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Data & Destiny Spoilers

According to a report coming out of the UK Games Expo retailer summit, the next deluxe expansion was announced as Data and Destiny. Updates taken from @proudlioncomics:

“Data And Destiny will ship in summer. Features the NBN Corporation and three new neutral runners, adding “mini-factions” to the game.”

“One of these mini factions is apparently a sentient digital virus! Further details will come out from @FFGames in the next week or so. :)”

No card spoilers yet. FFG reportedly just showed off the box.

BBLUM MOD EDIT: Links to posts downthread containing full spoiler images:



I find this highly suspect.

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Feels about right. We should have the FFG post announcing the box pretty soon: the final pack of SanSan was announced in April—with the customary month-ish off, we should be hearing about Data and Destiny within a couple weeks.

edit: lulz, bad at reading thoroughly—OP even says we’re going to get the news post from FFG in a week or so ;).

editedit: should probably create a new thread for Data and Destiny speculation :wink:

yeah i’m not 100% sure about it since we haven’t seen any corroborating news items or tweets (then again, this is an event for retailers it sounds like, and not press), but that’s why i couched my post as someone else’s report :stuck_out_tongue:


Spoiler-ken says on 4chan:

why do I have to confirm all sorts of stuff from reputable sources

Its just occurred to me that if FFG were in fact supplying the spoilers themselves, this is one of greatest marketing tools iv ever seen for generating hype about soon to be released products.

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What’s suspect about a legit games shop (UK champ’s local store in fact!) tweeting from a retailer event?


I can confirm Proud Lion is legit, Ben who runs the store is a friend of mine, he won’t have made this up. Also he doesn’t play Netrunner so he wouldn’t have any reason to make it up.


That no other store is tweeting about it. That they claim it was too bright to take pictures inside the tent. That there is no info to be found about said retailer event.

You have to admit that this is highly unusual, compared to the reveals of Honor & Profit and Order & Chaos.

Wasn’t the reveal of order and chaos some grainy photos from a powerpoint Lukas was giving at another obscure non-public event? This seems pretty much on par with what FFG have done in the past, they really don’t seem too bothered about how news gets out there.

Edit: oh and I can’t get on the Games Expo site to look for retailer info (stupid work filters) but it is the day before the UK’s biggest board games show starts, in the same location (even down to the tent, which has been mentioned specifically as being a new feature for this year to expand the available space) and at a time when all the retailers will be there setting up…


Order & Chaos was revealed at an open show at GenCon. I’m not debating if this is real or not (especially since I have knowledge about the pack), but you can’t really compare an open show at a convention event, with photo documentation and a public reveal on FFG’s website an hour later with a closed show at a convention event, with no documentation and no immediate news on FFG’s website.

I assume everybody can understand why some people are sceptical about this.

If they were making stuff up, I’m sure they could’ve made up a better name than “Data & Destiny” :wink:


Hearing D&D is just going to make me miss my college friends.


Speculation has begun!

Does this mean they will add a bunch of Neutral cards that cost influence that will be “in faction” for these Neutral runners? That could be really interesting.

Lucky Find in faction dawg~

These cards would probably be like agendas, only for those faction.
The runners may interact with key words, like “virtual”, having them without cost of inf.

Weirdly enough, I don’t think we are going to see these “neutral runners” get these “neutral” cards for free.

I mean, I guess one of them might. I’m just spitballing here, I think the three “mini-factions” are going to either have their own semi unique card pools, in that they can access certain cards with keywords across all factions, influence free (virus and sabotage cards for instance) or they have some kind of crazy deck building restriction.

Right now, the shards, lucky find and the source are not really condusive to a deck. And yes, this big box will allow you to “fill out” the three mini factions, I cannot really see all of them being influence costing neutral cards. There will be something small for everyone in it.

It’s possible they could have much larger influence pools than normal as well. I hope they don’t go the route of cards exclusive to the mini factions, it’s much more interesting to add cards that could see play in any faction. It’s definitely harder to balance the latter though :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Considering they didn’t want four factions of runners initially it seems unlikely that they would further splinter the card pool into 6 factions with exclusive cards. Their card pools would either die with the big box or they would have to dedicate cards to them every pack from then on.

The “Free” cards of a type seems more likely but adds another design challenge that they currently have with Noise in that every virus card has to carefully balanced with him in mind.

I suspect spoiler ken has some sort of sanction to spoil cards. He drop-feeds spoilers in a way that suggest he wants to keep peoples interest.

It’s more fun also for him.