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Champion Card Community Review

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/champion-card-community-review/

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Could someone explain to me what this is?


With the game ending, there isn’t enough time to release the remaining “champion cards” normally. This is a community review of the spoiled champ cards that will probably be available for print-and-play.


Would they be considered, “the final official data pack?” Since the game is going to go on (as an FFG product) for a bit longer after worlds, are these cards going to be considered part of the card pool? Or perhaps, something like bonus footage for the game?

I think we’ll have to wait for Magnum Opus to know how FFG will handle these cards for the short time in between their last OP event and the official end of support.

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I hope they will have print-on-demand playsets for attendees, but I don’t think they will.

I made a late change to the draft that wasn’t captured in the published version of the article. I misread Slot Machine and thought that it moved three cards to the bottom, but it only moves one. The comparison to Angel Arena is not apt.

The rumormill says that they’ll be provided as participation swag like the alts from previous years.

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10/10. All corp cards playable out of Blue Sun. :stuck_out_tongue:

Admittedly Slot Machine isn’t great there, but still, interesting cards. I think Crowdfunding is the best of them all for our meta. I’m a bit worried about Border Control, though, it seems kind of broken. Nisei counter on-a-stick (basically untrashable, compared to Marcus Batty/Bio Vault) is very good, especially attached to a hard end the run and rebate. I’m quite glad it’s 3 influence or it would show up everywhere. As it is, every glacier Weyland deck will run 3x without blinking.


Border Control is my favorite design in what it does for ice relevance, but I agree it might be too strong.


Maybe I’ve been jaded by the Caprice era, but I don’t really get the Border Control concern. It’s still 4 to rez plus the cost of ice (if you don’t cheat it out) and it’s a one time use. It pretty much the fixed version of Caprice that people wanted when Caprice was at her height (plus it’s in Weyland, so Jinteki has to pay the influence costs). But, there have been better glacier ID’s and ice released, but I’m not sure if Border Control makes it stronger than Caprice made the old archetype.

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You don’t have to play a psi-game for it, and can’t stop it with Interdiction or Political Operative.

I think the ways to cheat it into a server during a run (Mti, Thimblerig etc) are the concern as you get a 4c instant ETR without having to commit anything in advance. (And the runner has to play around it all the time everywhere). Would have liked to see something to deal with the abuse cases like that it must have been rezzed/installed in the server before the run began, but otherwise agree that it’s strong but fine.


Oh, I know, but that’s the trade off for a repeatable self-defending upgrade. There are also ice specific counters that could be used on non-critical turns, but having more money to be able to make the extra run is pretty effective. There’s not much difference than Batty ETR except the 100% certainty; it’s just Weyland’s version of it.

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The Caprice era didn’t have AgInfusion, Jinja, Surveyor, or Fairchild 3.

There’s lots of things that have been added to the cardpool that make glacier stronger since she left us.

Importantly, it cannot be trashed out of R&D/HQ (barring things like Imp.)

From the world’s schedule casual play event:

Required Components: 1 legal corp deck and 1 legal runner deck, and other core set
components. All World Champion designed cards awarded at the Magnum Opus are legal in
this event.

So it seems like they will be awarded as prizes during the main event. Neat!

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Oh, I’m aware and even mentioned it. See my previous post before the one you responded to. Still pretty sure Caprice-glacier was stronger.

  • Border Control
    It is op to me (as any paying velocity etr is). Subs are valuable enough to be broke and the paying ability cost you a 2c diff only after the runner allready broke the ice and is to get succ run.
    So worst case scenario : you pay click install for the ice, you rez it for 4 while a runner used a click, the runner would pay at least 2 to break the ice, then you trigger etr. This means that at worst case scenario, a runner click cost the corp a 2c diff + cardclick. This, to me, is pretty much paying itself.
    Best case scenario, you force a rerun through an expensive “can’t eat subs” ice.

  • Embolus
    It belongs to RP. I don’t really see this played elsewhere. I suspect this being a “kitchen card”, that you can play in RP along against insta-parasite Noise decks.
    Otherwise in the current format, like any paying etr, it can be strong, especially with current ice you play in Jinteki decks (Kakugo, etc).
    But does Jinteki needs more endgame support cards ? I’m not sure. Balanced card though.
    Meh/10, bonus for the original design, and a bonus for Dan (a card that will get no sleeves ! :stuck_out_tongue: ).

  • Slot Machine
    Oh, I like this one. Inf 1 can be slotted everywhere, especially in BoN or PU. 3c enables it for being your cheap codegate slot.
    This enables new deck glaciers also, with Archangel, Dataloop, Jua and the like. I’m not sure to prefer this one or the Criminal one.
    <3 / <3

  • Timely Public Release
    Pay 5 clics and 4, gain 2 points to gain a clic. Mkay.
    4/2, the worst agendas per clic/point ratio after the 2/1 that at least can be FAed, shouldn’t be allowed to do anything else than game changing abilities. When you’re Jinteki, you want Nisei MK II about everytime instead of this, and Nisei isn’t a card you put in each deck design. Compare this to Corporate sales team.
    Meh / Twice as much meh. It need a second counter, considering you pay for that ice rez compared to Nisei which is free. At least this would enable trap decks.

  • Crowdfunding
    I may have played less than 100 games with a Crim deck in my carrier, but okay, now I want to play Criminal. Something quick, impactful, nasty and very mean. Maybe this one could replace Sure Gambles in some Crim decks, that would also play Stimhacks and things like that.
    Blue / Blue

  • Labor Rights
    I think I perfectly know where this card belongs too, and it’s in my tower MaxX archetype that nobody plays. But its use is so narrow that I had about the same idea (link). I’m not sure it is nerfed enough not to be abused (Labor/Labor/Card you want, then Labor/SOT/Card you want could very much bring tutor 2 cards from heap endgame for 0c.).
    There’s also Fisk abuses with this one, since you could cycle something like 6+ (up to 12) fisks with this card, per Larla cycle. Just don’t run and mill. If the corp can’t win by turn 12, she loose, here is a cheap 15 minutes draft of a list that could work for this:
    Event (31)
    1x Apocalypse ●●●
    3x Diesel
    3x Dirty Laundry
    1x Scavenge
    3x Fisk Investment Seminar ●●●●● ●
    3x Labor Rigth ●●●●● ●
    2x Freelance Coding Contract
    1x Indexing
    2x Levy AR Lab Access :unicorn:
    3x Notoriety
    5x Out of the Ashes
    3x Sure Gamble
    1x Windfall
    Resource (3)
    3x Same Old Thing
    Icebreaker (8)
    3x Ankusa
    3x Laamb
    2x Lady
    Program (3)
    3x RNG Key
    => Ayla 36 card starting stack + 10 RFTG cards + removable Notoriety + SOT-able Apoc/Notoriety + Facedown apoc cards, under Fisk pressure, means short larlas and a lot of accel there.