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Top Deck 4v4 USA vs. UK Team Showdown

Hello everyone! After a little hiatus for the birth of my son Shelby, Top Deck is returning this Sunday, January 29th at 12:00 CST/18:00 GMT. Before jumping into another monthly cup we are having a special one day feature match. This will be a team match between USA and UK. Team captains Laurie Poulter (UK) and Josh Wilson (USA) have selected 4 players each to represent their respective countries. The line-ups will feature two Netrunner world champions along with 6 other premier players. Full line-ups along with player IDs will be announced the day before the match commences.

What: USA vs. UK 4v4 team showdown
When: Sunday, January 29th at 12:00 CST/18:00 GMT
Where: Live stream- https://www.twitch.tv/topdeckanr
Videos- https://www.youtube.com/c/topdeckanr
More information (rules, bracket, and more): https://topdeck.emergencyshutdown.net

Team size: 4 players (team captain may be designated as one of the four players or may sit out and strictly manage the team)

ID selection: Each team must have one representative for each faction (Shaper, Anarch, Criminal, Weylan, HB, Jinteki, NBN). Since there are only 3 runner factions, each team may select from one faction twice on runner side. However the ID must be different than the other ID from the same faction. This is just like King of Servers. Decklists are submitted to the TO prior to the event.

Each team will be informed of each player’s ID choices from the opposing team prior to the match beginning.

Win condition: Once every player on a team has lost once (runner or corp), that team loses the showdown and the other team is declared the winner.

Structure: One match will be played at a time. Both teams will secretly select their first player. Once player selection for the first match is submitted to the TO, the TO will randomize who will play corp or runner and the first game will take place. A game in this context only consists of one side (runner or corp). After one game, the losing player is eliminated and the losing team must select a new challenger to play against the winner of that game. The challenging (losing) team also gets to select which side to play (runner or corp) against the previous game winner. Play continues like this until one team has suffered 4 game losses (sides).

Deckbuilding rules: Normal tournament rules apply (MWL, etc). Quorum is legal.

Time: Matches are untimed.

Team communication: No communication with the active player during a game is allowed. Teams are allowed to confer with each other in between matches. The team captain has final say on all decisions.

Thanks to @eric_c for the sick flyer and @Hermit for hosting and maintaining the site!


Congrats on the baby! Glad this is back. I’m looking forward to it.

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Teams are all set!

Team USA
Josh Wilson @anon50033301

Dan D’Argenio @mediohxcore
Noah McKee @Nobo715
Timmy Wong @tmoiynmwg
Dien Tran (honorary usa for one day) @d1en


Team UK
Laurie Poulter

Chris Dyer @Nemamiah
Alex White @vinegarymink
Laurie Poulter @lpoulter
David Culemann @shmeguy


Who won? Any details?

You can watch the Twitch VOD; I just went back to watch all of it and it was a great show. There’s an obnoxious screen flicker but setting the stream quality to Source fixed it for me.

The final results: USA/Canada pulled out a nail-biter victory with 4 wins to 3.

Huge props to the commentators @flowerscandrink, @jdeng, and @beyoken as well as the team captains @anon50033301 and @lpoulter for making this happen. The team format was so fun and popular that there is already discussion about scaling it up into a true tournament!


I understand that, due to time and format limitations, the rounds had to be in the form of knockouts, but someday a true round-robin, play-both-sides style of tournament would also be intriguing to watch.

This was highly entertaining to watch! Thanks for doing this. I should note this might be one of the largest non-Worlds Twitch videos for ANR I’ve seen in terms of viewership-- at one point upwards of 250!

I think just doing this instead of the normal top deck tournament but with a new set of challengers would also be really cool. It’s clear that this is what the people want! :smiley:


would be nice to see the decklists

Couple decklists missing, most of the important ones are here. Dan’s CI7 has no subliminals because comboing exactsies is the cool thing to do

Team UK
Dave: Val/RP

Chris: Whiz/CTM

Laurie: Andy/EtF

Alex: Kate/Gagarin

Team US:
Timmy: Hayley/BS

Noah: Whiz/PU

Dien: Val/NEH

Dan: Andy/CI


What would be kind of nice and put other Nations more into the spotlight if different National Champions (or other very good players) would build a team and try to win against the winner of the last match. So every month there is a new competitor and we will see different countries and players.


Is there video of the event?

It’s processing right now. Will post the link here shortly but in the meantime you can subscribe to https://www.youtube.com/c/topdeckANR to be alerted as soon as it’s available.


Totally crazy. I knew the format would be fun and interesting but did not expect the huge viewership. We will definitely be doing more team matches. Possibly an 8 team tournament.

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Time wise, this enough for me to sit on my compi :wink: and it went until 23:00 (11 PM)

Going to try and amend the rules a bit to shorten it. Was a tad too long.

There was only 1 rule change needed and that’s why I’d like to call the “Timmy Wong time exception”. Aka only Timmy has timed games


I did my part by bringing Timmy’s average game length waaaay down


VoD is up!


nice thank you