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"Balanced" decks for casuals

I am playing in my local playing group a lot of IRL A:NR, but I am the best player, I think about the game the most, I own all of the cards, I deckbuild the most, I watch youtube channels and listen to podcasts about A:NR etc.

The others really like to play with decks that I have prebuilt for them, I explain new cards and card interactions (and sometimes rules, I myself am always learning something new too) and if we have an average of 50% winrate for both sides everyone is happy.

We started with the core set, moved on to Genesis, C&C, Spin, and now finally to H&P and Lunar, but quite often the others just would like to play with the “core set and genesis” again, since the decks that I have built back then that everyone were using were kinda well balanced against each other (by accident I guess).

I was thinking, do you guys have a couple of decks which are balanced against each other (40-60% is good enough for me) in whatever meta, it might be Mumbad cycle, or the latest from red Sand…

They might be both cheesy, or just simple “basic stuff”, just some random decks that are pretty balanced against each other (if possible multiple factions, not just two).

Grabbing the decks from here is likely to be your best bet:

These are good decks but the PE deck has proven to be a bit stronger than the others. In the first league without PE we had a perfect 50-50 Corp-Runner split.

I am familiar with those decks, anything else?

You might check out the Genesis-only, non-MWL decks in this Reddit comment, which the author did somewhat try to balance against each other:

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Ben Ni (@beyoken) did some classic netrunner matches on his youtube channel (I think it was earlier this year). They took the strongest archetypes from particular metas and played them as they were back in the day.

I think some of the matches were PrePaid Kate vs. NEH Fast Advance and Andy Sucker vs. RP Glacier (as well as others). If you were looking at balanced isolated games you could check out his YouTube channel for the decklists.

This looks to be amazing, thank you!

We had a few mini tournaments in Jnet using these decks and they were a lot of fun

You mean the big boy leagues?

I dont think so was something that Beyoken organised was mostly UK players we used the classic decks suggested by Beyoken with each tournament using a different set. So as mentioned previously you had Prepaid Kate vs NEH FA, Andy Sucker vs RP

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This isn’t really what you’re asking for, but if you want to gently push the other players into trying deckbuilding a bit more, sealed might be worth a try. It’s a lot of work to put the packs together, but it does provide a very contained and simplified deckbuilding experience.

If you have three core sets, it looks like you could currently run sealed for up to 10 players, using the smaller deck size and all the cards (under advanced options). The actual practical limit is probably the amount of time you’re willing to spend putting packs together.

Do note the IDs on the left side - I missed them when I ran a sealed event.

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Wow, nice thank you for the suggestion! It looks interesting and like a lot of fun. I have the patience to put together the decks, but I usually play games like Catan, Carcassone, Agricola etc with the others. That I actually managed to make them play something a bit more competitive and they actually enjoy it is more than I hoped for. :smiley:

I will try out a few of the decks above and I hope everyone will like them.

I am actually thinking about going to some “local game knights” or whatever they are called to one of the stores who runs A:NR, I am pretty sure everyone will beat me and my decks though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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