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[ANRPC] GLC Event in Wausau, WI (July 18th, 12PM registration)


Event Information
The event will be held at Johnny Cee Cards in Schofield, WI. https://www.facebook.com/events/1432796377026077/ for event information.

Live stream with commentary and post match interviews at http://www.twitch.tv/ANRProCircuit starting at 12:45 CST.

Results at http://challonge.com/ANRPC_Wausau


I have made sure the stream saves to Twitch this time and I’ll be saving a local version as well JUST in case.


Tourney starts at 1P?


I’m almost certainly coming to this. Excited!


Unless I hear otherwise, that’s whats currently listed on the event page.


Could you smile next time you’re on the stream? At FFG you played Aaron between rounds and it seemed you did not like it or him. Very depressing… :smile:



Sorry. Sucks having to play someone from local meta 6 hours away. I lost my voice on the drive there that morning, and had been up since 4A.

Plus, who smiles when playing ANR?

EDIT: Now you made me find this. 43:00 in. :wink:


Don’t think I’ll be able to make the trip from Texas this time, but have fun :smile:


I better not get paired against @Paranoid in round 1 again.


Good news for you! He will prob. not be there.


So you can play Spags first round! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Well, y’all should stop being two of the best players in the state #problemsolved


We’re going to be at:

Holiday Inn Stevens Point - Convention Ctr
1001 Amber Ave
Stevens Point, WI 54482

If anyone wants to help me get drunk the night before.


I should be rolling into town around noon-noon-thirty for some ANR fun. Get ready for some new decks (new to me anyways).


Anyone got a general notion of the meta in Wausau? Or is that cheating? :wink:


Vamp, Vamp, and more Vamp.


Well, crap.


Haha :slight_smile:
Depending on who’s playing the meta isn’t that much different from the norm, Butchershop, Fastro, RP, and Prepaid Kate. The “outliers” are HB FA and Supplier Andy.

If I was playing on Saturday instead of doing the stream production and commentary I’d be playing RP w/Batty and Prepaid Kate.


Of course you would be.


Who else you have on the commentary? Any one in specific?