Elite Draft of the Whole ANR Cardpool

Today 8 elite Netrunner players started a draft of the entire ANR cardpool. A lot of people asked to see the progress of the draft out of curiosity so I’m posting the link here:

Here are the rules.

When you pick a card you get 3 copies of it (6 for limit 6 cards)
Use a pick to take an ID
You must build a Legal deck for your ID
After 20 picks all unpicked cards can be used by anyone
Everyone gets 3 Sure Gambles, 3 Hedge Funds, and 3 Jackson Howards
Everything up through Blood Money and on NetrunnerDB Spoilers for Escalation can be picked

Limit 1 Astro, Unique Museum, Unique WNP

This is a test run of this format for balancing purposes. In the long run I’m looking to stream a tournament of decks made in this way for the next Elite Player Invitational.

There is much trash talk. The only sample you need is this screenshot:


This looks to be very entertaining. I look forward to the results/match ups. Thanks BigBoy!

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How does this work? Regular random packs go around, or just first player choses 1 card from the whole pool then 2nd player etc? Rules unclear :slight_smile:

Yes, we are basically passing around 1 big “pack” containing every single card.


Love how you can already tell what strategies some people are going for.

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This draft is the bomb would highly recommend to everyone.


I first picked Project Atlas and SMC.
Next thing I know, there are 3 Shaper and 3 fucking Weyland. :persevere:




Strait up drafting tubs, and then scorched earth gets taken from you. WHAT NOW, BLUEBIRD, WHAT NOW.

This looks like so much fun.

@bahram maybe its too early in the draft but: Algo Trading? :fearful:

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I’d love an online tool where I could set up N users to draft from a stimhack cube (or any custom pool I guess) that outputs a text file of what each player drafted.

The idea is to draft with the online tool, then build out of our own cards at home so nobody has to sleeve up a draft cube of their own cards.

wasn’t this a feature on meteor?

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In fact it is!

Thanks @bluebird503, now I’ve learned a new trick!

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this is the view link

This seems waaaaaaay cooler than standard draft, Stimhack cube included.


Also, once this is done we need people to give us draft grades :slight_smile:. This is the best part of drafting, is grading the drafts.


of course you would ask for ppl to grade this draft


You don’t have to ask me twice to be judgmental of other people’s decisions! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been interesting to follow, I’ll definitely have a lot to say about it afterwards.


I love your deck @SimonMoon, but I think @Calimsha earned some good points drafting Breaker Bay Grid right after he picked Hostile Infrastructure, but before @bahram could follow up his Eve Campaign.

It’s a very nice blend of ‘card he would probably want to draft’ and ‘I don’t want my opponent to just draft everything he wants uninterrupted.’

But strategically, I think RP Grail + Batty in a world where only one of your opponents will have access to Clone Chip will win games.

Will any of the games be streamed?

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