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Argus Time!

Ok, so I see Argus: Protection Guaranteed as a pretty good addition to the Weyland IDs, and IDs in general, but has cards that- like Blue Sun has with OAI and Curtain Wall- seem to be an obvious inclusion, at least to me. Dedicated Response Team can’t be terrible in an Argus deck. They make excellent must trashes for making a runner go through a taxing server, and you don’t have to have a single card in your deck that causes a tag for this to happen. Of course, if you do have tag punishment in your arsenal, they can’t grab a bundle of 1 pointers in your archives, and just decide to take the take the tags, and clear them later, it’s likely to be click compression the likes of jinteki personal evolution, but with a naturally stronger economy, and ice. I think Accounting will be an “obvious” add, aka one that people just go towards, since it will keep in line with the click compression, hand size control. In some parallel universe where the corp could play 2 currents at a time, enhanced login protocol and accounting would be game over man…
I could see a deck with glenn station, government takeover, and a plethora of 1 point agendas could be good if combined with cards like fast track, and good protection of HQ, until you could offload it into Glenn Station, until you’ve either scored out, or destroyed the runner somehow (or his programs). I wouldn’t expect plascrete to be the best defense against this deck, and might even make people decide to throw muresh bodysuit into play. That would be the day.
When future cards like corporate town come out, argus is going to have a lot of remote threats in cards like that, and the various 1 pointers. I can’t wait until Order and Chaos comes out, I wish there was a release date already.

I made one that is completely off the wall, here http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/12604/argus-mud-marathon

I don’t have a plan for govt take over other than hoping they don’t steal it. Mine has the silly added benefit that if you have the board rezzed, they can’t win unless they trash it, at which point they should win. Super dorky and wonky, but I’m stoked to give it a try.

Word on the street, is that it’s January 28th:



tl;dr: Mushin no shin shell games with junebugs, ghost branches, and government takeover.


shut up, descriptive annoyance text

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here’s an idea i farted out on my lunch break just now

Argus Shutdown

Argus Security: Protection Guaranteed (Order and Chaos)

Agenda (12)

Asset (5)

Operation (20)

Barrier (3)

Code Gate (4)

Sentry (5)

15 influence spent (max 15)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Order and Chaos

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

See, I’m thinking of argus as more of a punitive counterstrike kind of deal. It’s super risky, and janky, but if you put 4 agenda points in archives, and the runner hits them all, that spells bad times. put some hostile takeovers, get the runner comfy spending bad publicity instead of stocking up credits, and them bam, you susanoo him into archives. or you just glenn station all your government contracts, and score out a few agendas, and hope the runner goes dumpster diving. or…have a shitload of credits on shell corporation over archives. I’d keep the runner as poor as I could, install advance advance aggressive secretaries, and use them as trick of light batteries if need be. I’d play stuff like snoop and invasion of privacy and mamba to really make them suffer. Ugh, this deck is giving me a stiffy. Remember those?

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As a huge PE player this was the ID that stood out to me the most. First idea was forking the runner with posted bounty, but that was dumb as hell because the other weyland IDs are richer and do that better already with midseasons. DRT/Snare and DRT/Data Raven were also obvious thoughts. Checkpoint seems auto-include as a 4 cost 5 strength trace on a 7 strength code gate. I’m glad to see I’m not alone in the idea of government takeover in Argus, as goofy as that is. I have no idea what that deck looks like though (maybe a bunch of one pointer plus Glenn and Takeover as ya’ll have suggested). Punitive is a direction this ID can take, staying ahead on money with Pop Up, Shadow and Paywall. I think the ‘running in mud’ concept is probably what this ID should aim for, eating clicks and creds with tags and damage. The dream Argus is The Most Irritating Deck in the World, and if you can set up a situation where the runner needs to float tags you win the game. I’m stoked.

Let’s Build With Argus!

I’m the worst at making tags stick, so I went with this fun, runner distracting deck. Hopefully, trick of light was a good splash, with all the advanceable ice. Without the government contracts, and the board, and self destruct, I’d probably take 2 small ice out, and put 2 of the cleaners in, just because I could, and then put in punitive. Cause a punitive off government contracts just seems silly. I’d still keep glenn station in though, it just seems like if you play right, it could be really helpful to have a pocket universe only you can access. Maybe executive retreat instead of the cleaners if I thought that synergy was worth while.

Agenda (12)

2x Firmware Updates
3x Glenn Station
1x Government Takeover
3x Hostile Takeover
1x Posted Bounty
2x Superior Cyberwalls
Asset (7)

1x Constellation Protocol
3x Dedicated Response Team
2x Executive Boot Camp
1x The Board
Upgrade (5)

3x Hokusai Grid ••••• •
2x Self-destruct
Operation (6)

3x Hedge Fund
3x Trick of Light ••••• ••••
Barrier (7)

2x Asteroid Belt
2x Fire Wall
3x Ice Wall
Code Gate (6)

1x Builder
2x Checkpoint
1x Wendigo
2x Wormhole
Sentry (5)

2x Archer
1x Lycan
2x Nebula
Multi (1)

1x Orion

Here’s one I’ve worked on. Sorry no markdown phone pist.


The key idea seems to be you need economy to make the puni stick. You need draw to find the gt before he draws an agenda…


I’m surprised their isn’t more asset spam and Data Raven with the DRT plan. Either way, this ID will make for some grueling games that are different in the way games vs. PE are different.

I’m interested in Argus with space ICE. It seems to me like Argus’s ability could carry you through the early game while you get set up.

this list looks horrifying

Well, take it for what its worth, I don’t think its playable. (planning to brass balls advance takeover and kill the runner with puni).

I played grog - had 9 events in a row - but MO economy trumped my standard weyland. Couldn’t land the second punitive.

IF there is a play on Takeover, I think the plan has to be to ditch it on space station. And … all things considered, its not worth it. It only subtracts 2% from the liklihood of the runner hitting an agenda. And hugely increases the variance. (which favors the runner).

Yeah, I thought Argus was Gagarin Deep Space. Asset spam not relevant in Argus.

As for Argus, it’s probably the only ID where Checkpoint is good.

Checkpoint ICE: Code Gate - Tracer - Illicit Rez: 4 • Strength: 7 • Influence: 2
When you rez Checkpoint, take 1 bad publicity. Trace5– If successful, do 3 meat damage when this run is successful.

Mate, I love checkpoint. 4 cost str 7 codegate that does significant meat? Whats not to like?

Anyone had any good luck with Argus? I built a pseudo Cambridge Jinteki style Argus deck with so-so results.

I feel like the deck really needs the Weyland Ronin that is coming in a few months.

-Edit- Weyland Ronin, not Argus Ronin…

Posted bounty is the weyland ronin.


3 False Lead seems like the way to make the ID truly dangerous.


Built sideways I think Posted Bounty is probably the better call. I will try putting that in my build.

Probably better to play it like supermodernism for a time.