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[Columbus, Ohio] Escalation League at Beyond the Board

Escalation league play is coming to Beyond the Board starting Wednesday, August 5th.

In Escalation play, you gain points for winning games and playing games with a limited card pool. We’ll start the first week with only cards from the Core Set and the Genesis cycle. At the next league night, we’ll add in the cards from the deluxe expansion, Creation & Control. Every two weeks, more cards get added to the Escalation format until we reach the end of the league and all cards published are available for use.

You’ll get 1 league point for just showing up and attending, 1 league point for every game you win, and 1 league point for game you play using a deck following the Escalation format. So, you don’t have to play using Escalation. Any deck is legal. But, you’ll get bonus points for playing along with the Escalation format. At the end of the league, the top 8 by points will play in a tournament with prizes from Fantasy Flight Organized Play Game Night Kits.

So, come on out on Wednesday, August 5th with your Core Set plus Genesis cycle decks, pick up your Escalation league score sheet, and have some fun playing Android: Netrunner.

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This sounds really cool—new formats are exciting. I’d love to see some writeups on how it turns out!