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Team UK does snek draft

Six months ago, a bunch of players came together to draft the entire ANR cardpool. Since then, Team UK has channeled the power of the snek for nefarious purposes, from crushing Worlds to creating full-bleed Cobras… and now, to bring you Snek Draft: The Sequel. Track our progress live on the sheet below:

Featuring @Nemamiah @shanodin @Sixtyten @echo @Swiftie @dapperatchik along with myself!

Rules detailed on the sheet, but the gist of it is:

  • Players take turn to draft, picking one Corp and Runner card simultaneously on their turn
  • Turn order goes from player 1 to player 8, then snakes back from player 8 to player 1 (hence the name)
  • Picking a card gives you access to the entire playset, and no other player may use their card in their decklist
  • Errata in force, no MWL

As always, the best part of snek draft is top bants:


It is literally the best format. I’m so excited to watch this progress.

Smart ABT pick. That pretty gives you free reign over HB as who is going to try to draft HB without beta test?

Sifr before Parasite… SHAME!!!


So will the next corp pick be mch or hostile infrastructure?

On second thoughts, maybe you take temple before mch to stop an easy hate draft.

Not gonna lie, that was probably a mistake :sob:

And now we appear to have 5 people trying to make NBN decks. This should be interesting…

Cat is amongst the pidgeons now…

2 or 3 of those could reasonably swing toward Weyland if the NBN card pool gets too thin, though, right?

Haha, we also started doing this yesterday (without knowing you were also doing it) :smiley:
And its the most fun I’ve had with netrunner in quite a while. Don’t even care if we play the decks.

This is ours:


Brilliant stuff, great minds think alike :smiley:

This clearly illustrates the difference between UK and Scandinavians - you all are peaceful happy folk, while over here in the UK it’s complete utter chaos as everyone wants to watch the world burn…

I notice you reversed the draft orders for Corp and Runner. Was it more troublesome having to keep track of drafts, since the picks aren’t synchronised?

Also, how did you all draft so quickly did y’all have a couple hours where everyone was online at the same time?

Looking forward to see how your draft pans out. Like you, I don’t care about the games - the drafting in itself is so much fun!

We have a great system which helps with both keeping track of who is picking and speeds up the draft. As soon as someone has made a pick everyone @ the next person on slack until they get fed up with notifications and make their choice.

Yeah, it’s called office hours :wink:


Also, here’s how drama escalates in the span of three picks (this was tail end of round 2). And we’re not done yet - more to come tomorrow…

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Someone please hate-draft Pancakes.


It would be hilarious.

What’s the schedule for games? What’s the structure?

We’re doing either 3 round Swiss or round robin. No ETA on when that’ll happen, since we don’t know when the draft will conclude!

We’re going to play three rounds of Swiss once we’re done

Chris wakes up to a nasty surprise.