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Counter Surveillance introduces: Show of Force

After @flowerscandrink did the Top Deck 4v4 USA vs. UK Team Showdown (Top Deck 4v4 USA vs. UK Team Showdown) we jumped on the train and did a Nordic Interregional Showdown (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMTaMU72ezM&t=5124s). That was a lot of fun and we decided that we wanted to expand on that even more, so we are now launching Show of Force.

Building on the Nordic Interregional Showdown with Team Stockholm as Champions we are allowing
teams to challange the current Champions to a Show of Force, that will be broadcasted by me and @laxen.

The rules for the event is the same as the previous ones (ripped from flowerscandrinks thread with minor changes):

Team size: 4 players (team captain may be designated as one of the four players or may sit out and strictly manage the team)

ID selection: Each team must have one representative for each faction (Shaper, Anarch, Criminal, Weylan, HB, Jinteki, NBN). Since there are only 3 runner factions, each team may select from one faction twice on runner side, or a minifaction runner if you prefer that. However the ID must be different than the other ID from the same faction. This is just like King of Servers. Decklists are submitted to the TO prior to the event.

Each team will be informed of each player’s ID choices from the opposing team prior to the match beginning.

Win condition: Once every player on a team has lost once (runner or corp), that team loses the showdown and the other team is declared the winner.

Structure: One match will be played at a time. Both teams will secretly select their first player. Once player selection for the first match is submitted to the TO, the TO will randomize who will play corp or runner and the first game will take place. A game in this context only consists of one side (runner or corp). After one game, the losing player is eliminated and the losing team must select a new challenger to play against the winner of that game. The challenging (losing) team also gets to select which side to play (runner or corp) against the previous game winner. Play continues like this until one team has suffered 4 game losses (sides).

Deckbuilding rules: Normal tournament rules apply (MWL, etc).

Time: 40 minutes per game.
Team communication: No communication with the active player during a game is allowed. Teams are allowed to confer with each other in between matches. The team captain has final say on all decisions.

If you are interested in going up against the current champions, have the captain of your team contact me here or on slack and we’ll try to set a date asap.

Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/countersurveillance
Vods: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_zfpqfTLYykx4rA-C5CbXA

Current Champions:

Team UK
@lpoulter (captain)
Theo Clifford


The first team to challenge the current champions is a Norwegian team led by @Antler, it will be played and streamed on Sunday 8 pm CET (1 pm CDT)

Team Because We Built These Decks:

Ulrik (@ulrikdan) :

Eirik (@Antler ):

Allan (@kamalisk)

Nikolai (@Nicohasa)

Team Stockholm:

Titan, MaxX

CtM, Whizzard

CI, Andy

@secondvictor :
Smoke, IG


Congratulations to Team Stockholm who wins with @orrius 4-0ing the Norwegians. Who will be the ones to dethrone the Stockholmers?

terrificy, terrificy, terrificy & terrificy will 4-0 dethrone.

Get a team together and do it, they are starting to get quite smug :stuck_out_tongue:

four copies of me is the best nordic team.

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Sure… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The team doesn’t have to be regional based though, so if you don’t think 4 terrificys is the best in the world you can bring in others from wherever you like :smiley:

I’d rather just play 4 copies of me ;).

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Going to try to get this going again, if anyone is interested at challenging contact me here in this thread or on slack or something.

I’ll fight you.


We have a new challenger, the game will be played monday 27th at 8PM CET and ofc streamed and commented by me and @laxen.

Challenging team:
@lpoulter (captain)
Tim Fowler (@Tim?)
Theo Clifford


A buncha jokers that couldn’t beat team USA? Smh


I hope they actually make Tim play as the Professor…


Ids for the teams has been revealed:

For Team Sthlm:
@secondvictor: Skorpios & Geist
Zaanash: Smoke and AgInfusion
@McBEAST : Hayley & CI
@dbi : CtM & Valencia

and team UK:

@lpoulter : CI & Geist
@Tim : Skorp & Valencia
@Nemamiah : CtM & MaxX
Theo: Hayley & AgInfusion

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Thanks for playing Team Stockholm and congrats to the new champions Team UK!

Here’s the VOD if anyone wants to watch it.

We have a new team that’s shown interest so hopefully we can schedule the next game pretty soon, but if anyone else is interested please say so and we’ll put you in line :slight_smile:


With short notice we have another game lined up tomorrow. @hsiale is leading a Polish team and are going to take on Team UK. So Monday 11th, 8pm CET. Will reveal IDs for the teams around noon tomorrow.

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IDs for the teams:

@hsiale - CI/Hayley
@yarrow - CtM/Val
@Matuszczak - Skorp/Smoke
@Jander - Leela/PU

@lpoulter - Skorp/Geist
@Nemamiah -MaxX/CI
@theo - AgInfusion/Hayley
@Tim - CtM/Val


Congrats Team UK for keeping the title!

Need new challengers now so anyone who is interested let me know!

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Is there a VOD of the UK vs Poland games?