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Architects of Tomorrow - 3 rules related questions


I started to play this ID yesterday and ran into some rule related questions immediately.

So, without further ado, here they are:

  • Blackmail says the runner can’t rezz ice during the run. AOT says I can. What takes precedence? I’m afraid Blackmail is shutting down this ID for good.

  • Cutlery: If the runner destroys ice with cutlery, does AOT tigger? I found this about Ice destruction in the FAQ: “If a piece of ice is destroyed during an approach or encounter with that piece of ice, then the ice is immediately passed.” This suggests that yes, AOT is triggered.

  • Femme Fatal, Inside job etc: As AOT doe snot require the runner to encounter the ice, I assume the ability is triggered. I’m fairly certain, but heck … if I start this thread I might just make sure :slight_smile:

My biggest worry is Blackmail - a friend of mine plays a mean Val deck and Blackmail seems to shut down AOT for good.



  1. Rules questions go here: Official Rules Question Thread

  2. Can’t always trumps can. (Except when rules say no, and a card says yes.)

  3. I can’t find a ruling on this. Might have to go through Damon’s twitter.

  4. Yes, would fire.



  1. can’t > can
  2. Reading your faq entry, I would say yes, but I’m not 100% sure.
  3. yes, bypass passes.

I think 2) is no, actually. AoT requires that the passed ice be rezzed, so you pass it, but it’s no longer rezzed since its been trashed, so no AoT. I’ve been wrong before though.


I was playing against an AOT deck with my janky Khan, and i kept derezzing his ice. At one point they typed, “So my ability will just never fire?”

It was pretty satisfying, especially because they won the game despite that. It’s the little things that get you through the day when you live in Janktown.

I’m confused about the blackmail issue you are having. Most often, blackmail is used on a server where all ice is unrezzed, so AoT wouldn’t fire anyway. How often is your friend blackmailing into a server and then breaking 1 or more bioroids that were already rezzed? Sure, this interaction weakens AoT a bit, but it seems like such an edge case that it is hard to say it is killing the ID.


I’m confused about the blackmail issue you are having. Most often, blackmail is used on a server where all ice is unrezzed, so AoT wouldn’t fire anyway

That’s what she would like to do and if I let her, I would never rezz a single piece of ice against that deck. But I did get to use the Executive Bootcamp or the Accelerated Betatest a couple of times. Then the idea was to feed her assets or even agendas behind rezzed ice so that I get to rezz more ice (especially over R&D) and gradually foil the Blackmail-thingy.

I think that is still hard to do… she has some breakers and enough money to get through the rezzed ice and just uses blackmail to prevent me from rezzing more. So ABT and Executive Bootcamp are my only rezzes. That feels overpowered.

Edit: It feels overpowered against this corp ID, as it just cancels my benefit. The feeling is very much like playing an empty HB ID.

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