybe I will add it later. Also with changing the button title to “event”.
  • You can put non-FB links in the description. FB link is special because 95% of tournaments also have an FB event, also people have FB accounts.
  • You mean that the blue (i) icon on tournament types is missing some explaination?

@Absotively: Huh, let me get started on private/published decks :smiley:
A lot of people don’t know the difference. Also a lot of users are complaining that they cannot share their decks and the problem was they were not sharing their private decks. I will add an info label and an a how-to if you are not sharing. I will also add a warning label if someone wants to claim with a private deck that he/she should preserve that private deck as it is.

I want to keep the possibility to claim with private decks. People are lazy and most of them want to use their private decks.


  • Registration yes or no. I’m not talking about technology! I’m talking about awareness! You provide a tool and have your ideas, but what is the user doing? Is a TO assume he has to allow registration at your side, although he is doing it somewhere else? Is a player assuming he has registered for a tournament, but the TO this was never the case? I suggest to make things clear to the users! For a power user this is clear, but for newbies, make things easy to understand and use. I would love to use your webside for future tournaments for registration, but this make only sense if it’s clear for people that this is a registration. So my suggestion is to differentiate between a real registration and making notes or however you want to call it. The other possibility would be to just rename it, from “registration” to “mark in my calendar”, but as I understood you this is not your plan.
  • yes the (i) is missing to explain weekly events

I agree with @Absotively:
It makes no sense to have a decklist linked, where the link is not working anymore or another decklist is found. Especially as there is a limit of 200 Decklists on NRDB. If you could copy them over to your website and provide a link could be the best mix of both worlds.

I know people are lazy, which is why I suggested that Always Be Running should automatically make its own copy of such decklists, rather than suggesting that it only support published decklists.

I don’t think expecting people to remember that some of their unpublished decklists are actually quasi-published is a practical solution.

Another thing has occurred to me: does the NetrunnerDB API allow Always Be Running to access unshared private decks? Obviously it would be pointless to link to them, but if ABR can access unpublished decks and switches to making copies of them, then people would no longer have to share private decks in order to claim with them. It could make claiming simpler for a lot of players.

@5N00P1: Thank you for all the suggestions, I’m sure I will implement some of them one day. Currently I am swamped…

@Absotively: Your publishing idea is great! With the use of the API I can publish a private deck under the name of the logged in user. I still wouldn’t make it mandatory, but would have a checkbox (defaulted to true) to make the auto-publishing. Hopefully I will have time to implement this December.

I’m not sure that’s really what I suggested? But it certainly sounds like a better option than links to private decklists.

So after some times using it, I love the page and use it to get an overview where tournaments will happen and also to see results.

Some ideas for improvements:

  • It would be nice if results would also be filtert by default as upcoming tournaments
  • It would be nice to create a filter for upcoming tournaments that is not only one Country. I would like to filter e.g. for Germany, Switzerland, Austria & Poland
  • Tournaments need to be released, but there is no notification or anything when this happens, which would be nice and the same for the opposite. And I ask myself what is the benefit of it? I created a tournament in parallel to someone from my meta and they where both released… So perhaps this could only be used for a kind of unknown user?
  • After the tournament I need to enter the results, but sometimes I don’t have them… as they are not mine, but I try to provide the full overview for Germany. This is getting on my nerves, as I might never get them. So is it helpful when I think about deleting them? Same for legal data packs btw. that are requested by the system.
  • Would be nice if the system would remember used locations in a city to make it easier to pick them again
  • What I’m also missing you can only enter a start time, but what is this? Start of registration? Or start of tournament? It would be nice if you could enter both.

As said I love the side, that’s why I’m supporting it very much!

Hey, thx for sharing your ideas.

  • There’s already a default filter for the results. Same stuff as the default filter for upcoming, you can set it if you edit your profile. Or am I misunderstanding you?
  • I’m planning to create “regions” as filters. “Central Europe” could be one of them. How about that?
  • Was there a duplicate tournament? Sorry for that, I should be checking that when I approve tournaments.
  • Yes, you can delete tournaments if they are empty. But it is always useful to share the ABR page with players, maybe someone claims with their deck. (You have to know the number of players first to conclude the tournament)
  • Remembering places is not planned yet. The location service is provided by Google Maps, I don’t think there is such functionality there. I will think about it if it’s worth coding.
  • It should be the start time of the tournament. Any additional timing information you can enter in the description field.
  • Results has no filter for me, only upcoming tournaments this is also how it’s described in the settings
  • Central Europe sounds nice, DACH would also be nice, which is Germany, Austria & Switzerland.
  • I’m just asking if it isn’t better after 3 aprovements to accept tournaments by default without review. And as said a notifications for accaptance would be appreciated
  • Yes, but currently it’s telling me to enter information that I don’t have. Sooner or later I will have to delete them!
  • I know it should be start time, but as registration time is an important part, it would be nice to have a separate info box as for start time

I think the nicest way to do regional filtering would be to show only events in places currently visible in the map. This seems to be a pretty common thing for sites using Google Maps to do, so hopefully it wouldn’t be too difficult to get working.


Had an issue when registering my standing for a tournament. Was 5th on Swiss, but one player dropped so I was not able to register myself as top 4.

Hey, I removed the restriction on the swiss-topcut positions. Yeah, I did not originally think that these drops from top-cut happen. Please try again.

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