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Arkham Horror LCG Discussion


Dunno, looks pretty real to me. This was posted on the FFG forums. He circumstances in which it was posted increase the chance of a fake, but there is still a decent chance of it being real.


Seems like the Lord of the Rings LCG by another name: “build decks around an investigator/hero, face the Mythos/Sauron, co-operative, 1-2 players but 3-4 with a second Core Set.”

Sounds plausible enough. There’s probably market share to capture in the “co-op + Cthulhu mythos” demo.

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Man, the one thing that I dislike about the Lord of the Rings LCG is the theme. Well, “dislike” is a bit strong, I’m just not at all bothered by Tolkien.

If this is legit, they’ve managed to pick the one theme that’s even more insipid than Middle Earth.


Would be an interesting replacement for the recently-discontinued Call of Cthulhu LCG; does sound like the LotR LCG with a palette swap right now though. How many Co-op Lovecraftian FFG games can the market bear? Arkham, Eldritch, Elder Sign, this… :slight_smile:

Sadly, they don’t seem to be supporting AH anymore; even before its pale imitation came along to steal its thunder, there was a certain finality to the last expansion. And there’s a certain sense to it…three co-op games: one big board, one dice, and one card…

Personally I’m holding out for Byakhee Wing, the Cthulhu flightpath game :smirk:


It’s kind of sad that this will likely be the end of Lotr LCG though. Because while the gameplay in this new one will likely be better, I just can’t get excited about Lovecraft, and Tolkien is such a great setting.


I feel ya, but at least with co-op LCGs it’s not like you’re losing out when they’re discontinued. I don’t go to LotR Regionals, is what I’m saying. :wink: You’ll still have all the cards to use whenever.


Yeah, but I haven’t caught up with the game yet, and dont want it to all go out of print. Maybe they put it in Holiday Sale though?

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There will almost certainly be opportunities to finish your collection, probably at a discount, judging by Warhammer Invasion and AGOT 1.0.

Sure hope so.

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I wouldn’t see this instantly spelling the end for LOTR. While it’s popularity isn’t wholly apparent to us since we obviously don’t see the numbers of people attending events, it is said that it is one of their more loved and successful games. I personally love it and know that there’s a large passionate community for the game, and for a lot of people the source material is a theme they can really get behind. I hope this game is good, but LOTR is currently (for my money) the most creative and interesting game on the market right now, and only continues to get better and better.

Oh man, my Mi-Go swarm tactics would be overwhelming!


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I just want someone to license Crimson Skies for use on the Flight Path system, because goddamnit Wizkids you had one job.

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If it makes you feel better Attack Wing is getting hilariously awful so they probably woulda messed it up too.

And their job isn’t quality control that’s for sure.


People love to complain about the Talvath, the Scorpions, the Lightship, and the fact that there were only like one or two decent Klingon releases in 2015, but the game has improved spectacularly since then. Fighters and mines are finally balanced, Klingons just got their Haakona, and the movie OPs are some of the best scenarios I’ve played.

Looks more like a rebrand of the new Warhammer Quest the Card Gamne then an lcg, I think.

Granted, the Warhammer Quest Card game is very much like the LotR lcg. No deckbuilding, more board game tough.

In the pic it is branded as a lcg, i.e will probably have packs and deluxes released consistently. Warhammer quest doesn’t have the same structure as far as I know.

Personally, I like this theme better than Tolkien. So this might be a buy for me.

Nice, didn’t notice the lcg sign.
If the difficulty of Warhammer Quest and LotR lcg are an indication, the theme might fit the mechanics really well :slight_smile:

Crimson Skies was best with the old maneuvre system by FASA. Loved it.