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ANRPC - the possible future of higher-end, fan-run, hyphen-filled tournaments

We plan on having a website up on this soon. It will be able to be an umbrella for future circuits, so that you can have a series of pages there awaiting you. Also, a singular location will allow people to see what is going on in other areas, check out interviews of players, have some possible recaps, tourney reports, etc.

Of course other areas of the world are more than welcome.


I would be happy to talk to my FLGS about hosting a site up in the Lost Coast of Nor Cal. We have a big enough venue to host a crowd and we have about a twelve person GROUP.

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I don’t want to flip out on you @Myriad, but Netrunner players everywhere do this and it gets to me every time.

A metagame is the state of the game that exists outside of any individual game. The local metagame consists of stuff like the decks people are likely to play in your area and how people around you generally react to something, like, say, naked IAA or Jinteki PE.



There are two game stores in Berkeley who host ANR events bi-monthly, I run the one at Eudemonia and a friend of mine runs the other. We had 56 people at the Games of Berkeley SC, and 26 at Eudemonia’s, so there’s definitely a good sized group of players in the bay area willing to show up at competitive events. Eudemonia hosts Magic PTQs that go into the hundreds of players and has tons of space, it would be an ideal venue for a bigger regional fan-run tournament.

Game Kastle in Santa Clara (south of Berkeley) is hosting Regionals this year and Gamescape North in San Rafael (north) has in the past. I’m sure those are both options as well.

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Changed the last word.

Shango, I know that I could get at least four players from my group to come on down to the bay for a tournament. And we would be happy to host… although I don’t know how many people would be able to attend a tournament four to five hours away.

Maybe if you insist on driving everywhere. And if you are, Toronto is less than 3 hours from Rochester and has two events. The number of people for whom getting to Rochester is significantly easier than getting to NYC or Toronto is what, 300,000?

The population in NYC itself is in the order of 20 million. (And re: store size, at least one store proposed renting event space.)

I am glad that there are people outside of Rochester who prefer that location, but it’s a bit silly to act as if FFG (or whoever planned Regionals) chose it for the community’s convenience.

KIDS, if you need answers about the ANRPC, contact us at anrprocircuit@gmail.com. Thanx!

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Also, the website is up: anrprocircuit.com


I call dibs on “EBC” - just need to figure out what the B is going to stand for :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bestest. 10char

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Final Fantasy World Championship Weekend? I’d definitely sign up for that! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is anything happening over in Europe along these lines? We’re currently up for another lull in tournaments between worlds and store champ season, and I think that’s an excellent time to see if we could start something up in Scandinavia.

I can’t find info on the ANRPC website about how to set up new Circuits, and given that they’re all in the US anyway it might not be practical. Should we just copy the setup to Europe and make ANRPC - Euro Division?

There’s a UK circuit, but I don’t believe there’s anything in mainland Europe.

As noted above, there is a British circuit. We are currently talking to another person in Europe, and in South America about setting something up. If you are interested in starting something in your country/geographic region, we would be happy to assist with getting you set up. Are you looking to run something yourself, or just hoping someone in your area will?

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Is the ANRPC a program? I think not.

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Whenever you attend an ANRPC event, have a great fucking time.

Though not officially endorsed, the Android: Netrunner Pro Circuit is the pinnacle of competition. If you want to be the best, be ready to beat the best at these events.

Best imaginary card ever. :wink:

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Currently I’m planning on bringing it up on the swedish facebook group and see if there’s interest for a Scandinavian/Nordic Circuit, but I’d like to know more about how to set up such a Circuit first. If the ANRPC guys are open to the idea I’ll go ahead and talk to the swedes and danes, and then we’ll come back to you when we know if/who’s doing it!


Now I really want to install this up here. Who do I have to take as a Hostage to get it?

Basically it is going to involve setting up a number of qualifiers, that culminate in a finals event. You can read the basic setup at http://anrprocircuit.com/mac-mid-atlantic-circuit for an idea. Your plan sounds good, if people are willing to run it, then we would love to assist. There are some other criteria to consider (for sake of consistency) but it is all minor to finding people and places willing to host.

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Awesome, I’ve raised the issue, hopefully the swedes and danes bite!

Jesse’s right. The ANRPC currently is an umbrella organization. We offer advice, help, and a website to promote your circuit, as well as some guidelines. How you structure your circuit is up to you. This started with @Cory_Hockman and the SMC kids, who had the idea of sending someone to Worlds 2015. That fell through, but, the idea remained the same.

Basically, we have a series of tournaments through a geographical region that are on par with SCs, maybe slightly larger. Instead of the fire and forget of an SC, we have people from those qualify for an invitational. Since we have no major sponsors, we collect some money from each store in exchange for running the tournament. We use that money to seed the finals of the circuit. A number of the circuits will be wrapping up their first finals next month.

If you want to send someone to Worlds NEXT year, that is possible.

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