Announcing the PSI games - Premier Stimhack Invitational!

On the heels of the success of the Stimhack Store Champions Invitational, Stimhack and the ANR Pro Circuit are proud to announce the first annual Premier Stimhack Invitational, also known as the PSI games!

On Sunday, October 11, Stimhack will be hosting our second invitational OCTGN tournament, with registration open to Regional Champions, National Champions, and ANRPC circuit finals winners. The PSI games will feature the best of the best of Netrunner facing off against one another for a cash prize, live streamed on twitch with live commentary at Twitch with raffle giveaways for our viewers.

If you’ve managed to hack your way to the top of a Regional, National, or ANRPC Championship this year and are interested in participating, please sign up at PSI Games Sign-up

Stimhack will be accepting donations to help fund the prize pool and cover the costs of running the tournament. If you’d like to support us, please visit About Us - StimHack and click the donate button. Stimhack and the ANRPC are community operations that do not operate at a profit, so if you can, please help us out so we can continue running the best possible events!


In. Should be great. Tough field, for sure.


The player pool in this event should be much smaller than the last Stimhack OCTGN invitational. So chances of seeing boys falling asleep while casting and pure delirious commentary are much slimmer, sadly.

If I can’t make it in (ANRPC championship here I come), I’ll be watching.


registered because i love psi games


I bet zero people have an interest in this.

Maybe one.

No… no… zero. Definately zero.

Very cool. Gotta hope to sneak in via ANRPC, but will watch regardless. :3


So, Dutch Nationals it is…

Why are you laughing? :wink:

I’m in, baby :smiley:

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Sounds good! I signed up.

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is there a deadline to register? still need to get around to installing windows/octgn and learning how to play at a decent pace on there, but i don’t want to be a no-show opponent, in case i turn out to be a lazy bum in the next couple of months.

Deadline for registration is going to be the same as for deck submission, probably 3-5 days before the tournament or something. This signup is, more than anything, for me to gauge interest so I can plan the times and tournament format.

Is it too late to subtitle the event?

I kinda like PSI Games: A Celebration of Skill


I’m in. I hope every corp decklist will include at least one psi game card.

Who plays any psi cards in this meta?

The entry fee is $0, $10, or $20, paid up front. Whoever guesses right actually gets to play in the tournament.


Every Corp list must contain at least one Nisei Division.

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THIS IS MY IDEA idea stealer.

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Hi, I’m in a different timezone. This will be on October 11 in what timezone? Thanks.

Pbb around the same time as the SSCI(EDT @mediohxcore? Im always confused about US timezones). So, thats around beer time for europeans

Noticed it too, they do anything to let us not win. Yankees should play with a least four beers too :wink:

I would like to participate - unfortunately i already have another event going from 8.10.-11.10.

so, it depends on the starting time - we’ll see