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ANRBlackHats - Dirty Laundry - Ep 14 - Geist - College Spirit with x3r0h0ur

On the reboot of Dirty Laundry I give you a view into my deckbuilding process as we build together.

Here is the playlist of all the episodes!


Considering the popularity of HB at the moment, not having a reliable way to break turing outside of d4v1d seems scary. Large ice with no crescentus can also be daunting.

Considering the deck was built with Data and Destiny in mind, how does this approach the 24/7 news cycle kill threat without a plascrete?

its a beta test deck, in the video that will be released of me playing it I talk about adding a spooned and also 2 plascretes. The segment is supposed to be about building and editing a deck instead of posting only finished decks.

Awesome, I’ve been toying around with reina so I’ll be excited to see what you guys come up with!

For the Halloween episode of Dirty Laundry I am join by fellow Dan, Mediohxcore to build a Spark deck.


Brendan from SanSan South and I build a Fisk deck for testing.

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you forgot to link Notorious Episode 8 btw

I linked to that episode at the end of the video…

I was playing around with this today and Mental Health Clinic actually worked really well for me. Just FYI if you wanted to test it. I know you mention considering it in the video.

Any consideration of the hand-size increase Pavilion? Seemed like your hands got stuck with cards you didn’t want but also couldn’t get rid of, and you had to often make annoying choices about throwing away cards. Probably also a reason why The Twins might not be optimal here, since you have to keep that piece of ice in your hand.

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Thats a thought. but thats another thing we need to find early is a potential concern

The way I look at it is, with more econ you can afford to play out more cards. More econ => more room to play => more room in hand => can draw more aggressively. Still, Pavilion is one my 50th deck slot cards. I want to play, but cannot push other things out of the deck.

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