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[Chaos Theory] Au Revoir Econ

I was not a believer until I took the cards for a spin. Unfortunately I do have a predilection towards jank, but as portions the meta slows down this deck is getting a lot better. Here’s the “legitimate” deck that actually won a tournament that was not crafted by me.

Goodbye to You. Card Kingdom Store Championship 1st Place

Chaos Theory: Wünderkind (Cyber Exodus)

Event (11)

Hardware (10)

Resource (5)

Icebreaker (7)

Program (7)

15 influence spent (max 15)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to The Source

Decklist published on NetrunnerDB.

And here’s my variant that I’ve been toying with. I didn’t have influence for memstrips, but needed more memory; sue me.

Big Girls Say Goodbye, Sucker | Mark II

Chaos Theory: Wünderkind (Cyber Exodus)

Event (9)

Hardware (11)

Resource (4)

Icebreaker (6)

Program (10)

15 influence spent (max 15)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to Chrome City

Decklist published on NetrunnerDB.

Didn’t hold the other screen shots, but for my very limited testing time I’ve won with Monolith in play more often than I’ve lost with the deck. But, I haven’t lost with the deck, so… (legitimately this specific deck needs more testing, but I’ve given it several reps and another person has won a SC with a variant. This does not belong in the jank thread).

“The breakers included in this deck are pretty close to the most efficient breakers in the game”

##Strongest Economy in the Game
Au Revoir economy is very strong once set up. Very few economy options in the game turn a click into 3 credits, and those that do aren’t repeatable. Beyond that, knowing every single piece of ice on the board (and you will know every single piece of ice on the board) allows you to commit to only the runs you want to commit to and drop only the breakers you want to break.

The need for memory and access to cards makes it one of the most difficult decks to build outside of shaper. You can build it in Andromeda though. Influence package: 2x R&D Interface, 3x Self Modifying Code, and probably a corroder. 3 snitch and 3 au revoir. I built this with drip economy, but the memory is a lot tighter, forcing you to run box-e and dyson. Several wins with this variant as well, but wasn’t happy with it.

Also attempted to build out of anarch, but the influence constraints are in fact too much from initial experiments and there’s no internal support to fetching this reliably. You can probably get 2/4 pieces reliably, but never 3/4 needed for a consistent economy engine.


The worst thing about the deck, is the set up time. But RP is the most common threat at the moment, so I’m not worried about that if they don’t nisei chain early. NBN and other rush decks are an issue, but with rush decks you’ll at least know how to match their ice and what your targets are for SMC before you commit to getting in. In my experience, rush decks will fold if you can put together a strong enough presence that they stop feeling safe scoring out. Which is not to say the deck can’t be beat. It totally can, but if this deck makes it to the mid game it will probably win.

Monolith is a good card. And not in the way that Memstrips is a good card. Monolith in this deck is necessary allowing you to drop 3 programs in a single turn, usually without a click. There will be a point in the game where you can take 12 credits 2 or more turns in a row. This is the moment where that Monolith on a workshop pays dividends, because you’ll also be sitting on a number of suckers and breakers that complete your rig, and they’ll likely be in hand. 3 free clicks; up to 12 credits in savings; and 3 memory is what this deck needed.

Snitch is an amazingly underplayed card. Au Revoir gives you the excuse to play it. Expose is good. In a game of hidden knowledge knowing influence on ice before they are rezzed gives you a major advantage and in an atman deck it lets you know what the right strengths are before committing any money to them. People forget how much you must bluff as corp when putting ice down. Sometimes all of the ice comes down in the right order and is very painful. Most of the time you’re bluffing at some point. As the runner, there is no greater power than removing that bluff and knowing TRUTH. And as the corp there’s very little else that’s as intimidating. When RP is your main match up, turning your first mandatory run into credits makes the whole sherade a little less taxing.

Why not just play Opus? Because there’s no synergy. Because you don’t get knowledge of the field. Because you can’t choose to commit to a run after clicking on it when you find the environment agreeable. And because, as good as 2 credits a click is, its not enough for the whole game.

