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ANRPC Hall of Fame

A casual conversation come to life, the initial ANR Hall of Fame (HOF) nominations are live. The HOF is meant to be a celebration of strong players and community contributors to ANR. This initial list is reaching way back in time, as I would like to celebrate some earlier key contributors to the game, whether through skillful play, deckbuilding contributions, community organizing, etc.

Please, feel free to vote for up to 12 nominees. Both the public vote, and a vote held for a committee of nominees, community leaders, content providers, and more will be consider for the first inductees.

If this is well received, I would like to have another induction before Worlds 2017, and am very open to suggestions for nominees. Any not inducted the first time will remain on the list. If you have any issues with this first list, please blame me. It was hard to narrow down to 32, and even harder to pick 12.

Thanks to hermit and eric_c, among many others, for helping out with this!


Disregard what this post previously said. I see you have, in fact, been nominated.

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12 seems to be an incredibly high number, especially if there will be multiple induction votes each year. An awesome idea, though; casting my votes now!

also, riot if calimsha and Alex frog don’t make it


You’d be surprised at how many people I still want to nominate, let alone vote in!


For sure, I just think they’re more meaningful when coming in at a slower pace


My thoughts exactly - awesome idea, but 12 initial inductees then another 12 each year seems like a lot. Maybe I underestimate the size of the Netrunner community and the volume of contributors who deserve to be inducted, but it feels like you could run out of nominees before too long?

Happy to be proven wrong though, like I said above, love the idea!


Seriously, I already have another 15+ nominee candidates that are all worthy, IMHO, ready for Wave 2.

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Damn it Spags I want to feel special, just for a little while, jeez!


I definitely agree that 12 per year and 6 per 6 months is way too many. Even the Football HoF started with only 15 after several decades, and only inducts 3 - 7 per year. After a couple of years it’ll just it’ll just be a way for people on SlimStack to pat themselves on the back (and a few players that don’t play anymore). I like the idea, but I would just like for it to be a select few notable players that we all admire and want to honor, instead of a popularity contest.

That said. I already voted. (For just 6!) So I’ll use the rest of the space to lobby for @jakodrako as a first ballot inductee. No one else efforts in this game (besides the designers themselves), has affected so many players for the better than Jacob’s. Also, his competitive play and deck building should not be overlooked. Most notably as the originator of the Butcher Shop archetype*.

Also, let’s not forget about @db0’s tireless efforts from a historical perspective.

*Deckbuilding credits are notoriously difficult to pin down. This is my best recollection of events.


I can see the votes.

Trust me; you’re special.

I may slow it down eventually.

    • making up for lost time
    • game may not make a couple of years
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“May not make” It’s dead, Jim. Good job, FFG!

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Neat idea, @spags! 12 is a lot, but I get wanting to “catch up” and get a lot of the foundational old-schoolers in like Alexfrog and El-Ad. Would love to see db0 on here.

Had a hard time cutting my list down to 8, since these are all terrific players, but I landed on the Back-to-Back Champ, Minh, El-Ad, Alexfrog, the People’s Champ, Dien from Toronto, and Dave Hoyland. Oh, and some guy from Milwaukee.


Oh damn, db0 shouldn’t even need to be voted on. Same for Minh


This is a really cool idea. I’m basically a nobody compared to the others on the list but it’s an honor to be nominated. Been out of the game for a bit but recently been trying to get back into it.


I think Jeremy Zwirn should have made it on list of nominees. He is the first ANR world champ and he did design one of the more often used corp cards: Architect.


For the german scene, I’d love to nominate Falko Sieverding. He has retired a bit I guess, but he did a huge ton of work for the german ANR scene in the past few years, organizing a lot of tournaments, being a great player, a fine gentleman and judge at the last german nationals.

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The voting is in for the initial ANRPC ANR Hall of Fame (HOF). Before we get to the first class of inductees, let me start with four people who we decided should be auto-includes. They were all key contributors to the game’s development, growth, and continuation. They should need no introduction, but, if you are unaware of their major contributions to ANR, please read the profiles for them on the link attached to this post.

Congratulations to these four for the past, present, and/or future ANR accomplishments. They are our first Honorary Members:

Cedric ‘Alsciende’ Bertolini
Lukas Litzsinger
Konstantine ‘db0’ Thoukydides
Mihn ‘mtgred’ Tran

We posted a list of 32 possible HOF candidates, and opened up voting to the public. We received over 250 public votes, and over 32 votes from our Selection Commitee. Voting was extremely tight, yet had a fair amount of consistency. The Venn diagram encompassing both voting parties had a large cross-section, with 10 people showing up in the top 12 of both polls. Two remaining members were very close in both. Chris Hinkes polled very highly with the Selection Commitee, and also did well with the public voters. Jesse Marshall was a fan favourite, and the public voting pushed him over the top into the 12th spot. (Mihn scored very well in both polls; since we moved him to an Honorary Inductee, it opened an additional spot.)

Below is the initial ANRPC ANR HOF class. Please, visit the HOF page, if you haven’t, and read up on their achievements, and what their peers wrote about them. Congratulations to them!

Abram ‘thebigboy’ Jopp
Chris ‘nemamiah’ Dyer
Chris ‘zeromus’ Hinkes
Dan ‘mediohxcore’ D’argenio
Dave ‘cerberus’ Hoyland
Dien ‘d1en’ Tran
Jacob ‘jakodrako’ Morris
Jesse Marshall
Laurie Poulter
Scott ‘spags’ Pagliaroni
Steven Wooley
Timmy ‘tmoiynmwg’ Wong

To the rest of the nominees, congratulations to you for being noted, and you will remain on the list. The second wave of voting will come before Worlds, with another list of new nominees added to the remaining list.

Thanks to hermit for all of his work on the HOF site. It looks great, and has fantastic functionality. Also, thanks to all who participated! We appreciated your effort, and your voices.


Wave 2 is up.



In the interest of transparency, it would be great if the members of the Selection Committee was publish (for each wave if it differ from wave to wave).

Also, how are the votes from the committee and the public calculated? Is it 50-50? Are the committee votes just added to the values from the public? Or just some horse trading?

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