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[ANRPC] BABW Finals Weekend

1st Kate/NEH
2nd Kate/EtF
3rd Geist/NEH
4th Gabe/EtF
5th Gabe/NEH
6th Noise/NEH
7th Quetzal/NEH
8th Noise/EtF


And huge thanks to you for running the whole thing! Easily the most enjoyable Netrunner tourney I’ve played in; it’s great to get the chance to test yourself against such a strong field.

Are results and decklists going to go up on acoo?


Interesting to see 2 Gabes up there. Would be interested to see what was going on in there. Also heard some fierce things about the Geist list. What kind of deck was the Quetzal like?

Sad to see so little variation on the corp side, but I don’t blame anyone for that, just kind of the state of the game right now. I’m excited for D&D and Mumbad to shake things up.

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Yeah, finally NBN gets it’s day in the sun, at long last!


So the “Scorched Open” had no scorched? Disappointing…

Quite a few of the NEH were death decks

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A huge thanks to @MasterAir for organizing it, hands down the best tournament of netrunner ever in the UK.

The standard of play on the twitch stream kept me captivated all day. Every game was great. And a huge Congrats to Tim for the win. A replay of the UK national finals but this time coming back from the losers bracket to beat @vinegarymink twice. It was epic!


There were Scorched Earths in the top 8. Also, @Ortho’s Argus Security missed the cut on Extended SoS (so basically a coin flip). I’m torn about that because I wanted both @Xenasis’s Gabe and @ortho’s Argus to make the cut.

Quetzal was @cerberus’s list. I’ll let him discuss it if he wishes. It’s good. (@cerberus’s NEH lost the 2/4 cards from hand by Utopia Shard where either one would have won him the game in the second game of the elims).

I’ll work with @tomdidiot to try to get the results posted to acoo.


While I agree it would be nice to see more diversity in Corp IDs. The 5 top 8 NEH lists were fairly distinct from each other. (I’m pretty sure @xenasis and @vinegarymink have a pact that means they cannot play corp decks that aren’t card for card identical in major tournaments). I think the metagame is in an OK spot. GFI will help bring back Glaciers. Team Sponsorship is worrying.

It was really fun to be part of such a high level tournament. I’m really glad so many of the qualifiers could make it. I’m glad we got most of it on film too. I’ll post here when the videos go up on YouTube.


My Quetzal deck was an original one… Err…
It was Siphon spam…

I did however keep the British reputation alive by killing people with Butcher shop!


I nearly played NEH FA for this event but @Xenasis convinced me that HB was the better choice. It’s less of a case of us having a pact and more a case of me copying him.


There were a few of us on 6-4 so in general the fight for 8th place was super close. Ultimately my runner play let me down. I went 4-1 with Argus and 2-3 with my Aesops Kate. I already knew that deck had a poor HB matchup so it was a spectacularly bad meta call really. It also apparently has a bad Laurie Poulter matchup, but I console myself that so do most decks.

The Argus is here:


I’m just enjoying Argus’s day in the sun. If Crims start to make a comeback I don’t think this play style will be quite as effective.

Congrats to Tim. Amazing win from the lower bracket. I hope he can go to Worlds and Astro train on an international level!

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Alas I can’t go to worlds this year, but I’ll use the money to go next year. We’ll just have to see if I’m still playing NBN FA by then… Lolz.


An all to common problem.


Let me know if you want any help with this.

I need to get the tournament results off Dark Sphere

I’ve just published my geist list over on NRDB: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/26602/geist-in-the-shell-1st-babw-lcq-3rd-babw-finals-

Regarding NEH, @lpoulter was playing asset spam NEH, @Tim and @imrahil Astrobiotics, I was half-way between the two and @Cerberus was butchershop.

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The reason I chose Gabe over Kate was as follows:

  • It was an invitational tournament. I could predict what decks most people would play and the meta is very inbred. I expected very few rogue decks and also practically no RP (there was an off chance that @Cerberus would bring it but that was about it).

  • The field I expected (and indeed, was the entire top cut) was HB FA/Rush hybrid and NBN FA/Butchershop. I believe these decks are the best three on the Corp side at the moment. I also believe that Gabe has a better HB matchup than Kate, a better Butchershop matchup than Kate, and I think Kate/Gabe vs NEH is pretty close in the meta now, where most NEH tech their decks with Kate in mind.

If it wasn’t an invitational tournament or I expected a meta that included RP or Blue Sun, I’d have probably just gone for the safe option of Kate. I am happy with my choice of Gabe, and the games I lost had a few pilot errors, and not a fault of the deck.

I want to echo this sentiment. I can’t think of any decision of organisation that I thought was bad. The tournament was extremely well ran, and massive props to you for running it, Dan. It’s pretty mad to think that this was the first tournament you’ve organised, at a massive scale, and everything ran extremely smoothly. This sets a very good precedent for the future.

Heh, I don’t think this is true, if we liked NEH more in testing we both would have collectively picked that, I think.


@lpoulter wasn’t asset spam so much as swapping sweeps for diversified, was it? Think it still had 2 biotic, but avoided people playing with a low hand size.

EDIT: I’m completely wrong. See comment below.

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I was team sponsorship asset spam without the illegal team sponsorship.

Inspired/Stolen from @Xenasis @vinegarymink

Went 6/0 in the swiss

Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center
– Agenda (11 cards)
3 AstroScript Pilot Program
2 Breaking News
3 NAPD Contract
3 Project Beale
– Asset (15 cards)
3 Daily Business Show
3 Jackson Howard
3 Marked Accounts
3 PAD Campaign
3 Turtlebacks
– ICE (12 cards)
2 Eli 1.0
1 Enigma
2 Ichi 1.0
2 Pop-up Window
3 Tollbooth
2 Wraparound
– Operation (5 cards)
2 Biotic Labor
2 Diversified Portfolio
1 Sweeps Week
– Upgrade (6 cards)
3 Cyberdex Virus Suite
3 SanSan City Grid