I think the entire engine is flexible enough that if we’re going to have a prepaid deck its probably time to discuss the merits of this. This deck will make you richer by far.


I played around with this type of idea out of Chaos Theory a while ago. It’s not bad, but I never found it put up the same results as more mainstream runners.

My experience is that the deck gets screwed over by bad draw more than most. You’re very reliant on finding combo pieces to set up your economy, and if you don’t your deck falls over as you’re forced to discard cards that you want but can’t afford to install. Your version using personal workshop might help with this - mine used the 3 sure gambles.I used 3 diesel, 3 quality times, 3 SMC and I think 2-3 test runs as well, and I still couldn’t always set the combo up as quickly as I wanted.

It’s also worth noting that I was doing this around the time where ELP was seen out of RP all the time. ELP from any corp significantly slows down your economy, allowing you to spend a whole turn gaining only 9, not much more than MO economy.


I was also having early econ issues/set-up issues without the workshops. In my experience they’ve been very necessary. You don’t want to dedicate too many slots to econ because when you finally are playing your game you don’t need additional econ slots. I’d honestly play modded before sure gamble in this deck. It would at least be a free snitch or highly discounted memory chip.

I could see the stimhacks being valuable; maybe 1 of those over a sucker as 1 sucker is usually enough. I could also see the argument for clot over HQ interface.

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Does the worry about ELP warrant a current of your own? Net Celebrity is alright.

You would be surprised at the speed of RP in the hands of a good opponent who knows from early on that their late game economy will be outclassed. RP has a very good angle of attack against these types of decks in all three stages of the game.

(1) Early, if the opponent isn’t going to Siphon you, you can go nuts underdefending centrals and drawing for needed pieces because of the strength of your agenda suite and the raw power of your best ICE in front of Sundew. Either Sundew lasts long enough that you can effortlessly afford to create another server for scoring very quickly, or it’s trashed and you have what is usually the makings of a good scoring server and enough money to supplement your burst to the finish along with strong, (Eli/Tollbooth) pre-rezzed ICE on a remote…

(2) Midgame, you can score a Nisei in what was once your sundew server. If you pressured a slower opponent early with Sundew, they are going to have a hard time passing your second remote gear check at all, and if you’ve drawn Caprice, they’re at best looking at a 1/3 to not be significantly behind. If there’s no Vamp, you barely need to defend centrals at all. Midgame R&D multiaccess through even a pup is often enough of a tempo hit to completely seal up the remote game for RP as long as the Runner doesn’t get to game point, (and if it’s 4-point game point, you still need a Psi victory to win).

(3) Late game, if you have a Nisei counter, the runner’s superior economy doesn’t make much of a difference. Unless they can run your remote 3 times in a turn, their chances are very bad.

I haven’t actually played against this specific deck, but the econ package makes it look like it might operate at a similar speed to Dumpster Exile or Noise, (but without the crucial multi-central threats or ICE destruction to keep Caprice/Nisei power levels in check). Once you get going, it’s great, but if you can’t threaten a lot of servers or with your money or keep them off a Nisei token, you’re probably only going to beat the RP players who fail to see the importance of early speed and gear checking.

If you want to beat a strong RPer constitently with this type of deck, I think you just absolutely need Vamp instead of HQ interface. Multiaccess is not often going to force a Nisei counter, and you need a way force them to spend it if you want to make a late game comeback on the back of superior econ.


Vamp has bounced in and out of these decks for precisely this reason.

And honestly, I’m perfectly willing to lose the HQ interface for it. HQ interface is a decent sealer, but you’ve already won by locking the remote.

Honestly, I’m just here for the Monolith.


