Diablo III Season 4

I’ve recently gotten in to Diablo III Season 4 and I’d like to have some friendly folks to play with. I’m betting that other people are playing this as well and thought it would be cool if we could all play together. I don’t play super often, just when I"m not working or running nets but still fairly regularly. Currently I’m around T5-T6 difficulty on the US server softcore. Add me if you’re interested in playing sometime, my tag is serjfan7#1255. Feel free to leave your information so we can all add each other if so desired.

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Would be interested, but I might be too much of a noob. I haven’t played through the game yet.

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One thing I’d like to add is that I’m always down to run lower stuff with people if they so desire. I understand if you haven’t played through though you’d probably not want someone running you through things.

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I would love that! :smiley:

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@Jdalart and I just started up seasonals this week. I hadn’t played since launch, and the xpac is new to both of us.

I’m Chill84#1228, our static characters are 59, then I’ve got a s4 monk im finishing first playthrough with on the side and @Jdalart has a bunch of high-level non-seasonal dudes i think.

You guys can add me on bnet or skype.

I’m around T4 with my Witch Doctor atm. I would love to play around with some Stimhackers. Also, perfectly happy to get people powerleveled to 70. I’m Tr33beard#1569

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I’d love to do something like this for Path of Exile, but the current hardcore league is almost over. Is Diablo 3 any good? I’ve heard nothing but scorn from incredibly biased POE players, but I loved D2 so much it’s hard to imagine it completely fell off.

I’ve heard the console version is better. Any truth to that?

I’m on PC, but I’ve seen it played on PS4 looked great. I hear that it’s an awesome couch co-op also.

POE is what I almost got into before deciding to try the D3 xpack. The tipping point for me was all of the class homogeny.

The part of me that loves deck building prefers the diablo style of “get a cool item and come up with a build that makes it awesome.” like a TCG, whereas POE seems more like a euro deck builder to me.

That’s a funny analogy, because POE is the one that lets you trade high-level uniques and stuff, while D3 is the one that account binds all the good stuff.

POE has a pretty good number of builds based around cool uniques. The skill tree can look a bit daunting at first, but the official website has a really great tool for planning builds once you know what items or skills you’re aiming for in your final build; which is something that Diablo 2 could’ve used. You always ended up sitting there doing math for 3 hours before actually making the damn character.

POE seems to be a lot closer to D2 than D3 does, that’s for sure, but it also takes a pretty hefty time investment. D3 looks like it would be better for someone who doesn’t have 40 hours a week to level a character anymore. I am also super interested by the gamepad controls on the console version, and don’t care about the crappy graphics the 360 version probably has.

D3 has become consistently better over time. In the early days the builds and items where a bit limited, but now it’s really quite good. There are usually enough changes between seasons to entice to be level up yet another character!

I’ve played a lot of D1 -> D3 and imo D3 is the best of the bunch. I typically play hardcore characters as I find it adds some extra spice.

I did play path of exile a little, but it didn’t really grab me as much as D3. Certainly was a decent game though.

That is a good point, D3 is not very deep, it is very much an arcade game like gauntlet.

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US softcore

As for the D3 hate, it is probably from the fact that the game sucked on release. But it has steadily gotten better and the last patch was a huge game changer.

I would imagine a lot of the PoE crowd started D3 on release and then jumped ship. It really isn’t even the same game anymore - the changes have really stepped it up.

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Sounds perfect, actually! I have trouble finding the time needed to properly level up a POE character these days. Are there any content differences between console and PC, or is it mostly just the control scheme? The fact that I can get D3 and the expansion for like 15 bucks on 360 and play it with a gamepad is enticing to say the least, especially when I compare that to the B.net prices.

Yes there are differences.

PS does not get seasons.

I love POE, but this is exactly right. I just don’t have/am not willing to spend the time it takes to make significant progress with it.

This is especially punishing in a game that gives you so much space to work with for creating builds - but then requires such a huge time investment to get each one up and running! It’s almost cruel.

Here’s my d3 to-do list on my S4 guys:

  • Flow of Eternity for Cube
  • Fist of Az and Lion fist for Monk
  • Farm Infernal Machines to run High Torment portals when I can do T9-10
  • Will need bounty items from all acts soon when I run out
  • Find some damn unities
  • Level my Gems!!! I’ve only got like 40 total levels on my mnk jewels

So I’m looking to run rifts of any kinds, I’m not sure what levels I can do yet, MNK I was doing okay in GR35-40 doing some runs in party, Barbarian I think I can do up to GR25-30 but not sure.

Pref. On Skype with 1-3 other stimhackers.


I added you last night (Bane on there) and got pretty lucky with item drops yesterday so my WW Barb is starting to crank out some good damage. I’d be down to run Rifts tonight and maybe last night EST Wed/Thursday.

I barely did 59 yesterday and pretty comfortable did 53, so I should be able to speed Run G40s/Torment 8 rifts if anyone needs help. I still need to level my gems and get the Furnace so I’d be down!

ah ok, I’ll have to re-add you when I get home, I thought you might have been a robot since you didn’t say anything!

Edit: How are you liking WW barb? I just cobbled together some raekors and IK and charge has been pretty fun, but spin-to-win is my traditional favorite barbarian.

I messaged, you must have missed it :wink:

WW was kind of terrible until I got gear but now that I have the core items and 6 pc Wastes, F/R and BKs it’s pretty damn fun as far as pressing one button goes~

I haven’t really played this expansion except once through on PS4 so it’s fun to return with the season and all the new stuff.

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This is exactly what I wanted with this post. I can’t play tonight but can all day tomorrow. I’m at torment 9 now and grift 49. Just need ancients atm. My Skype is mbrown171 if you want to add me