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European Nationals 2016 thread

Starting a thread to consolidate all of the European Nationals dates into one thread. Please post details if you have them and details on nationality/residency restrictions.


UK 12th / 14th August (Birmingham)
Polish 24/25th September (Warsaw)
German 1st / 3rd September
Italian 3rd / 4th September (?)
Belgian 17th / 18th September (Liege)
Nordics 24-25th September (Stockholm)
Spanish 24-25th September
French 1st / 2nd October (Paris)


Germany - LCQ 1st September, Nationals 3rd/4th I think, further details TBA.
Unfortunately, closed to everyone not living in Germany, Austria or Switzerland for one year or longer.

The Italian National seems to be on the 3rd and 4th of September as well.
At least thats what it says on the play Modena event Page…

Can we also post the prizes for the Nationals, could be useful? For example I know some nationals did not have a Worlds entry ticket or bye for the winner and most nationals do not offer the full worlds trip. Knowing which do offer the full trip, or entry and bye, or none of them is somewhat important for travellers I think.


Hey procf, do you have a link to the event page please?

This is the Modena Play event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1047146935328283/
The Modena Play is the second largest tournament (in terms of participants) in Italy after the National, and it gives a bye for the National.

In the event description it says:
“In aggiunta al materiale promozionale, comunque, il primo classificato si aggiudicherà anche un bye valido per il primo turno di svizzera del nazionale italiano di Android: Netrunner, che si svolgerà il 3-4 settembre, come già annunciato da Giochi Uniti.”

Which roughly means:

In addition to the promo prizes, the player who wins tournament will get a bye valid for the first swiss round of the Italian National which will take place on 3rd-4th September, as previously announced by Giochi Uniti (the italian distributor)

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There is an unwritten tradition that Polish Nationals are on the last weekend of August, (which would be 27th-28th this year) in Warsaw. You will have to wait a few months for an official annoucement, but I’m 80% sure it will be the same this year.

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Any news from other countries yet?

The Belgian National will be held in Liège (100% certainty), will be a 2 days event (75% certainty), probably late september (25% certainty). That’s all the news I’ve got.


Hey guys! Any news? Last year it was a lot of fun attending finnish and slovakian nationals, so I am thinking about participating in some this year.

I have not seen dates on the Slovakia Nationals yet, but there should be one :slight_smile:

In the meantime we would be happy to see you at our Regionals on weekend of 30.-31.7.

EDIT: Fixed info, I missed that the thread is on Nationals, and the dates I got from store are for regionals…

No date for the Finnish Nationals yet either. We have the latter of our two Regionals at the end of July, so Nationals will probably be at least a month after that, possibly more.

France Nationals is held on October 1st and 2nd in Paris.


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The Nordic Championship will be in Stockholm 24-25:th septemberat the Ericsson Globe area. Tickets will go out the upcoming week.

It will be a combined event for A Game of Thrones, Warhammer: Conquest and Android: Netrunner.

Like previous years, we will have Flight & Accomodation (as well as entry and ticket for Netrunner) at Worlds for the winner and don’t have any limitations of who can win that prize.

More info will be announced at http://nordic-championship.se/ as well as the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ffgnordics/


Is the trip to Worlds limited to French citizens only, or is a resident of France also eligible? And are English cards fine?

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English cards are Fine.

IIRC you have to be a french citizen.

Do you know if AGoT and Conquest have travel prizes this year? I could imagine they wanted to offer one for AGoT now.

It was the last 2 editions. Not sure about this year.

The bye is still available to foreigner normally.

Very likely for AGoT. For Conquest there might be some kind of travel stipend, but probably not full F&A unless there is a significant increase in participants from last year.

Bergsala Enigma (the distributor) has only said that they will at least send Netrunner and X-Wing champs so far.

The organizers (me & Andreas that’s managing AGoT) are aiming for at least flight and entry tickets as prize for Thrones, but cannot promise anything until we have finalized the venue and know our budget.

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Calimsha asked, and the “policy is unchanged”. I’m not sure what the policy originally was, unfortunately.