Same question I had about the first deck - don’t you need something to derez an Ice for the days when you see Boot Camp Glacier or ABT or Pri-req? Crescentus, Emergency Shutdown, etc? Crescentus uses mem, but can be fetched, and is only 1 inf…

Hasn’t been an issue yet; people are running less bootcamp, and if they get an ice off of it, you can trash it before they get a second ice. So, guess I’m not too worried about it. Crescentus might not be bad all the same, another easy swap for a datasucker I suppose if the meta ever actually ever tried to tech for this. lol.

@endgame, me too. I came for the au revoir, I stayed for the monolith. :smiley:


Been playing a deck pretty similar to the first one posted for a few months now that I more or less ripped off from my pal Luke. Once you get set up you’re basically Scrooge McDuck swimming in credits. The only time this gets iffy is when you can’t find that 2nd/3rd SMC/Clone Chip to get started. Mine includes Test Run/Scavenge nonsense to help with that. I removed a Plascrete and a Box-E for a pair of Tyson Obersvatories, which makes finding memory easier when you really need it.

Like the Net Celebrity add in yours, but I’m not sure about removing Vamp. Vamp has been my favorite card since it came out, though, so I might be biased there.

I am madly in love with the jank Monolith add, but don’t you want more programs to mass install?


One big problem that I know will come up eventually is that you will come up agianst Astrobiotics at some point and just lose because you have no early economy that the original packed (Daily Casts, Stinhack, Sure Gamble). Another dissynergy with your Econ vs your rig is that you are running very efficient Anarch breakers with Datasucker + NRE. Having played (and lost) to the original creator in a local store champ, the ability to leverage your massive amours of cash allow you to play big breakers (Torch, Femme) that allow you to pay money to break any ice, and because you have an obsalete amount of money, those big install costs don’t allow an as effective use of your money.

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I’ve been trying to make au revoir CT to work as a top tier deck. But I don’t think it’s there yet, but it’s fun and often competitve enough to be my second deck atm.

Chaos Theory: Wünderkind (Cyber Exodus)

Event (19)
3x Diesel (Core Set)
3x Modded (Core Set)
3x Sure Gamble (Core Set)
1x Vamp (Trace Amount) ••
3x Test Run (Cyber Exodus)
3x Quality Time (Humanity’s Shadow)
3x Scavenge (Creation and Control)

Hardware (8)
2x Doppelgänger (A Study in Static) ••••
3x R&D Interface (Future Proof)
1x Feedback Filter (Creation and Control)
2x CyberSolutions Mem Chip (Fear and Loathing)

Resource (3)
2x Daily Casts (Creation and Control)
1x Earthrise Hotel (The Source)

Icebreaker (3)
1x Femme Fatale (Core Set) •
1x Battering Ram (Core Set)
1x Torch (Mala Tempora)

Program (7)
1x Snitch (Cyber Exodus) ••
3x Self-modifying Code (Creation and Control)
3x Au Revoir (The Source) ••••• •

15 influence spent (maximum 15)
40 cards (min 40)
Cards up to The Source

The hardest thing is to get early remote pressure, but with snitch, test run, SMC and femme you have a decent shot that the corp must respect. Against FA you need to install a SMC and bluff your clot (that you don’t have ofc). Against glacier you are filthy rich so you can lock them, vamp for the win.

Breakers: This is the changing part of my deck.

  • Battering ram is the new addition to the deck. With bariers making a rise after NRE YOG, his ability gets stronger. Most of the time it’s just an expensive corroder, which is fine since you’ll need your influence more than you money. I don’t like Lady here, because they will pressure the counters and not your money.
  • Torch is a good breaker, but I probabaly need a ZU or Cycy for more early pressure. Swap to gordian or ZU if you want.
  • Femme as your only killer is good enough if you know all the unrezzed ice (snitch). But yeah you’ll have to pay 4 for an architect, but who cares about money

I don’t like Box-E, Monolith is just rubbish, astro is decent but the MVP is DOPPELGANGER.
Since I put this card in the deck, it started to perform. See it as:

First time you make a succefull run, gain 3 credits

Checking HQ or remotes, while getting money is strong and an R&D lock with an income of 12 creds a turn is almost impossible to break.

