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Cache Refresh - a new OFFICIAL format

Hadn’t seen the news make it over here yet. This is the outline for the new format. I’m personally excited for it and look forward to seeing where it takes us.

Anyone else have thoughts?


I haven’t read it carefully, but the bidding system seems hilariously baffling. Seems a little odd that when a cycle has just started, there will be 1 cycle + 1 data pack legal, but OK.

Otherwise, I think it’s a really cool way to address the issue of the steep cost of buying into the game.


I’m curious why it is Terminal Directive + one big box of your choosing. Why not two big boxes of your choosing?

It runs parallel with the theme of most recent + one other.

Seems okay. Maybe future events will be two big boxes.

It’s simpler than it sounds. They didn’t even need to get into all that “even or odd” stuff.
The bidding goes: no penalty, -1 credit, -1 credit and -1 card, -2 credits and -1 card, -2 credits and -2 cards, and so on until “10,” when you’ve bidden away all your credits and starting hand.

They could have made it more intuitive, but I am totally in favor of bidding for side.

Format itself should be interesting too.


My question is how many regions draw enough people to justify two-day regional tournaments? (Especially between California and the Mississippi.)

Nice, thanks for the example. Not sure about how it works re: mulligan, but that’s not nearly as big a deal as the format itself.

I would assume that if you win the bid, you draw however many cards your bid leaves you with as your starting hand, and if you mulligan, then you shuffle them back in and then draw the same number again.

Is there some other interaction with mulliganing that I’m missing?

To be fair? Not all the big boxes are really the same quality.

There’s almost no way I would ever consider bidding to be a good idea. It actually seems baffling. Like, how is starting a Corp game with less than 5 credits and 5 cards in hand ever a good idea?

Honestly, if I roll the dice and it’s up to me to choose sides, I’m choosing my best side and bidding 0, 100% of the time, and being thrilled if my opponent does anything other than the same. I think the only way I’d ever even bid 1 was if I was HB, but then if you don’t win because your opponent is stupid and actually bids 2, you’re still behind a credit. This is just never a good idea.


How is it more fair than “Choose two boxes?” If Terminal DIrective really IS better, then people will just choose terminal directive. It’s great if you run shaper. You get Terminal Directive AND C&C, which has incredibly good runner economy. Anarchs are out of luck tho.

They’re pushing TD as the best thing to buy second. If people follow that advice, which currently looks likely to happen, then TD will become something that basically everyone has, even if they have a very limited collection. Because of that, it makes some sense to treat it like the core set rather than like the other big boxes.


Fair enough.

tournament rules seem bad

as a format, this seems fun. i hope there’s interest. i could potentially be a decent casual format for new/returning players to feel comfortable if enough current players want to dive into it

For those who don’t delve into the hive of scum and villainy that is Twitter, FFGOP mentioned a few things:

-This is a test bed for future events to see how popular single-game rounds work for the future.
-The bidding is mainly there to help TO’s out that don’t have the software to run a more chess-style system which makes sure each player plays each side the same number of times. As TOME rolls out more they’ll look at that possibility for future events.

Although I don’t mind the bidding, if I could play Corp every game I’d totally take the option.


You can use a big box for the runner and a different big box for your corp.


Aside from the bidding, this isn’t too far off of the format. In that respect, I can get behind this idea.

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Here is the big questions I have: For corps how important is Global Food that non- NBN factions will cut their on color box? Likewise for criminals and anarchs, how badly will they need to want Dirty Laundry, Daily Casts, Same Old Thing, and Levy to pick Creation and Control. Not to mention the deluxe ids are locked out of this choice.


if you’re Criminal, the only thing you’re missing out of your box is Legwork tbh

if you’re Anarch, there’s I’ve Had Worse and Eater

that said, Levy isn’t for everyone tbh, but it is sad that MaxX won’t be able to use it, so she’s pretty DoA in this format

as for Food, in onesies i often picked Data & Destiny as my big box for non-NBN decks because Food was really good, but also Launch Campaign, Assassin, and what am i really missing for Weyland and HB out of their boxes? Ichi 2.0 is great, but Ichi 1.0 exists and is slightly more playable anyway
i think jinteki wants a lot of H&P, but they probably don’t care about Food as much anyway

HB can skip their faction box completely with almost no impact, allowing them to grab D&D. Weyland can probably rely on core and Terminal to get by as well and also spring for D&D. Jenteki’s Big box actually has decent agendas (Medical Breakthrough, The future Perfect,Pholotic, and House of Knifes), so they’ll probably grab that for their other big box.

Shaper and Crim comfortably play this, and probably both grab C&C. Anarch. . . I don’t know. I don’t think they’re very strong in this format, but we’ll see.