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An Entire Article About Street Peddler

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/an-entire-article-about-street-peddler/

Discuss the latest article by @vinegarymink here.


I love the article. I think you’re right in that Street Peddler wants to be in almost every Non-MaXx Anarch deck.

Just a quick slightly unrelated note; Alexfrog’s article that you link to is missing all of its images. The article is still readable, but it’s definitely more difficult when you have to guess at which card he’s talking about. Not a problem with your article, but I figured I should mention it.

One fleeting mention of Nasir. Your first decklist would be better with the pancake combo instead of inject and a single earthrise… And Datasucker isn’t being splashed outside of Anarch? Please. :wink:

Thanks for the article.

I’m going to disagree slightly.

Now, if you’ve got deckslots to dedicate to low impact ‘grease’ cards like Peddler or Visage, then Peddler is certainly best in class for it.

However, it’s low impact, and doesn’t add all that much functionality directly to the deck. So sometimes it’s not going to make the cut.

What makes you think its low impact? It seems about as low impact as diesel or sure gamble- not the cards that define a deck, but the ones that make just about any deck work.

I will be trying this card out just about everywhere. I like the idea of trying a stealth shaper list with this- finds you the combo pieces, drops the cost, and you have clone chip in faction to pick up any programs that get binned.


The best part of the article is the implication that the street peddler is Taylor Swift fallen on hard times.

Sweet write-up, though. Street Peds is a sick card.

Is that your opinion after having played with it?

I bought my ticket for the Peddler hype train the moment I saw her, so I was a bit giddy when I saw this article. Thank you for articulating just how awesome she really is.

“Why find your way through the maze when you can burn it down?” I love it :smile:

Nobody greases the baby. Or puts baby in the corner. Or puts baby in the grease. One of those.

IMHO, the qualification of whether Peddler is good in your deck should be “do I want cards at instant speed?” not “do I want cards at -1 cost?”


Yes. In Geist no less.

It’s simply not in the same class as Diesel/Gamble - not in a better/worse sense, but in a purpose sense. Diesel and Gamble (sounds like a shady law office) are resource gaining cards. Peddler does that, but only in bits in pieces - a card, a credit, an install. Peddlers main value are in the instant install, hidden information, and selection aspects.

Gamble is a good early impact card that falls off a bit, Diesel draws cards as opposed to selection, which is a big deal. It also comes with no whiff chance - peddler will hit events sometimes, which reduces it’s selection value.

I’m not saying the card is bad, mind you, it’s just not the automatic all the time card everyone seems to think it is.

Excellent article as always @vinegarymink, I’ve not had much chance to test yet due to Belgian Nationals and York this weekend both denying my the opportunity to use the card legally. Some casual play last night saw me throw away Inject (which I abhor) and just straight up insert Pedlar into my Noise. Worked really well.

I’ll try including Wyldside and Pedlar next week I think, the crazy draw you can get with some I’ve Had Worse in there too for back up I think is plenty. IHW has saved my life so often I don’t think I can face removing it and due to back up as pseudo Plascrete or net damage protection makes it a great include.

Wow. Having also tested SP in Geist as well, I’m surprised by that.

Though I think I agree with you not being an automatic include, top 5 omg best Netrunner card evar!!11. I do think SP is one of the better cards to be released more recently however.

Thought the article title was a little vague. Also, could’ve used more bearded Gabe Newell photos.

Otherwise, great stuff, kid.


Oh, it’s great in Geist. But that has a whole card of efficiency added.

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I enjoyed the read, although I’m probably not the target audience – I didn’t think the power of Street Peddler was up for debate! I’ve seen it in Geist firsthand and it was pretty great.


Definitely loving Street Peddler in Geist. I just wish I had one more influence for a third.

Anybody making changes to their decks to boost Street Peddler? More installables instead of events? I’m thinking about swapping I’ve Had Worse for Plascrete again, myself.

I was trying to get at this in the article. The thing is that the downside on Peddler is so very low that it’s probably worth the include over other cards. Within the Anarch faction it’s the closest you can get to playing less than 45 cards (or 50 in Val).


That being said, peddler is good enough that decks without gamble are entering competitive thought.


Donut Taganes meta has arrived?

perhaps a little late, but was foretold: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1138587/corpbusting-power-donut-taganes


I’ve never liked Cyberfeeder very much but Peddler might make it better than Gamble. Time will tell.

The problem with Donut is the Inf cost. I’d have considered him pre Peddler if it wasn’t for that.