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European Nationals 2016 thread

This stupid restriction has just been removed. Yay!


Wow, really? Is it official?

You get the bye and the entrance but you have to pay for your flight + accomodation yourself. That’s what I got last year and it doesnt looks like they changed their policy.

Yes: http://forum.hds-fantasy.de/viewtopic.php?f=299&t=22964.
Apparently, Heidelberger and other international distributors with similar stupid rules were overruled by FFG.


So no Nationals will have residency requirements anymore?

Repeating from the other thread, but…

Has FFG contacted any of your distributors about the Nationals Kit yet? They haven’t ours, and I’m a bit worried we might not be able to have one. :confused:

That’s how I understand it, yes. The announcement says:


Any update on dates?

Not yet, very likely to be announced wednesday.

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Any chance you can update the original post with all the details we’ve accumulated so far, to keep them in one place?

I think (if Google translate isn’t lying to me) the German Nationals are now Swiss rounds on Thursday 1st Sep and the Top Cut is on a later day (I can’t quite figure out). France is on 1st/2nd October, Nordics in Sweden but they’re still deciding on details.

Obviously anyone else who can chip in here and provide solid details would be awesome - probably needs @rojazu to update the OP though.

Given the size of Euro Regionals, seems like you need UK help to get the number of players up! :wink: :smiley:

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Yeah, well, you lot talk a bunch and then stay at home, even when we give you the additional opportuntiy to win a Worlds trip in ANRPC NACH :frowning:

Remains to be seen if any of you dare come to Europe after you have to show your passports and visas (after Thursday), as you did not when it was easy to travel :slight_smile:


German Nationals Swiss is 1st and Top Cut is on the 3rd now. Also, open to everyone.

Nice way to circumvent the “ban on foreigners” ban :unamused:

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How dare you to talk to the King of Vikings in such a fashion Yoshi. Be careful, or I’ll have you pegged out in the rock pools at low tide for the crabs!

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Cool! Have you got a link to English language versions of sign up info etc.?

I’ve been trying to learn some German with Duolingo, but so far I can only tell people my horse is tired, or something about a cow reading a book.

No English link, and the travel award is no longer a prize for winning the tournament. Rather, Heidelberg will support 1 player of their own choosing, where placement in the German Nats will not 100% be the decisive factor, which is just a pretty way of saying you can come and play, but you can’t take home the grand prize.

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Signup info is in German, I made a quick and dirty translation here: http://imgur.com/W7SqhAI

Signup page is here: http://www.heidelbaer.de/dyn/dmanmeldung

At the bottom is a captcha, it’s probably easiest to copy/paste it in here and I’ll give you the answer.

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This isn´t something that was added after the nationals were opened for everyone, so i think the “no longer” is just not true. It was this way last year and was announced this year with the announcement of the nationals.
Until now the rule never came up at the nationals. But i have asked them on the forums if you need to live in germany to be eligable for the travel prize.
I am going to post the answer here when i have it.

Nordics will be September 24-25th, close to the Ericsson Globe area in Stockholm.


Flight booked, see you there.