Chicago Regional post-tourney thread

Yesterday we had 85ish brave Runners make it out to Chicago. Was cool to see kids from a wide area coming in, and putting names to faces. Even had people travel from Colorado and Oklahoma! Crazy kids. @Paranoid and I represented MKE, and both missed the cut, at 12th and 14th respectively. We promptly drowned our sorrows in malts and Italian beef.

Some Stimhackers I remember seeing: @Zolend, @eric_c, @anon50033301, @ItJustGotRielle, @Daine, @Kranse, @Slakker, @x3r0h0ur, and more I’m sure I forgot.

You may have seen Josh winning ANRPC events, dominating OCTGN leagues, or taking 2nd in Louisville. Well, he took it down last night. Newer player who is a stone cold killah. Swept my ass in Swiss. Watch out for this kid.

Chicago was a good, fun field. Making me look forward to ChiLo and the GLC Finals.


Pro tip: when you need to just split in the final round of Swiss to make the cut, don’t get swept.


I played RegAss MaxX and Butchershop to 22nd. Had a lot of fun, and was only swept once by the eventual champ in the second or third round.

Pretty much every loss was piloting error. Tempo with Reg Ass is a hard thing to master.

Overall had a great time at my first regional ever, met a lot of fun people.


Josh came out of nowhere in our meta. I know he plays a lot of OCTGN but it’s hard to say how he is able to maintain such high consistency. That being said I think I’m his bad luck charm.


I believe he’s a robot. Every PSI game, he puts his head down for 10 seconds, like he’s calculating the odds.

My PSI were terrible yesterday, but, my best were v. Josh.

Game 1 of Grand Finals came down to a 50/50 Psi Game and the head down time felt like 10 minutes.


I would have never thought going into round 7 with 18 prestige that I would have needed a sweep to get in, nor would I think I would get swept. I was sent home talking to myself for sure yesterday.

Guess I have to learn to play honest decks now to be good :confused:

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Congratulations @anon50033301! See you at worlds!


Sounds like you’ve been talking to @pacer.


What were the winning decks? What did the cut look like?

Congrats to him finally winning a regionals! I remember talking with him a few weeks ago about both of our troubles winning tournaments and when I finally won my 1st tournament, he had finished 2nd and 3rd in Regionals. I tip my fedora for this fellow!

Top 8 Were:
1st @anon50033301 playing Proco/Gordian PPVP Kate and RP.
2nd Lucas playing PPVP Kate / NEH Fastro
3rd @eric_c who won Detroit bringing a revision of his Whizzard / RP List
4th @Zolend playing Valencia and @bblum / @Calimsha NEH Fastro
5th Blaine playing Calimsha Kate and NEH Fastro

6, 7, 8 I can’t recall placing but it was:
@AaronSolon playing Breakers Noise and x2 Architect RP
??? playing Lotso Virus Noise w/ Knight and HB: ETF Redcoats
??? playing Siphon MaxX and Butchershop.

Really glad I went! Tons of pleasant games against great players and lots of familiar faces. The tournament was run well and had fantastic prize support.

I was at the top table for most of the day and was swept by Josh in the 7th round – I believe 6 of my games ended up being recorded and will be uploaded to YouTube later – I offered to do a post mortem on a couple of them so we’ll see! Thanks again @tvaduva !

In swiss my record was 11/3. I was hoping to dodge Josh all day and even said to Aaron on the way over: “If I make Top 8, there is no way I’m beating Josh as corp so I better get a runner game.” My prediction came true when Josh eliminated me for 4th – partly due to me being so tired and loopy from 12+ hours of Netrunner that I rezzed a SanSan before using shipment from Sansan on a no clot Astro install, messing up timing so he could bring out clot in response.

I wasn’t super confident in my decks and had drastically changed my runner deck the night before. NEH Fastro beat everything but great Kate players, which is pretty much what I was expecting. My only NEH loss other than to Josh was a grueling 45+ minute match versus Kate where if I had been a little ballsier with agenda installs, I would have won.

Valencia won every game in Swiss other than versus Josh where I failed 5 Future Perfect Psi’s in a row – the head down move works.

In Elims, Val lost pretty hard to @eric_c’s RP in top bracket. I would have lucked out and won if I had played a little slower and realized he didn’t have money to rez Caprice and score the TFP out if I had ran it and bet 0. I was happy to do so well against such great players!

