An archetype name question

Seemingly Foodcoats is now thing and looking at some lists I’m left scratching my head about what the “Coats” element is. Obviously the decks are using Global Food Initiative but could anyone fill me in on what synergy our mechanic the “Coats” element is referring to?

Likewise, regarding Butcher shop - if Butchershop is an NBN kill deck, what is the "shop"element?

There was an old heavy-taxing Haas deck nicknamed “Redcoats” cause it’s about taxing the runner and the American Revolution was about taxes and okay it wasn’t terribly well thought-out. So now that GFI breathed new life into the archetype it’s “Food-coats.”

I think Butchershop is just cause it butchers the runner, but “-shop” can also refer to decks using Personal Workshop or occasionally Pawnshop because slang is confusing.

A butcher’s shop contains a lot of meat.


Ah, cheers. Makes sense regarding Foodcoats. Personal Workshop and Aesops Pawnshop are runner cards though, not Corp kill deck cards.

I’d agree with dragar that it is just butcher shops are full of meat

When it comes to deck names, there’s really only one rule that you need to be aware of.


It’s not the first play on Redcoats, either – I know Deadcoats was a thing before Food made it safer to run the 5/3s, and there were other variations in other factions (Yellow Jackets springs to mind, though I don’t think it was long-lived).

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I named it Butchershop because it’s the place where the runner goes to get meat butchered.


Now we need a Deadcoats deck with GFI and we can call it Meatcoats.


I prefer Engineering the Foodture


So many of these archetype/deck names are really ham-fisted and forced. I will always prefer “taxing HB” or Weyland Kill Deck" or “NBN Fast Advance” to any of these silly names. Half of them are oblique, forced and don’t mean anything. I mean, Foodcoats?!

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Well, when you come up with a top-tier deck, you can give it a dull descriptive name of your choice :smile:. Most of these names were choosen by those that created/popularized the decklists, and to be honest the obscurity of some of them probably contributes to their popularity- a kind of insider netrunner jargon. I kind of like it, but there’s nothing either of us can do about it, so not much use complaining either way.


I completely agree, it just seems that people come up with great decks, and horribly forced and clumsy names that don’t particularly even reflect the defining cards or mechanics in the decks. Which is great for an individual’s deck on NRDB, but a bit of a shame for the wider game.

And then you got a name like “Reg-Ass MaxX”, which is perfectly descriptive (money and breakers MaxX as opposed to Eater MaxX). Is that better?

I don’t even know what “reg-ass” means…

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My understanding is ‘Regular ass’. As stated before, it’s ‘normal’ instead of using Eater/Keyhole like Eater MaxX does.

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Cheers, but to illustrate my original query, why “ass”? I’m genuinely missing the point somewhere…
I know that an individual example doesn’t matter, I don’t want to derail things as I posted originally to ask about the shop in butcher shop and the Coats in Foodcoats, but if you’ve ever tried looking out there for an explanation of what cards, synergies or mechanics define these archetypes you’ll be left scratching your head.

The point is that naming decks interesting names is fun, and giving them utilitarian names is boring.

I will concede that naming decks interesting names might make it hard to know what such a deck list looks like or how to play it (though I would argue that utilitarian names wouldn’t do much better), but a quick Google should usually suffice. After that, the reasoning behind the name is just a curiosity.


I chose “Butchersop” because “Midesaeson Scorch/Accident FA NEH” is really boring and unnecessary. Why should the name of a deck just list the cards or strategies in it? That’s what the deck list is for, while the name gives you a point of reference to that list. Besides, “Butchershop” is really descriptive of what the deck does if you know how to play Netrunner.

I agree that some names like Redcoats and Soulgrinder are a bit obscure, but sometimes a name is well picked. For example, Redcoats is not very descriptive, but now that Redcoats is a part of the wider Netrunner vocabulary, Foodcoats is pretty descriptive. It’s Redcoats with “food”, AKA Global Food Initiative.


Genuine question though, why “ass” in Reg Ass?