Chicago Regional post-tourney thread

To you brazen kids out there, I’ll quote a drunken @paranoid, to @Nordrunner on OCTGN one night:

“Talk to me when you’ve won a Regional.”




My swiss record was 12/2 and both loses are Kate vs RP. I’ve faced 5 RPs (and believe or not I decked one of them) 1 Blue Sun and 1 NEH. There’re more variation on the runner side but none of them are bringing clot so I got all of them.

I’d have to say that @anon50033301 is really good at psi game that he didn’t lose anyone of them and didn’t wasted the Nisei token on a RDI+Maker’s Eye run was really well played (my following plan was escher). Also bluffed out the clot in 2nd round of elimination but he made the right call in the final. Really well played @anon50033301 !

For my other games in eli, I fell really sorry for Daniel who got agenda flooded and the game just got out of his control. @eric_c 's double medium was scary but got purged by virus suite and didn’t get enough points on last honor run.

It was a great time and thank all my opponents for their great plays and thank @tvaduva for driving me back to the hotel! See you in GenCon!


Had a great time at the Chicago regional! It was my first, and definitely won’t be the last.

@spags please don’t blacklist poor kate players :frowning: it hurts

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@anon50033301 is a decent enough player, but didn’t he get swept by some magnificent visionary who included Hudson 1.0 in his RP?? hmmmm*

that said, i’m REALLY happy josh took this, especially since he missed out on Worlds registration and needed the ticket. as everyone who’s played against him before can attest to, josh is one of the most skilled pilots around, and we’re all trying to dodge him in these tournaments. he’s really helped us all elevate our play down in Cincinnati/Dayton/Columbus (and i like to think we’ve done the same for him!). it should be noted that josh was able to perform at a super high level despite getting hardly any sleep the past week, sleeping on two small hotel chairs and an office chair all pushed together the night previous, and having an allergic reaction to all of the people constantly eating nuts around him.

but enough praising josh! :stuck_out_tongue: it was awesome to see and play against some familiar faces like @AaronSolon (ughh, that Noise wrecks me) and @Zolend (ditto with Valencia), who i hadn’t met until last month, but i now look forward to playing against them after the cut whenever there’s a big event – feel like i have a lot to learn about playing Anarch from them. it was also great to meet and talk with @lucasli (Chaos Theory cosplay and Caprice snacks!!), @spags, and everyone else whose handles i don’t know.

much respect to @ItJustGotRielle (fellow Whizzard of OH) and @FoilFlaws, who clawed their way back out of IG/PE hell after shaky starts to bring an even bigger Southwest Ohio presence at the top tables – the SWORN group also got 2 wins and 6 top 4 finishes so far this regional season. big ups also to the event’s organizers, who were solid all day and knocked it out of the park with prize support.

i played RP and Whizzard. they did alright, but both could use some tweaks. my recorded games are going to look terrible when @tvaduva posts them – i always play awful when recorded, and i was barely functional at the end of the day.

(*i didn’t actually play Hudson, but i was thisclose to including it)


Damn if I only new this in Eindhoven regionals few weeks ago!

Was late for round 1 (my flight from 3 weeks of India landed on the morning of the tournament, I came directly from Amsterdam to Eindhoven with my bags and everything). Then I swept 3 rounds, and got to play on table 1. We were both ahead of points on everyone and needed a draw to get to top 4 - the cut was to top 4 only.

I got swept. But at least I finished in the top 8 - just barely because I had bad SSO due to losing first game. But then we learned that the top8 mats are not being handed out, only top4 got the mats. So literally no difference in finishing 5th or 16th.

Boy was I bummed that evening. :triumph:

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Yeah, something along the lines of “not enough participants, I lost money on this tournament, I’ll keep these for other tournaments in future”.

It really sucked and is a dick move, considering it was 24 people at the tournament and he charged 10 euros for entry fee. I was really surprised since the guy is a legitimately a nice guy and TO, this is the first time I’ve experienced this from him.

I don’t really like the mat anyway so I don’t want to raise this any further. I’ll try to win the mat in the next tournament and claim it as my long stolen treasure :smile:


Sorry about that. Blacklist headlock is brutal. Sadly, I faced two Siphon MaxX, whom the List is perfect for, but never saw it in time. Was a strange day, in the drawing Howard was tough. Felt like half my games, I had to EBC for it. 6th round, MaxX player Wanton’d Hades/TFP/Nisei. Thank the gods he didn’t run there for a few turns. (only had Pup there). I eventually Interns the Nisei, and let it sit behind an unrezzed Eli for many turns without advancing. He got the 6 points, finally, but I managed to win, at time. He Keyhole’d a Nisei, but, couldn’t get in. He Deja Vu’d his Hades, and made enough money to play it next turn. I DBS’d Interns, got the Nisei, and advanced as time was called.

