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Deluxe speculation?

Which runner faction do you think will appear in the next deluxe box?

  • Shaper
  • Criminal
  • Anarch
  • Mini-Factions
  • I don’t think there will be another deluxe.
  • Core 2.0

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Which Corp faction will appear in the next deluxe box?

  • Jinteki
  • NBN
  • Haas-Bioroid
  • Weyland Consortium
  • Mini-Factions
  • I don’t think there will be another deluxe.
  • Core 2.0

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There isn’t another deluxe box.


Why do you say that?

In China, people pre-purchase expansions and the distributor there gave everyone a refund for the next deluxe and said there won’t be any more.


Why aren’t they doing anymore?

Perhaps they want fewer cards that are evergreen and will never rotate? Now they can design with the knowledge that certain cards will rotate, and they don’t want to add to the permanent card pool.


Of course, they could just say that all deluxe after Data and Destiny will rotate out. Wouldn’t that be simpler than cancelling the whole thing?

I suppose I am assuming consistency when I should have no expectation of it.


Consumer Confusion.

Best to just say ‘Deluxe never rotates’ and to not print deluxes. I feel they got what they wanted from them… Improve the card pool (especially Agendas) for each of the factions specifically and add certain evergreen cards to the mix. (CVS, Bastion, Gila Hands, Fast Track, Same Old Thing, The Source, Legwork, Technical Writer.)

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It would be nice if we got information about this game from FFG directly; it damages my calm to have to rely on leaks from playtesters and/or distributors to get the only news about the game’s future we’ve seen in 2016 :frowning:

If there truly aren’t more deluxes, I’m considering my collection of the game “complete” as of Mumbad 6.



Viewing a collection complete before we see what Damon does seems a bit daft?


Consider it a vote of no confidence or whatever makes you happy :). In FFG’s other LCGs, we got boxes for each faction (compared to 1/2 a box per), plus boxes with new factions, themes, or even game modes. I’d consider it a pretty big red flag for their future intentions if they can’t come up with that sort of thing here.

I think Damon designed some of the most baller (and hilariously OP) CoC cards and did a fantastic job with themed deluxes, so it’s definitely not about who the designer is :slight_smile:


I don’t mind too much if there isn’t, though I’d still hope for a core2.0 or multiplayer box. It seems sensible to keep the eternal cardpool small, and having some boxes rotate might be kinda strange.

I haven’t caught up with the releases anyway. I refuse to buy Damon’s stuff until he does something about Faust, and makes Deluxes.

Damon’s stuff hasn’t started yet. Lukas was lead through the end of Mumbad.


I know.

I’m going to upgrade my “a bit daft” to “bonkers”


hope the next cycle will be about the runner subtype


Faust is a good card which helps to alleviate #AnarchProblems.

The problem is not faust its that the draw engine happens to also feed the breaker a bit too easily. Putting various parts of the engine onto the MWL probably wont help other than cause influence cuts elsewhere, im pretty sure if the numbers/ratios on faust were tweaked it would be more balanced when used in conjunction with the engine e.g. zero base strength or 1 card/1 strength pump something like that.