Creation and Control: Full Spoilers As they Come

This thread is to post and talk about the full Creation and Control spoilers as they get posted.

This happened:

Awesome art. They both seem kind of bad, though, haha.


Damn, they need to upload all of the cards!



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Holy crap. Cerebral Overwriter… ouch.

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Did not expect Viktor to look like that.

Strength 5 is a big boost from strength 3, but his braining got worse since it is attached to a trace. I still think he is pretty good though.

Who wants to run on a remote with a card and 2 advancement tokens;)

Are we going to see more big Agenda’s played?

The 2.0 ICE seem good too. HB is going to stay very dominant, although the new Identities suck in my opinion. Very situational.

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What the!? as if HB needed more overkill. Bioroid Efficiency Research is insane, and makes Oversight AI look gimp.

Hmmm, I’m a little disappointed by Viktor 2.0 tbh. I would’ve liked 3 weaker subroutines a lot more.

Cerebral Overwriter in Jinteki or Weyland? Yikes.

Haas Arcology AI seems like it could be very impactful.

Edit: On second thought, have a high strength code gate in-faction is kind of nice, and has been lacking I think.


So Atman is the first great shaper card. How about Levy AR Lab Access and Freelance coding contract?

Dear god. This is like Christmas morning.


They successfully printed the worst console in the game. :disappointed:


Monolith!!! Bahaha. 18 creds… I love it. So bad.

This would be great for the next Invitational: make a Monolith deck and win… :stuck_out_tongue:

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So the icebreakers really suck. The Console sucks… poor Shaper. :laughing:

Edit: Atman being the only breaker that might have potential.

Does inti not replace corroder for shaper? They can now use Account Siphon too, haha.

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So for Atman the power counters are removed? From what I read, I interpreted as it has permanent strength for however much you pump it, sort of like a reverse Draco. If that’s the case however, it’s horribly overpowered.