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Corporate Town

so, corporate town is kind of confusing me. As a player who is recently moved back to Andromeda, I’m terrified of seeing it across the table, but I don’t really know who would be playing it. I also don’t really know if there’s anything I would do, other than just keep duplicate copies of my resources.

Is anyone putting it in their decks? Is anyone teaching against it with Fall Guy or the like?

Fall Guy would be bad tech, because Corporate Town doesn’t care. It’ll get whoever it wants (cannot be prevented)


I’m definitely intrigued by this card as a part-time janksman. I’ve been thinking about a Blue Sun Power Shutdown deck that might be able to slot one of these. Anybody rezzed a Corporate Town yet? First who does gets a prize, to be revealed.

Play it and a boot camp in an HB deck with sleepers. It’s super solid and you never need to fetch it vs. Kate.


Corporate town has a few problems - in faction, it basicly slots in against an archer - which is big econ hit for runners to deal with anyway if they’re not packing a switchblade.

Out of faction, forfeits get harder (HB, as mentioned, is your best bet). As the relative dearth of Reversed accounts shows, raw econ denial slots are hard to fit in. Finally, it loses a lot of its luster versus prepaid Kate.

Lot of investment, uncertain effects.

Number of situations where it’s kinda blank is non-zero.

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They forfeit an agenda and you lose a resource? most of the time that’s either a fair trade or bad for the corp.

Bad resources to lose and how to deal?

Loaded Kati? Clear her a little more often. Adjusted Chronotype? In Anarch you probably go trash Corporate Town and then Deja Vu it back to get your click losing resources back under control. In Adjusted Chronotype Beach Party Shaper it is a worse situation but presumably you still have Aesop’s around to clear out your click losing things.

If you are doing Supplier Andy, maybe you lose key hardware?

Most of the time though losing a single resource isn’t that terrible a trade if the corp is forfeiting an agenda, and then you go and trash Corporate Town.

What single key resource are you most worried about losing in Andromeda?

It’s 5 to trash, plus whatever you pay to get in to the server though. That’s not just “trash it.” Spend a click and 8+ credits is more reasonable.

Even if you have that, you’ve lost a resource (Security Testing or John Massanori or SOT (Aka account siphon)), a click and a fair amount of money. That’s not a bad trade for, presumably, 1 agenda point.

Is it worth it for the corp? Probably not, it’s too specific. But if it is there, it’ll hurt. But that just reinforces the idea that you just ignore it until it shows up, then deal with it by weathering the storm.


Or tech startup.

Yeah, this card is substantial, you probably have a scoring window is they get rid if it first thing, and if it’s in your scoring remote, it is more pricey to yeah and more threatening than Adonis, you’ll probably take their late game away if you use it right.

I find that kinda doubtful in a game where every deck needs to count with the existence of Midseason Replacements.

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Who needs sleepers, can’t you just toybox it out of HB?

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Two (at least somewhat) defended remotes, three clicks and then having to wait an entire turn before Corporate Town actually triggers? Meh.


I really don’t see this seeing play when the dominant runner archetype is mainly resource free…

License Acquisition


Is it, though? Do we know what the dominant runner archetype is right now? There are several articles basically saying “Who knows what the dominant archetypes are right now!?”

PPVP Kate is still good. But the Regionals feeds I’ve watched haven’t been all Kate all the Time. Or even half the time…

But I agree - I wouldn’t play it. But I worry others will. :wink:

I don’t think this is equivalent. No one is midseasoning so that they can sit there and clear out underworld contacts and data foldings for mountains of clicks and credits. Throw film critic into the mix, and extremely resource heavy decks are looking more and more doable.

That said, no one’s going to slot this card just to hit one semi-janky Andy deck, which is the only deck of that kind that I know of.

For the moment PPVP Kate is probably the best all round runner which means you’ll probably see her around 30-50% of time at the top tables. You’re only going to hit SOT vs her.

I not sure that decks that want to shit on Criminal need to run this when Crisium Grid does so perfectly well without the set up. Sec Testing is an okay target, but not a great one since they can sand bag them in hand and just drop another without taking a huge hit.

On the one hand, it’s good vs Anarch since their long term econ engine will be resource based (Kati or Aesops) but on the other hand they have Imp…

I feel like the effect is powerful against decks that run Kati, but I’m not sure this is the best way to punish those decks. S&G is probably just better most of the time if you want that effect.


The number one thing I’d want to hit with Corporate Town is Workshop or Ghost Runner. Its hard to slot and I think its only possible as 1x with EBC.

Then you go down that EBC rabbit hole and soon you’re playing 1x Mills and Student Loans. And to compliment your econ denial you start playing power shutdown. And with power shutdown you have to consider Punitive or Archived…

Ah geez.


With respect to Corporate Town and Workshop my understanding is that there would be a window for the runner to buy stuff off of Workshop before it could be trashed with Corporate Town. That is, at 1.1 corp rezzes Corporate Town, runner can then use paid abilities to buy stuff off Workshop. At 1.2 “turn begins triggers” Workshop can then be trashed.

*1.1 and 1.2 reference page 16 of current FAQ

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The big advantages of Corporate Town over S&G are that it’s bootcamp tutorable and it doesn’t have a trace. The trace is a huge disadvantage of S&G in my experience that tips it from a reasonable tech card to mostly unjustifiable, even in Kati heavy metas. Pretty much the only decks that play it are Glacierish, where Kati is actually good against you, and it’s easy enough to play around it by taking off Kati early just one or two times, which gives you a little bit of a tempo edge anyway and therefore usually only costs about a half a credit to a whole credit.

I’m not saying there is a good deck that wants to be playing it right now, but if you’re going to build a Blue Sun deck that plays Bootcamps Hostile Takeover and Archers, maybe some sort of Midseason deck, its probably okay as a 1-of.