Community-made Comprehensive Judging Guide

With regionals getting underway and the possibility of rules disputes getting more and more heated, @SneakySly @mediohxcore and I have decided that it’s time for the TOs of the community to get together and create our own guidelines for resolving rules disputes so there can be a widely agreed-upon set of penalties to use in future competitive events. The issues we think will be most difficult to penalize consistently and fairly are credit pool disputes, rearranging hidden zones, timing windows during the corp’s turn, takebacks, and revealing hidden info.

Obviously, if FFG comes out with an official guide of their own, we’ll retire this effort, but I think it’s a safe assumption that since we hadn’t seen one at the beginning of regionals season, we’re probably on our own at least until worlds.

If you are or have been a TO for any event at least as competitive asn a GNK, we invite you to volunteer to participate in making the judging guidelines. There will be a separate private group PM thread for the actual brainstorming and refining, so for now just post what you’ve TOed to volunteer. We realize there will be many non-TOs who will want to contribute, but a public discussion will probably get out of hand so we are limiting it to TOs for now. After we get a first draft, we’ll post it and solicit feedback from anyone (mostly, is anything really important missing).

Thanks to @Ravlin for the idea.


Sounds good - I TOed the 62-person London SC back in January, as well as a couple of GNKs. I’ve also TOed some pretty big Game of Thrones tournaments as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

I TO’ed a number of GNK and SC events in my city (Moncton).

I, along with @BenConn, have been TOs for a handful of Game Night Kits, one in-person league, and one Store Championship.

We also created our own tournament guidelines about how to run the events with consistent calls so that the people showing up would know what to expect and we wouldn’t have to make too many judgement call in-the-moment. So, y’all might already have a really solid idea of what you want, I dunno, but it’d be a piece of cake for one of us to copy or write up the rules we’ve been following here, and how they change at each level of play (from casual, to league/GNK, to SC, to theoretical-regional-we’ll-probably-never-run).

Our meta may be weak and full of jank, but we’ve got consistent procedures for judge calls, dangit! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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I have TO’d/judged countless Netrunner events in the greater Seattle area including leagues, GNKs, SCs, regionals, and the officially sanctioned FFG PAX tournament.

I am interested in this resource being linked/hosted/sponsored/whatever by ANCUR.


Clearly I would like to be a part. Judged stuff in DC as well as here in Bloomington. Everything from GNK, to Store Championships.

Hosted/judged SCs, Regionals and Nationals. I am interested about this project.

For Netrunner, I’ve been the TO for…

  • 3x Regionals
  • 1x Plugged-In Tour
  • 5x Store Championships
  • 12x GNK Tournaments

I would love the opportunity to contribute.


This is a great idea for sure. It’s a project I am constantly amazed by as we try to force Lukas into some sort of sensible structure for the game. I would love for the two projects to be linked.

However, the rules we are coming up with here have little to do with the actual rules of the game as much as the guidelines for what to do when the rules are broken, either intentionally or unintentionally.


ANCUR has a section for the tournament rules (it’s on my backlog).

It also has a section for unofficial resources (for exactly this type of stuff, among other things).


100% behind community led solutions to problems community often gripes about. This is our game, staying positive and having a “we can fix this” attitude is so much better than “This Sucks, And FFG Sucks, And IMA LOUD ON TEH INTERNTZ”.


Thank You

p.s. humble request you do your best to maintain a casually competitive friendly environment; not that I’d expect any less.


TO for

10x GNK Tournaments
2x Store Championships

3x GNK Tournaments
2x Store Championships

7x GNK Tournaments
1x Store Championship

I hope to be able to contribute.

I’ve TO’d lots of GNK tournaments and a small Regional. Hope I can be of some small help.

I’d like to be a part of this discussion as well. I’ve TO’d for Netrunner specifically :

Tons of GNKs, and a store championship. Player of the original Netrunner.

Also, in the past, I’ve run tournaments for M:tG of up to 250 players under a lead judge/tournament organizer.

As an outline/guide, I’d suggest starting here : Wizards of the Coast


I’ve TO’d in Seattle for a couple GNK’s.

This might be outside the scope of the project, but if I might tack on a request for the guidelines to handle:

I would be very interested in some guidelines for “good faith” compromises; where, by the letter of the law, the only fair thing would be a DQ or forfeiture. If it was an honest mistake and the players want to minimize the damage and keep playing, it would be helpful if a judge could help reset the game-space to a state both players find amenable, rather than expecting the players to resolve the issue themselves ad-hoc.


I’m a TO. I’ll give my input.


In my area there are three of us that switch off TO-ing and being the back up. I personally did our SC this season. I’d be interested in getting involved and also passing info along to the others.

I TO for lots of Netrunner (and other FFG games) events in the greater Seattle area. I’d be happy to throw in my 2 cents on the matter. I think this is something that we have needed for awhile, not because the Netrunner community isn’t mature enough to handle these issues, but because it’s a good idea to have well thought out and consistent methods for handling common play mistakes/issues. Looking forward to the discussion!

I love this, and have taken it to :heart: (see: ANRPC). However, a TO guide isn’t really necessary for the ‘casually competitive friendly environment’.

I’ve run several rounds of league play, too many GNK tournaments to remember, and 2 Store Championships. I’d be interested in contributing based on my experiences.

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