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CI Master-Level Challenge Combo

Just ran into this situation on Jinteki.net, and thought I’d post it as a challenge to see if any avid CI players could figure out how to combo through this situation.

The Setup:
Your foolish opponent, not realizing the disastrous potential of playing CBI Raid against Cerebral Imaging, has hit your 16 card HQ with CBI. Little do they know, you can build your combo straight into your deck!

Your Hand (which is now the top 16 cards of your deck), in no particular order

Project Vitruvius
Power Shutdown
Global Food Initiative
Archived Memories
Hades Fragment
Project Vitruvius
Shipment from SanSan
NEXT Silver
Shipment from SanSan
Accelerated Diagnostics
Accelerated Diagnostics
Reclamation Order
Jackson Howard
Efficiency Committee
Accelerated Beta Test

Your Task: With as many credits as you need, and the free will to organize the top 16 cards of your deck, win the game from 0 cards in hand and 0 agenda points scored by either side. Presume any cards that CI would normally run are in your deck, your opponent has nothing that will disrupt your combo, and you have no meaningful cards in archives for the purpose of Interning.

And yes, this is actually possible. The real difficulty is figuring out how to start the combo from 0 cards in hand. I copied my (edited) Jinteki transcript, and if you really can’t figure it out, you can read the solution here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KsNQqOYgmxJ6J_LldHDNkemBcZi_YKhMZT75PIxUK60/edit#

Challenge: Prevent your opponent from being able to disrupt this with their last click (IE: no agendas on the top of your deck)

Mega-Challenge: Using as few credits as possible, use my actual decklist to combo out (presuming I had a 3rd Jackson, as I couldn’t find a way to combo without it in the actual game) : https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/41841/hasty-ci7. My best solution is 15 credits

Mega-Mega Challenge: Combo with the actual list (without the 3rd Jackson) I’m not sure if this is actually possible, and had to actually concede the game on Jinteki without the 3rd one. I’m genuinely curious about if anyone can find a way to pull it off.

Good Luck!

Interesting puzzle, but not interesting enough to secede from the puzzle thread!

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