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Announcing the First Annual Stimhack Store Champions Invitational!


We at Stimhack are proud to announce the first annual Stimhack Store Champions Invitational!

On Sunday, April 12, in conjunction with our partners, ANRblackhats and Broken Egg Games, we will host an OCTGN tournament open to all individuals who have won a Store Championship this season! Players who won a Regionals bye by taking 2nd place to someone who has already won a Store Championship will also qualify. There will be a cash prize, along with awesome swag from Broken Egg Games, and regular giveaways on the stream to the audience.

The tournament will be broadcasted on Twitch.tv at www.twitch.tv/stimhacked with commentary by World Champion Dan D’Argenio (mediohxcore) of Stimhack, Dien Tran (D1en) and Chase-Michael Farewell (SlySquid) of ANRblackhats, and Timmy Wong.

If you’ve taken down a Store Championship this season, come to Stimhack.com and register yourself for what is slated to be the biggest OCTGN event in history! If you’ve haven’t yet, there’s still time left!

Sign up today at http://stimhack.com/invitational-form-submission/


Thanks for running this; should be fun.

I think I submitted twice because the submit button simply refreshing the page is confusing (was expecting some kind of confirmation page).

Which Timezone?^^ You may think that his might be a bit late/early for someone :smile:

We’re going to start in the morning EST, probably 10AM. It will start early for West Coasters and go late for Europeans but it’s on a Sunday, so it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’ve got some coffee/an alarm clock.

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Are we playing regular rules for Swiss/Cuts? Double Elim? (Either way, HYPED)

The tournament format is still somewhat up in the air but barring any issues we will run it as standard swiss + double elims.

Oh wow, this could be epic to watch. Thanks already for trying to organise this!

When is the deadline for registration?

I would strongly consider doing this over the course of 2 days. For anyone not in America having to work on Monday, it will go unreasonably late.

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Signed up, looking forward to this. Are rounds going to be timed?

The deadline will be the same time as the deadline for deck registration, probably a couple of days before the tournament.

Yes, but they’ll be slightly longer than the amount of time given for IRL tournaments because some people aren’t so fast with OCTGN.

My RSS feed alerted me to this a few days ago and I signed up then. Can you confirm that my registration went through or should I register again? (Matt McKinley, Phoenix AZ)

I got a regional bye at a local store championship, but only because I placed third and both the top 2 had won one previously. Does this count? I see the caveat for second place bye winners, so I figured I’d ask. I don’t wanna make things more complicated than they need to be, so no worries if you want to just limit it to 1st place and 2nd place bye winners.

Anyone who got the bye passed down to them is qualified.

@McKindling We got you

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Too bad I’ll have to miss it. Kinda looked forward to it but the date doesn’t fit (travelling with girlfriend). So I’ll be supporting for @fluffdasheep in my mind while sipping a cocktail :smile:


Let’s be real, the only prize anyone really wants is a signed mediohxcore world champion tank top.


Fixed that one for you. I also have to work on monday(European) and would like to know a bit more about the time schedule(well, my SO wants to)

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Wouldn’t be better to make two legs of the tourney (if there are enough participants from Europe), one for European Time zones and one for American ones (sorry Asia). It worked for the BGG tournaments, so why not now?

Even if this is not possible and since I will not be playing in the tourney (lost at the top 4 of my SC, at least a teamate won it), please provide with videos of the matches afterwards for us to watch.

Keep up the good work m8s!

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Yes, this would likely be better. We actually considered it. I scrapped the idea simply because coordinating everything, the stream, the elimination rounds, etc, over multiple dates would be quite difficult, and as this is the first time we’re doing anything like this, I thought it would be best not to overcomplicate things.

Ideally, next year, we’ll have a separate flight for different time zones, especially if there are a ton of people entering.

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