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Critical bug in the "OCTGN is lagging" feature

Continuing the discussion from Official Stimhack OCTGN League PART V:

OCTGN devs left me speechless.

I have a kind request for anyone who experiences crashes since “OCTGN is lagging” feature was introduced. Could you please go to http://help.octgn.net/support/discussions/topics/4000321590 and say that this also happens to you? Clearly I am being sent off as a lunatic.

Hmm, Kelly usually was supportive with me(Lots of contact trying to get octgn to work under wine ±2 years ago)

That said, I filed a ticket and am still awaiting response

It’s a pretty standard support response to ask about your system in case your configuration might be causing problems.


Possibly I overreacted.

However I have software engineering background and I know that when as a dev you are given an exception stacktrace, the ball is in your hands. Time to fire up debugging session and think about certain possible interactions in the code around the problem area. Vague questions won’t help here. Specific ones might.

That said I will try to gather some info about my setup and reply to the ticket.


You should reply “it’s beige with black keyboard and blue mouse. Oh and a Sony Flatron plazma screen.” :smile:


Seriously now, I’m not getting the error.

@Apo, do you have this file?


is it 646kb in size?

It seems that this method failed:


What OS are you running?

By the looks of it, this error happens because your local files are not up to date or are problematic in some other way.

Yeah, I do have the file. Running Windows 8.1, nothing fancy.

A bit of googling revealed similar problems exist:


The guy from the first link ended up catching and ignoring the exception :confused: .

Usually when the devs are unable to replicate the issues, then its not necessarily a bug in OCTGN’s that can be easily debugged. They generally ask for computer specs to collect data from affected users in the event that it’s linked to a common hardware issue or OS.

I have updated octgn after not playing for a month and every 2/3 games i got octgn errror and shutdown, wth is that???

who knows, your comment makes it very hard to figure out what’s wrong.

Somethings unexpected happens and octgn need to be closed.
And after i click ok i can play a couple seconds, then another error and shutdown.
Windows 8.

First restart OCTGN and PC and try again.
Then reinstall OCTGN completely and try again.

I am 95% sure this will fix your problem.

From what I understand, @Wosho experiences the same problem as me. If so, restarting the PC does jack.

Kelly pushed an update that was supposed to fix the problem, but it didn’t. So I fetched OCTGN straight from github, removed the code responsible for the worst feature ever (OCTGN is lagging popups) and build the project on my machine. Then I pasted my build of OCTGN.exe into the original installation directory. Not only I am crash free, but my client is also damn fast, as it was back in the day before the lag thread nonsense.


Are you hiring? :stuck_out_tongue: the popup is absolutely terrible! Itwouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t freeze before it throws up the popup- I can’t tell you how many things I’ve had to retype because I’m mid-sentance not realizing its about to throw the window at me. It drives me crazy!

Now all we need is an elaborate version of what you did; I don’t know any computer wizardry like you.

I notified Kelly about my experiences and offered to contribute a patch. Either rolling back the feature completely or providing a flag in settings to allow disabling it. We’ll see what he thinks about it.

the popup shows up BECAUSE it freezes. That’s why the popup is there in the first place. There’s a misconception that the popup causes the freezing, it’s actually the opposite.

The crashes though do need to be fixed though. There is evidence that touch-enabled windows setups are the root of the issue

Yes, this. I was getting occasional freezes (honestly, not even really freezes; rather “the computer I play on sucks, and it’s taking a minute”) before this patch, and still have it after, just the same, only with the occasional pop-up. It’s almost completely been a non-issue with me (I might have had one crash related to this).

I can agree with that partially. I could definitely live with popups if they were crash free and didn’t decrease client’s performance. I don’t have any evidence for this, but maaan my turns go so much smoother without the lag thread. And if I am right and this additional monitoring thread really decreases performance, it might also induce some percentage of lags (since generally lags and freezes usually happen in heavy load situations).

I’m glad you guys nailed the root cause!

When it used to lag, if I’m typing at like 45 - 50 wpm, the screen would freeze up for a second but I could keep typing, and when the lag left the typed words would appear. Now when I lag, the window MAKES me stop and wait. No commands can be stacked, no words typed. This is very frustrating because it is often mid-sentence and in a client where your hand is moving back and forth between keyboard and mouse, meaning I have to type everything twice during the not-infrequent lag windows. I played Starcraft on dial-up, I can handle lag :stuck_out_tongue: this though, introduces a window that makes the program not behave like the hundreds of other programs/gamesI’ve used over the years.

I am, of course, grateful for the support and attention given to octgn! This is my only gripe :slight_smile: