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Deluxe speculation?


New game modes would be interesting. The Star Wars LCG has a box designed around multiplayer, with a special deck designed to go against 2-3 opponents at a time. I’m not sure it’s hit the sales figures that would make FFG consider porting the idea into Netrunner, but I’d certainly like to take a crack at playing a suped up megacorp against a pair of runners.

Maybe based around another joint effort like the Chronos Protocol storyline? Or multiple small Weyland Consortium decks that represent members of the consortium? On the runner side, maybe revive the Collective with a specialized deck that can easily threaten multiple servers in a turn, but only in bursts?


MtG has certainly found some success with releasing products for casual formats, while making some of the cards in the product legal in a competitive format.


Maybe use some of those nifty sub types on the identity cards like division and megacorp while they’re at it.


The Corp identity subtypes aren’t good for that, but agenda subtypes would be. A more traditional (non alt modes) deluxe could cover cyborgs and security, or g-mods and research, for instance.


Why do you say they aren’t good for that? It would be difficult to design for, but not impossible. You could have something like reduce the cost of the first card you play/rez by X if you are playing a division type Corp


There are two corp identity subtypes. The Core and Genesis Cycle identities have the Megacorp subtype. Every other corp identity has the Division subtype. They’re unlikely to print any more Megacorp identities, because it’s more flavorful to come up with different divisions (and they don’t have to keep coming up with subtitle phrases to distinguish them). So, once Genesis phases out, your distinction would be between Core IDs and anything else. That’s not really enough variety to build mechanical effects around.


The O&C Weyland ID’s have the “Corp” subtype.


So… This is it ?
Factions are considered complete ?

I think there’s a lot of things that could be in core tools, no ?


They could have faction specific cards that can only be used in division type, or megacorp type decks or something, that’s all I’m saying.

1 cost current. Neutral. 1 inf

This current gains the text box of an in faction megacorp identity.

2 cost asset. 3 trash. Neutral. 0 inf

When your turn begins, place a power counter on this card.

X hosted power counters: gain X credits.
X hosted power counters: the trash cost of all cards is increased by X until the beginning of your next turn.
Play only in a deck with an identity of the division subtype

Like that


Huh. So does Blue Sun. Which makes sense, because Weyland is a Consortium of smaller corporations. Neat. That just leaves GRNDL as the odd one out, I think.

[quote=“cmcadvanced, post:49, topic:7273, full:true”]
They could have faction specific cards that can only be used in division
type, or megacorp type decks or something, that’s all I’m saying. [/quote]
I don’t doubt that they could do that. It might be interesting to see in a cycle. I’m just saying that I don’t think it’s an interesting enough design space to be the focus of a deluxe expansion, let alone a separate expansion for each subtype. One set would have to be balanced around a grand total of 4 IDs, split across all factions, and the other ones would have to be built around everything else Weyland, and everything else non-Weyland.

Runner ID subtypes have a bit more diversity (conveniently splittable into 4 deluxes, if you group clone/bioroid/AI together as the “synthetic identity” box), and I see their closest counterpart in Agenda subtypes rather than corp ID subtypes. Unfortunately, there’s nothing to unify those subtypes mechanically, either, so as much as I’d like to see them matter, I suspect that the easiest design space to work in for deluxe expansions is just to split them by faction again.