My tradition of playing fast and sloppy in elimination rounds continues but top 8 was my goal for these decks and I’m really glad Josh won, he was hungry for it and played masterfully. I told him if he eliminated me he had to go on to win it all so I’m glad he fulfilled his promise :wink:

Thanks to @AaronSolon for being my wingman and driving 4+ hours back to Michigan at midnight after wracking our brains in Netrunner all day. Shoutout to @wiley and all those that helped me test on OCTGN before this tournament. It helped me eliminate some jank :stuck_out_tongue:


Lucas was on fastro with sfss, the same he shut my reg ass out with in store champs with and ppvp Kate. Lucas is a really good player, and quite intimidating in chaos theory cosplay. He swept me round 7 preventing me from going into elims. Second loss from maxx on the day, the only other to @paranoid who gives 0 shits about my maxx deck.


Like all the Kate dex I faced with my RP, they got Labe first turn. Josh added insult to injury with 2nd turn ProCo. Game still took 45 min., I got to 5-0, and the R&D lock commenced. Wish I had Fast Track.

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I had a great time yesterday and enjoyed getting to meet everyone. I ended up 24th with a 9-5 record and was pretty pumped about it for being my first major tournament. I played a Kate deck nearly identical to Josh’s and an ETF FA corp. Kate went 5-2 and ETF 4-3. The ETF deck performed better than I expected especially considering 6 of my 7 opponents (4 Kate, 1 CT, 1 Kit, 1 Reina) were shapers running clot. With Kate I faced 3 RP, 2 ETF, 1 NEH, and 1 cybernetics with losses to RP and NEH. I was really trying to work on my speed of play prior to the tournament but still ended up with 2 timed wins.

All in all, it was a lot of fun with a lot of really cool Stimhackers and I learned what I need to be working on between now and the Plano, TX. regionals.


wish I could have made it to this one, sounds like an awesome showing!

is it just me or is proco finding a bit more popularity now that baby-craze is starting to die down? This result has definitely got me looking at it again.


Some shouts to @tvaduva for recording games. They weren’t streaming, but he’s going to throw them up on YouTube at some point.

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I took 10th, a six way tie for 5/6/7/8/9/10. Missed the cut by .04 strength. The final round was close for a lot of people, and very make-or-break- Round 7 I’m playing @eric_c at table 2, and after splitting I end up 10th and missed the cut! :open_mouth:

I was the highest seeded Weyland player out of 85- achievement unlocked! Shout outs to Archer, Changeling, Student Loans, and of course, Oaktown Renovation (ooooaaaaaaktown!). Awesomely, I heard stories of a GRNDL player floating around the top tables till near the end as well.

I brought Whizzard but fell a bit flat with it (5-2). I split my first round (runner loss) and it left me playing against IG round 2, and then IG round 3, and then PE round 4. Whizzard doesn’t help much when the trash cost is 8 on a Melange! I played only one Fastro on the day ( shoutout to @Kranse !) and won, in the classic anarch v. NEH fashion of definitely losing next turn but last click pulling an NAPD from a 1/5 HQ. Learned that despite a great RP matchup the Fastro matchup is nearly impossible (even running 2 SMC/2 Inject/2 Clone Chip like I was!) without a near perfect opener. Honestly played as ablank ID 4 games on the day basically, facing an ITD deck, 2 IGs, and a PE. There is something to be said that the matchups are unlikely, but I felt MaxX would have been a better pick here on the day for dealing with the fastro/NEH at the top.

All in all, a great experience! 1,400 given out in store credit/random prizes! Team Sworn represented strongly, edging out the MKE crew (sorry @spags ) :stuck_out_tongue: That’s 2 of our crew with regional wins now, so congrats to @anon50033301 for his impeccable Kate plays! Now I just gotta win Nationals to carry the torch for the crew :smiley:



Word. Well played.

TDP got 2 wins and 6 top 4 finishes this season. Not bad.

We’ll see SWORN put to the SWORD at the GLC finals. Josh and Joe are the first entrants into the battle royale.

Nice meeting you kids.


I had a good time at my first Regional. I finished 17th with 18 prestige. I didn’t feel like I played my best, but I got to get more experience with these big events. Consolation: same prestige as @spags (but, much lower SoS) :smile:

Here is the top 8:

And this is how the bracket played out:

I’m working on the first video now. It’ll be the top table from Round 3. I’ll just upload the raw videos for now, just to get them out quickly and then work on commentating them later this summer (with @Zolend and others that played in their game). Let me know if you want to commentate your game (I got @spags from the 4th round and @anon50033301 from round 7 and all the elimination games, not sure if anyone else that played is on here).