What are your thoughts on Doppelganger? Have you tried it? Do you think 4 influence is too much?

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I have tried it, and 4 inf is way too much, purly based on the fact that you are not able to run Workshop/Stimhack. Another problem is that with your full rig out you need additional memory. If you went:
-1 Scavange
-1 Feedback Filter
-2 Doppleganger
-2 CyberSolutions
-1 Battering Ram
and -1 Earthrise for
+3 Workshop
+2 Stimhack
+2 Box E
+1 Snowball
Your deck would be way more consistent and easier on the early game, as well as having a more flexible MU situation. Also, you get a similar (albiet not as strong) keeping strength ability as well as a cheeper install and MU cost. You might not need the Modded if you go with the slimmer, faster build, but I don’t know what to put in instead. Maybe Plascrete and Clone Chip?

How in the world do you get your engine out fast enough without Clone Chips? Or handle, like, an Aggressive Secretary?

I don’t see the point of 3x Test Run/Scavenge with such a low program count, either? It’s not like you have to recur Lady for tokens.

Doppelganger is cute, but three extra credits a turn doesn’t seem worth the crippling memory issues. I can almost guarantee your deck would be better if you switched to Box-E/Stimhack.

I am also utterly baffled by the lack of Personal Workshop. It’s really nice to be able to throw all your extra crap on one of those while drawing for Au Revoirs.

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I’ve tried using Paige Piper + recursion for an Origami Ekomind deck I was testing. I think it might be a decent alternative for setting this up in Anarch. Street Peddler might also help to speed things up.

Bigger issue for this in Anarch might be for MU. Aside from Grimoire, the other MU cards have their flaws. Djinn has order-of-install issues, Dyson Mem Chip isn’t cheap and Memstrips only works for viruses.

Will probably try fiddling with that after I’m done testing my current experimental decks.

He is running Test Run instead of Clone Chip because Clone Chip for SMC is too MU intensive for his build. Ultimately, I think that’s the wrong decision.

Monolith??? [reads text] Oh, I see.
But if it is the install thingie, not the credit savings, why not try mass-install or Hayley?

First of all I don’t see the benefit of Box-E over Cybersolution. You pay 2 influence and your console slot for just one extra hand size. I just don’t see the benefit being able to hold one more card in your hand. Yes you draw a lot but I never had a moment where I needed to trash a card from my grip that I really wanted. Getting 15-30 creds with doppelganger or drawing cards with astolabe seems better imo.

7xCard draw, 40 deck size, 3 au revoir, 3 SMC and even 3 test runs if you’re desperate. Enough digging for me. You don’t need 3 Au Revoir from the beginning, 2 will do for the early game if you’re not lucky.

Haven’t seen that card in ages and it’s always painfull when it actually hits. Criminal has often no answer, your deck only have clone chip. I have 3xtest run and even 3xscavenge with a useless program (extra SMC or even a Au revoir)

I love the combo if you play femme. Test run femme in combination of snitch (+SMC) will get you in most remotes. Test run is also one of the reasons I play Torch, but yes if you play another decoder switching to Clone+SMC is probably better. It’s all about personal preference and your breaker suite.

Personal Workshop is a great card and those decks are probably as good. I didn’t cut the workshop, but I chosse not to play it because I’m trying another gameplan (see: test run, modded, …).
Another reason why I don’t play workshop is because I had a few bad experiences with E. Mills and Breaking News blowing up my workshop in Val Big Dig. So without Fall Guy I feel a bit naked.

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2 extra hand size, actually. But the big deal with Box-E is that it allows you to Stimhack early, pulling counters off workshop, searching for combo prices with SMC/Clone Chip, and also trashing SanSans early. You also have a better butcher shop matchup, but it’s still good without Box-E. You also can defiantly drop the Feedback Filter for a Plascrete, as Scorch is very popular and PE is not in the meta at all.