DD @ Worlds? Place your bets

@FFOP have given no word as to DD legality at worlds, frankly this is pissing me off.

So @FFOP have responded we will continue to watch this space…

For what its worth I highly doubt it will be legal.

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I can get behind this, but something tells me that it’s a quiet stab at online play tools having spoilered copies of stuff months before the majority of the community has access to the real cards.

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They spolied and unfairly distributed DD themselves.


I’m normally a happy-go-lucky guy when it comes to tournaments, but I’ll confess to this giving me the jitters. I really don’t know what to get prepped and properly tested for Worlds currently - and as for what all the new cards actually do? Still coming up against stuff online constantly. I can read spoilers, but without playing against and with new cards comprehensively it’s hard to know what’s what.

Sad panda.


I had a dream last night that it wouldn’t be legal.


It’s stuff like this that makes me lose faith in FFG’s ability to run things. They sell D&D early at Gencon, and then can’t get copies for everyone else quickly enough so they can’t tell us if we’re allowed to use cards they sold us at Gencon 3 weeks before their largest Netrunner tournament for the year. We’ll be lucky if they have a ruling a week before the damn thing.


It’s surprising to me that whatever the general release date they didn’t divert/increase a few hundred out of the Gencon batch to be sold at worlds.

Then they could go ‘D&D’s legal, if it’s not generally released in time people who bought tickets can preorder to get a copy when they show up at worlds’.


This is the best answer to me. FFG can’t help it if their printers and distributors are having issues, but they can absolutely make sure that their product is available on site for those in need. Maybe a price reduction too since they will gain a profit above wholesale from this strategy anyway.

i prefer to support my local game shop, not ffg direclty.

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I don’t think spamming anyone is a good idea, they are aware that the community needs to know.

Anyway, they tweeted this: https://twitter.com/FFGOP/status/654644442876485632

Any decisions related to the legality of Data & Destiny will be announced via the coming FAQ and tournament rules update. #Netrunner


If they want fair, they should have offered to ship a set to anyone with a world’s ticket. Or more fair still: don’t give them out at gen con! I know they tried to do something cool, and it is pretty cool imo. But it isn’t at all fair. I don’t see how, at this point, it could be reasonable to have dd legal.

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Humorously, they didn’t provide a timeline regarding when that faq would be released.


I agree it’s pretty childish but think it was the best course of action. They don’t really have an excuse for not issuing a statement to address the issue. They have also soon themselves to be very slow and unclear in their previous communication. Repetitive tweeting, however immature, puts the issue right in front of them and highlights how many people consider this important.

At least they have no acknowledged the issue but with out an FAQ release date this helps little.

What’s happening is they’re hoping against hope that their shipment will still make it on time to make the cards legal. It’s still on the boat 3 weeks away as of today. Assuming that it goes to shipping next week, most stores wouldn’t see it at a minimum of the week of the 26th, at least with my FFG shipping experience in Michigan. I dunno how this goes for non-US people.

At this point, they should know if they think that’s an acceptable amount of time to allow D&D or not. Even if they sold copies at HQ, is that really fair to all players? It’s not like Old Hollywood/Universe of Tomorrow (or D&D) was legal for US Nationals.

With how important their World Championships are supposed to be, you’d think they would take them more seriously for their customers.


This is my guess about what’s going on here too. I do think we need a ruling pretty quickly here, it’s pretty gross not knowing what to prepare for and only having proxies to prepare with for one possible meta. It’s three weeks away; I’d say my personal cutoff time is that cards need to be out for at least two weeks from a major event that everyone has to travel for.

Also hey where in Michigan do you play @Ion ?


At this point I’m in agreement with hypomodern; I think they want D&D to be released but they can’t guarantee it, so they’re giving it another week to see if the shipping can happen on time.

It still frustrating though. Its very hard to test for the right meta now that everyone’s playing D&D. I think they want D&D to be released because they know that’s what everyone assumed. They’re only option if they release a statement at this point is probably to say no to D&D and throw the meta into chaos. Lose-Lose for them.

(If they are being devious, then they’re trying to boost sales of GOT 2.0, but this seems less likely to me. So I’m throwing it in a spoiler tag since its just likely false guesswork.)

Guys, this is an easy one. For the pre-D&D meta, you play Geist. For the post D&D meta, go with Geist.


I just wanted to play Harmony Medtech with Food fuck this world.

Oh, this is Zach. I’m probably going to be showing up at Flat Land again soon, my FFXIV raid died so Tuesdays freed up.


I’m going to sell copies of 5th ed D&D at Worlds just to troll them.


Too bad it got spoiled. It would be REALLY cool to have them drop a new, unspoiled expansion AT Worlds and make us all create the new meta on the fly!

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