Eternal ANR #1 - Online "Legacy" ANR Tournament

Eternal ANR Online Tournament #1

Hey everyone! After a conversation with some local players, and a desire to shake things up a bit in the Netrunner community and do an “interesting” online Netrunner event, I’ve decided to run the first Eternal ANR event.

Time: September 17th, 9am PST(UTC-8)

Join #EternalANR on the stimhack slack!


Commentary will be provided by myself and possibly some other local Netrunner players in San Francisco.

The Rules

Matches will be played on

All “power level errata” to nerf cards will be undone for this tournament. There are no MWL influence restrictions. Cards that were simply misprinted due to development oversights will still be errata’d. What this precisely means is:

Astroscript Pilot Program is no longer “Limit 1 per deck.”
Power Shutdown now reads as was originally printed on the card.
Wireless Net Pavilion is no longer unique.
Museum of History is no longer unique.

The NAPD Most Wanted list has no cards listed on it.

Tournament Structure

Standard FFG tournament rules. Swiss rounds followed by a top cut with variable size depending on how many players we get.

The final 2-3 rounds of the tournament will be single games, rather than full matches. This is to make intentional draws less prevalent. Sides will be determined randomly in the first of these rounds, and in subsequent single-game swiss rounds players will play the side they’ve played the least. If players have played the same side the least a random method will be used.

Otherwise all standard Netrunner tournament rules apply.

Prize Support

The top 3 players will each get to pick several prizes from a pool of Promos/mats/etc donated by myself and other community members. I will continue to update this list as more things trickle in, but right now I have:

4x Steel ANRPC ETF IDs
3x Spanish Aesops Pawnshop (Casa De Empenos De Esopo)
2x Femme Fatale GNK Promo
1x Bhagat Champs Promo
1x Leela Patel GNK Promo
1x Omar GNK Promo
1x Day Job GNK Playmat
1x Leela Patel Store Champs playmat

So, will Dummy Box DLR Maxx/Val easily smash CI7, IG54, or Fastrobiotics? Or will CtM with three Astros and three Estelle Moon tempo out the competition? How about Sifr anarch with all of the Temujins and Clonechips their heart could desire?

This should be a fast and furious (and probably broken!) format full of crazy decks and broken combos.


It’s my understanding that WNP’s non-uniqueness was a misprint, though of course its power level was a big reason why they did eventually fix that misprint.

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Count me in for it.

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While this is true, a better player than myself had a very poetic way to describe the need to install more than one WNP :smiley:


yeah - I want to do that!!!

and: are thoose spanish Aesop’s the ones I gave away at last years worlds? :smiley:

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Imediately signed up for this. Great idea. Looking forward to a rather long night of gaming and a hung-over Monday morning (starting time is 6 p.m. here in Germany) :grinning:

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@Absotively - I think Damon said it was a misprint, but thats never been confirmed by testers afaik. Wireless Net Pavilion was legal as printed for a major event (worlds 2015) and won that event, so I’d like to allow this since its something that tournament Netrunner players have experienced and played with in the past.

@Tradon - Yep! I traded you for em on Saturday night at worlds haha. I don’t play with promos or draft cards anymore, so they are just sitting in my binder. I figure someone else would enjoy them a lot though. =)

@servas - Ouch! Well hopefully in the future, based on who attends the tournament and general feedback, we can find a more suitable time for more timezones. As it is, I expect we’ll get around 30 players, which means the tournament shouldn’t take too terribly long. If we get A LOT of people (like 100+) its going to be a big time commitment. As usual people can drop or whatever whenever they please.

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Dont worry. I actually like alnighters playng stuff. Im that kind of unsensible nerdy guy :wink:

I am still telling the story abut the three spanish Aesop’s I once traded away everytime someone is asking about the draft-one-offs in the trading folder :slight_smile:

@servas we’ll hang out on discord together then and test a few games together before - except if I do change my mind and fly over to liverpool for uk nats - we’ll see :slight_smile:

What about the MCH-nerf regarding Heritage Committee?
It’s not a card errata, but it was an intentional nerf.

That one’s an FAQ clarification, it doesn’t just affect MCH but also other tutoring cards like Hostage. I think if we started selectively nullifying specific FAQ rulings it might end up a bit of a shitshow :smiley:

Heritage Comittee no longer works with MCH due to a change to the Netrunner rules, not an errata to any specific card. I would like to keep playing the same “game” in the sense that the overall rules are identical to Standard Netrunner.


Bump! Join #EternalANR on stimhack slack and test out our server just for this tournament - =D

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Bump! This is tomorrow! Sign up hacker nerds! :smiley:

Sorry but I have to drop out. Family stuff came up. :confused:

Is there a VOD available?

JosekiTV Twitch (cannot link at work) still has the video for now. Not sure if there’s plans to move it somewhere more permanent.

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What IDs were played? Which won?

There were only four of us in the first tournament, IIRC the IDs were 3x NEH, 1xCTM on the corp side and Whizzard, Andy, Geist, and Maxx on the other side. Winner was MrJank with Vanity-Exchange NEH and Faust Andy. I think all 4 runners were on Faust actually :slight_smile: