Custom Card Thread

that’s very cool

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G-mods, cyborgs, and clones are commonplace, any ailment can be cured if you have the finances, modern medicine produces miracles, but where does it come from? Most turn a blind eye to the research, the byproducts of progress, the subjects of experimentation.

Digging up dirt

Anarch •

Event - Run

Cost 0

Make a run on archives. When it is successful sabotage 1.

Threat 2 → Give the corp 1 bad publicity and remove this from the game.

Threat 5 → Add this to the corp’s scoring area as an agenda worth -1 point instead of removing it from the game.

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Lets go broad here, the glue that holds decks together, always available and often underappreciated: Neutral cards.

Serene Hideaway

Resource - Location


Cost 0

[Click][Click]X credits: Draw X cards, Remove up to X tags.

The often neglected server where agendas are secret but not safe, Archives.

Engagement has been low but I’m gonna keep posting, I may not hit every week but I’ll keep the prompts coming, now in the form of art prompts as well. Today a piece by the incredible Liiga Smilshkalne!