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I’d complain to FFG. We had a 32 person Regional, and they handed the whole kit, and then some.


[quote=“spags, post:28, topic:4276”]
. 6th round, MaxX player Wanton’d Hades/TFP/Nisei. Thank the gods he didn’t run there for a few turns. (only had Pup there). I eventually Interns the Nisei, and let it sit behind an unrezzed Eli for many turns without advancing. He got the 6 points, finally, but I managed to win, at time. He Keyhole’d a Nisei, but, couldn’t get in. He Deja Vu’d his Hades, and made enough money to play it next turn. I DBS’d Interns, got the Nisei, and advanced as time was called.[/quote]

dumping and internsing Nisei is one of my favorite plays – it’s like a second Fast Track. if anarchs can have that much fun executing plays from their heaps, why can’t RP do the same?


TDP-SWORN rivalry engaged.


Must be thinking of someone else :confused: I got a ride from the S W O R N B O Y Z. The hospitality in Chicago was top-notch.


@tvaduva told us where his hotel was (the same name as ours); after several “coincidences” of his GPS and Josh’s saying different directions we realized while pulling into our hotel at 2 a.m. that it’s not his hotel :astonished: @anon50033301 dropped us off and drove him out to his room, probably still running on victory fumes and eggs lol

Awesome to meet so many of you guys in meatspace for the first time!


Was my first regional and a lot of fun with some very strong players. My Whizzard and Making News Manhunt/DRT just didn’t work. Played lots of PPVP Kate and RP that day.


This was finally the push I needed to start posting on here with all of you great people. I’m Blain - managed to grab 8th place in swiss. I had no idea that 5-10 were all on 20 points!

Like @Zolend said, I was playing Calimsha Kate and NEH Fastro. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I’m pretty sure they were card for card the same as the lists that @bblum used for Philly. My original intent was to play Titan FA, but my testing partner @higgs_bozo (the guy who came all the way from Colorado!) convinced me to play NEH 15 minutes before registration closed. So glad I did, as the deck went 6-1 in swiss, and 1-1 in elims. Only two corp losses were to @Zolend, who knows the deck inside and out!

Kate went 4-3 in swiss, and 0-1 in elims. I was pretty bummed about that, but I’ve since realized those losses were to the guys who finished 1 (Josh), 4 (@Zolend), 7 (Aaron), and 24 (Slakker). The worst loss was to Josh in round 1 of the top 8 (I think this one was recorded - don’t go too hard on me when you see the game…). As everybody else has said, Josh is a really great player!

Most exciting match of the day was definitely against @Zolend. We were playing for top 4, and I won the die roll and chose to play corp. Don’t remember much of the early game, but I managed to go up 6-3 (I think?) with an astro counter available. The turn before I could close it out, @Zolend ran R&D click 1, trashing jackson, ran R&D click 2 stealing NAPD (and going down to 1 credit), took liberated accounts money click 3, and ran R&D click 4 stealing the last NAPD to eliminate me. It was an awesome sequence, especially with the crowd watching that last steal!

Thanks to @higgs_bozo for all of the testing (he was the crazy man playing GRNDL!), and for coming all the way from Colorado!

It was great meeting you all. I would have tagged more people, but the site won’t let me as a new user!


Welcome, and great job!

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That lucky asshole! You got robbed of a flip ID sir.

Edit: Seriously though, welcome to the forums. You played extremely well, especially for your first big tournament and not having practice with NEH. The collective groan that happened when I luck sacked the 2nd NAPD was remarkable.

It was very nice meeting you, thanks for having a great attitude the whole tournament! It definitely helped me enjoy it more :smile:

Now I just need to convert you to the ways of OCTGN so we can play more…


Ha! You deserved the win, for sure. I was just happy to be there!

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And I want to thank @BSquared for both introducing me to Netrunner, and for helping me to step my janky game up. Over the past six months I went from being a card game newbie to a regional tournament competitor! My humble goal this past weekend was simply to make the Top 64, and I wouldn’t have done that if it wasn’t for Blain’s tutelage. (I might have done even better, if I had more mental patience, and if I wasn’t so committed to the jank!)

Then again, he borrowed his third SanSan City Grid from me, so I’ll take at least some credit for his success :slight_smile:


Congrats, @anon50033301! Excited that folks I know are winning these regionals!

I guess I didn’t realize how great of a field we had at our Charity event last month. So many good players in the Ohio/Michigan/Indiana area.