Custom Card Thread

Every Sunday I will post a new prompt to inspire you to think about what is possible in the game of netrunner, and for you to express your own ideas through the creation, modification, and discussion of custom cards. There is on expectation to stay on prompt, all cards are welcome.

Here are some useful symbols, just copy and paste.

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Remote Servers seems an appropriate place to start. Home to assets, agendas, and upgrades, bundled in ice or naked and free, a new remote could mean anything. Runners can check each one or pay them no mind, trashing, stealing, or exploiting their contents to all sorts of ends.


this looks good!

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Orange level clearance
Cost 2
HB ••
Install a card in a remote server (ignoring all costs), gain 1 credit for each card in or protecting that server, then add any number of cards from that server to HQ.
“Most people don’t appreciate the maintenance involved in keeping all this running” -Unknown sysop


Cost 4
HB (5)
play only if the runner has at least 2 tags.
As an additional cost to lay this card, spend a click.
Do 7 meat damage.

this card is official

on brand

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He wants people to post their own ideas for new cards, not post existing cards they think are cool.

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Well he did make it HB, that’s new


Structural Collapse
Weyland Operation - Double - Grey Ops

4 credits - 2 Inf

Trace 2 - If successful, the runner takes X meat damage, X being the printed trash cost of any card they trashed last turn.

Unfortunately, the victim count is still not definitive, but be assured our rescue teams are doing all they can


Chuck Norris
3 credits -5 inf

Choose a game on you or your friend’s shelf. trace4. if successful, you win that chosen game.

I’m the best.

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Icebreaker - killer
4 cost
2 influence
1 credit: break up to 2 sentry subroutines
6 strength.

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Wanted to make something like Dirty Laundry and Diesel rolled into one. Potentially useful for soaking up some net damage.


I sent discobot in on purpose. It was hilarious when i flagged him for “Off topic” and got a badge! :rofl:

I like the concept but it seems a little weak, on a 1 card server you are paying 2 to cycle a card, it needs to be a 4 card remote to be good value and there’s no guarantee the corp will give you one.


You’re absolutely right. Could include ICE, also?

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