Bad cards nominations, Mumbad cycle

A sequel to the original bad cards bracket (which was won by Salvage). Nominate what cards you think are the worst of the Mumbad cycle, and I’ll choose eight of them and make a bracket. Note that this bracket is for cards that are both disliked and underpowered - stuff like MoH and MCH that are disliked but are actually competitively played don’t belong here.

Can I nominate multiple cards? If so:

Ramujan-Reliant 550 BMI (this is my nomination if I only get one - seriously, who is this made for?)
Remote Data Farm
Red Tape
Political Graffiti (my second highest nomination)
Populist Rally (what is up with all these junky cards that only slightly disrupt the corp’s turn for less than the amount you paid to disrupt them?)

pad factory
akshara sareen
kala ghoda real tv
street magic
chatterjee univ
temple of lib mind

but seriously, if ramujan reliant doesn’t win this contest, i will accuse it of being a rigged result (eyyy)

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I still have hopes and dreams for PAD factory. You can advance ANYTHING. It’s a dangerous card in the hands of a Master Ruseman :stuck_out_tongue:


Is Ramujan reliant really worse than harvester? I guess we’ll find out. I’ll seed them on opposite ends of the poll.

Feel free to nominate stuff that has already been nominated to emphasise its importance, as well as nominating new cards

Ramujan : the #1 seed without a doubt
Personality Profiles : could give Ramujan a run for its money IMO
Election Day : the Monoblack Suicide in me loves this mechanic but it is still unplayable currently
Populist Rally
Rigged Results : I don’t consider a potential Inside Job to be worth an influence and a slot. Anarch has DDoS and Run Amok; Shaper can splash DDoS to much more devastating effect

I personally think Akshara Sareen is worse then Ramujan. Ramujan might actually stop you from losing at some point. Akshara is just dumb.

I’ve come up with one situation in which Akshara is a useful card: you need one more installed card and are a click short to make a last click run with Endless Hunger. That I had to get that specific is pretty damning.

I left Akshara off the list for a couple reasons. In a vacuum, it’s an interesting card. It changes a core mechanic of the game, the number of clicks available to each player. I like that. Second, it makes sense thematically; this is a public figure who wants to reach a compromise, and work towards the benefit of all. While Akshara may not make sense in the current meta, I think it’s a fine card, design-wise.

I’ll go with Guru Davinder (vs meat the corp will trash it first, vs net it’s going to cost a bazillion credits and during deckbuilding it’s going to cost an influence…) and Chatterjee University (damn is this slow to get up and running…I guess it could work if there were a bunch of expensive programs to install, but at least for now there doesn’t seem to be a good use for it)

I think Akshara + Clot is a pretty ok way to leverage the card. Combine it with some sort of denial strategy and it’s not as bad as people make it out to be (though you should still probably run JoshB first, but if you want 6 clicks every turn you need both anyway!)

Ramujan is…probably never worth the deckslots? I don’t even know what kind of synergy you’d need to have to want these in your deck. Maybe if they didn’t cost inf and you had some Geist replicator bazaar tech writer/trader sort of deal going on. Just barf your whole deck on the board and…then what? :slight_smile:

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Every card is special - no card left behind!

I vote for Ramujin, Voting Machine Initiative, Puppet Master, Rigged Results.

Comments on previously mentioned cards:

Akshara, IMO, can work in a DLR deck when you’re not facing decks with lots of 3/2 agendas. Still probably at most a 1-of. With Clot maybe as well.

Chatterjee I think has potential in Noise; draw with Wyldside, lower costs with that. Haven’t done the math yet. Maybe Professor too? I think it’s far from the worst card.

Kala Ghoda Real TV could work for trashing breakers in decks with little recursion. It is at least cost efficient.

akshara sareen is the worst card in the game

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Worst resource, best asset.


I lost at thrice to Guru in recent games with my Weyland kill deck. Once he was protected by Fall Guy, once he prevented SEA+Scorch+Scorch (single scorch wasn’t enough and after trashing him I never landed a tag again) and once my kill would have been with double punitive…

He isn’t a good card, but he is nowhere near as terrible as Ashkara Sareen or Ramujan…


Akshara Sareeen (the worst)
Political Graffiti
The Price of Freedom
Populist Rally

In that order.

I’ll nominate the deva cycle of AI. Even if you have all 3 you still can’t break some very important ice. They’re pretty clunky as well

I played someone at a regionals who advanced an unrezzed Tyrant with PAD Factory. When he rezzed the Tyrant I was like “Jud!-… oh”


Ramujan.I don’t even think there are anything worth arguing.
Akshara is the best Corp card in this cycle,far more superior than MCH or MoH.


So is this just a thread to shit on Ramujan Reliant and Akshara? Cause if so, Ramujan wins by a long shot. You can make an interesting deck that loses with the source, film critic and clot, maybe with viruses and fester to discourage purging. Maybe some price of freedom and populist rally with some black mail and street peddled activist support.

Maybe you can not take brain damage and trash your deck with 6 of the same dumpster card.

Ramujin is six copies, so not only is it bad, it also took up space which could have been another card.