Custom Card Thread

that’s very cool

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G-mods, cyborgs, and clones are commonplace, any ailment can be cured if you have the finances, modern medicine produces miracles, but where does it come from? Most turn a blind eye to the research, the byproducts of progress, the subjects of experimentation.

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Digging up dirt

Anarch •

Event - Run

Cost 0

Make a run on archives. When it is successful sabotage 1.

Threat 2 → Give the corp 1 bad publicity and remove this from the game.

Threat 5 → Add this to the corp’s scoring area as an agenda worth -1 point instead of removing it from the game.


Lets go broad here, the glue that holds decks together, always available and often underappreciated: Neutral cards.

Serene Hideaway

Resource - Location


Cost 0

[Click][Click]X credits: Draw X cards, Remove up to X tags.

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The often neglected server where agendas are secret but not safe, Archives.

Engagement has been low but I’m gonna keep posting, I may not hit every week but I’ll keep the prompts coming, now in the form of art prompts as well. Today a piece by the incredible Liiga Smilshkalne!

Mysterious Breach

Shaper •••

Resource - Virtual

Cost 5

Click: Trash an installed software. Reveal cards from the top of your stack until you reveal a software, then install it at no cost. If the installed software causes you to exceed your memory limit, you still install it but suffer one core damage. Then, shuffle your library. Use this ability only once per turn.

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Experience the net, mingle amongst the programs and watch as scripts spin to life. Live for the exhalation of cyberspace.


Resource - Connection

Shaper •••

Cost 2

When your turn begins, you may trash an installed program or hardware, then install a program or hardware from your grip (paying all costs).

(i know this is no longer the theme, but i just found this thread and your post reminded me of HB advanceable ICE i posted on GLC. i´m sorry for the walls of text and the weird math you have to do for X)

Wall of Text X.0, HB 2inf, 5c, ICE: Code gate, bioroid; str 2
This card can be advanced and gains +1 strength for each adv. token on it
X is the number of advancement counters on this, divided by 3, rounded down, plus 1
Lose X :clock1: : Break X subroutines on this ice
↳ the runner´s gets -1 handsize until the end of their next turn
↳ shuffle X installed cards into the stack
↳ shuffle X+2 cards from the grip at random into the stack
↳ end the run

Learner 1.5, HB 2 inf, 6c, ICE: sentry, bioroid, AP, observer, str 2?
this ice can be advanced and gains +1 strength for each adv. token
lose :clock1:: break 1 subroutine on this ice. only the runner can use this ability, and only if there´s less than 3 adv. tokes on this ice.
1c, :clock1::clock1:: break up to 2 subroutines on this ice. only the runner can use this ability
↳ give the runner 1 tag. place 1 adv on an installed card
↳ do 1 core dmg
↳ end the run


I do not know how I managed to turn a simple Clot replacement into a wall of text

Telemetry Tampering, crim 1inf, 0c, program
when you install this card, load 2 power counters onto it
whenever the corp installs a card, you may spend 1 hosted power counter to expose it. if it´s an asset or an upgrade, its trash cost is decreased by 2 until the end of your next turn. if it´s an ICE, its rez cost is increased by 2 until the end of your next turn. if it´s an agenda, you gain 2c, you have +1 alloted :clock1: for your next turn and the corp cannot score that agenda for the remainder of the turn

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I think you could get the intended effect phrasing it more like Mausolus(with the paranthetical text) because as written you need 6 advancements to change anything but the strength.

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i´m not exactly sure on how to make it scale forever with parentheses/multiple click-to-break abilities, so… instead of that i just added more math to it :confused:

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I don’t think it needs to scale forever, it’s so much work to even get it to scale once

Learner scales once, i wanted this to be eventually nigh-unbreakable (at like 9adv)

Virtual Backup
Cost 3
Shaper ***
Resource - Virtual

Virtual Backup costs one credit less to install per Virtual Resource you have installed.

Whenever you would take core damage, put a virus counter on this card and take net damage instead.

Whenever this card has more counters than your available memory or you would lose due to damage, prevent all damage for the rest of the turn, shuffle all installed programs into your stack and remove this card from the game.

You’re in the building, hardwired into a privileged console, past the firewall, sifting through files, JACKPOT! You’ve got the data, though you’re anything but home free. Some alarm got tripped, things will get messy on the way out.


Magic cookie
Rez 1
NBN ••
Trash cost: 4

If the runner has at least one tag they cannot jack out during run


Barbed-Wire Snare
Rez 3
Trash 2
Jinteki ***

When the runner jacks out from this server, they take net damage equal to the number of ice they’ve already passed or their hand size, whichever is less.