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Deluxe speculation?


I still say D4v1d is the bigger culprit. If D4v1d hadn’t existed, big-strength ice would have posed a problem for Faust.


D4v1d may well take a hit from Navi Grid when it releases


I know, the problem is not Faust, but the whole picture. But removing Faust breaks that picture.


removing Faust also brings anarchs back to a core problem: lack of tutoring.

perhaps that is reasonable, given they have a decent set of fixed breakers and a very powerful draw engine (they can always use influence to import tutoring anyway)


While I don’t think they will release any more Deluxes, I do think they could do new ones as “mini-Cores” (maxi-Data Packs?) that include cards from all factions. Still don’t think they will.


I could see another mini-faction deluxe expansion to expand the theme and mechanics from the ones that are already there.


Mini-megaCorps! /j


I think/hope we will see another deluxe that expands the card pool for the mini factions and possibly adds one more.

Their card pool is too confining to be good right now and adding more cards to them would go a great length towards making them playable.


Pretty sure Damon isn’t the one who decides if they will make deluxes or not.


Mom-and-Pop-Shop, would be perfect for NRDB!

Totally! Seems obvious that they should have been in a box all of their own at least :slight_smile:


Yeah. He’s said before that decisions like that are above his pay grade. Ditto with a core set 2.0 since that’s a huge undertaking.


Lukas said there won’t be any cards for them after D&D.

Weyland is the mini-corp.Not joking.They bought those famous small company and made them Weyland,like Argus Security.

I should have known the golden rule of Stimhack:If there is a post,no matter what the topic is about,somewhere in the post,there will be some people talking about F-A-U-S-T.


Bolded for emphasis.

If the game is around long enough, all bets are off. I distinctly remember him saying something like FFG was probably not going to print more cards for the mini factions.

Probably not isn’t strictly a no ;).

And as we have already seen Damon isn’t afraid to take the game in a slightly different direction than what Lukas had in mind. Lukas did not seem for a “restricted” list either in his interviews and we have one of sorts now.

Never is a really long time.


If they do really released more cards for mini-faction I’m really excited.I mean clearly Apex really need help.


Shaper really needs help


Lukas actually didn’t say there won’t be any more cards for the minifactions, but rather that there won’t be much of them.

He did say there won’t be any in the Mumbad-cycle, though.


Where did you get this from? Last I recall the official word was support would be very limited and there wouldn’t be anything in the Mumbad Cycle. Personally I would expect something in the next cycle or the one after that.


Just double checked - go to about 17 minutes into the Team Covenant Gen Con 2015 interview to hear his words on it.


I say that there will be new game modes if anything, or some cards to support draft/variants. That would sell a bunch I think, it would fundamentally change the way netrunner could play for casuals, and have some sort of draw for competitive folk. I believe if I believe it it might sincerely happen barely.


Of course! :wink: