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Competitive Kit Discussion


It’s pretty easy to stick Indexing in this meta, I think. Low corp ice counts mean decent odds to hit on turn 1, and there are windows where it’s cheap with Refractor / Inti, Refractor / Switchblade, or whatever. It’s true that you have to practice some Jackson hygiene, but, eh? Kinda comes for free if you’re practicing Sensie hygiene.

These days, I use Freedom in that slot.


Well, of course, if you’re on Indexing then Freedom is way better than Noto.


I can believe that. Some threats just put you ahead (Temujin, Indexing, Medium) while some put the Corp behind (Vamp, Bhagat) while the best do both (Account Siphon, Keyhole, potentially Datasucker when using Parasite).

I feel that it’s just… not something that needs to be answered? It’s like how you don’t need to answer a TME, but you absolutely need to do something about the Runner playing a Keyhole or Medium. Sure, repeated ones are a pain so that you probably should do something about it, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get something out of the Indexing, unlike, for an example that’s also a limited-use Event, Account Siphon.


@fiorillo.sj won our SC with n00b kit.


I’m pretty sure this is the best way to play her.


Nice to see Kit doing work!

A quick question: what’s a reasonable substitute for Beth if playing in pre-flashpoint meta? I would probably go with Daily Casts - it’s not as good obviously but at least the deck would retain most of its “feel”, no? I wanna try this offline and our very small meatspace meta is a whole cycle behind.

I am also very tempted to drop 1 SMC.


I would not drop an SMC. It is the card that helps you set up as quickly as possible.

There is no card that does what Beth does. Extra money is not bad, though, so Daily Casts is not a bad idea. Copies of Same Old Thing or Levy might help you play more of your draw, which might help, too.


It’s a basic deck that yanks the Corp back to 2013. There’s a certain therapeutic property to n00b kit, washing away stress and making choices clear. It’s like stealth andy was to me last year.


I hate to even ask this, but how is the decks matchup with CTM?


CtM match up is hard – as it is for everyone. You have to pick and choose what to trash, run smart, and always stay up on money so you can shake tags from HHN. It is a hard match up for me as Kit.


Seems like a simple game plan…

First play only Takeshi’s Castle for a few months until everyone you know stops playing CTM, then you can play n00b Kit.

Disclaimer: This strategy may be less effective on jinteki.net than in person


To be fair, this is one of the better shapers against CtM. Legwork is amazing. You’ll do better vs them with this than you will with any stealth build.


The deck sucks without beth tbh. That’s why there are 3.

Daily casts is bad. Better to just play more utility cards like tinkering.


I’ve been playing the deck alot recently. It’s one of those decks that make you fall in love with netrunner again. I’ve sold Netrunner to my friends as a CCG with no random packs, no expensive cardhunts and a meta where anyone can win from anyone. To be honest, i kinda lost that feeling the past few months. But Noob Kit makes me believe it again!

Kudos To @BigBoy for creating and @fiorillo.sj for winning a SC with Kit!

Maybe a point of debate, could there be room for more tinkering? Net-Ready Eyes? Paintbrush?


Just watched a game on Jinteki between and NEH asset spam and a Reg Whizzard. As I watched, I found myself thinking that Whizzard in that game would have had zero chance of winning if he was not Whizzard and was not running Para/Sifr.

Obviously, Kit cannot win that game trying to play the way Whizzard does.

How does Kit beat that kind of super fast asset spam deck?

My thought is just to try to slam R&D and HQ as hard as possible because there is no way at all that you can keep up on the trashing. That seems like a tough strategy to pull off fast enough to not lose. I assume you can’t ignore things like Sensie once it is rezed.


Shaper’s have a decent option with Paricia. You can SMC it out if they are going very horizontal, and it will pay itself back in decent time.

Ovreall you are hammering centrals and trashing the absolute must trash cards like Sensie Union. If you leave that card on the table for too long, regardless of your ID choice, you’re going to be letting them build a huge advantage.


As an experiment yesterday I played “trash all the things” as a Kate deck with Magnum Opus, Temujin, and drip economy. After a few turns, it became clear that by doing so I was failing to draw cards and develop my rig further.

For another set of games, I played “check one new facedown card” and it felt pretty hopeless to try to guess the Sensie only to find a second one was lurking somewhere else on the board.

I slot Paricia in my Pawnshop ParaSifr Hayley deck but largely because it’s a 0-cost program I can use to trigger Hayley’s ability. I use it a couple of times then sell it to Aesop. When I win games against horizontal decks, I do so by ignoring everything east of HQ, destroying all the ice on R&D and doing Equivocation runs four clicks per turn until the game ends.

I’ve largely stopped caring about what facedown cards are spammed out by CTM, NEH, Making News (the new dumb archetype), Gagarin, PE, PU, IG, and RP.

So those are 9 IDs I’m not ashamed to say I’m happy to auto-concede and look for another opponent depending on the amount of available time I have to play Netrunner. Paricia is not, I’m afraid to say, a solution to a more systemic problem.


I feel like installing Sifr against NEH asset spam is a mistake. Was it used to good effect? How? Parasite is good though. But other variations of Whizzard should do just as well, if not better against NEH.

Also, there is a priority to what to trash, which I believe was discussed earlier. My priority is: Sensie > recursion > econ/SanSan > Jeeves.


As I recall, Sifr was used to Parasite an Archangel and a Tollbooth on R&D. I can’t say whether that was to good effect. The Whizz player was certainly putting a priority on Sensies.


This is 100% accurate. You can’t trash everything, you can’t compete with their econ, you need to win off centrals fast before they can implement whatever stupid plan they’re going to do.

Pro tip through: You can usually snag a face down agenda around turn 10 or so by checking every unrezzed remote. If they see that you are hitting their HQ and aren’t checking remotes, they’ll try to hide one in the unrezzed remotes. Suddenly spending a turn checking everything can get you a few points usually.


I was going to post something in this thread about the use of Egret in Kit but honestly it doesn’t help her main issues. Having more tools to break ice isn’t going to help her in the areas she needs help.